Costume Party

I stood in front of my full-length mirror, admiring my costume. In the end, I wasn’t sure if I was some sort of sexy comic book hero or a Roman slave. While not see through, the shimmering white costume revealed plenty of flesh. My shoulders, back and arms were bare, the cloth coming up the front and wrapping around my throat. The length barely went past my ass cheeks. Only one leg was covered with a deep purple thigh stocking. I added a metal like garter, a wide belt and a short length gold chain with a large rectangular medallion. Bangles adorned one wrist.

I had been trying to look like a “hentai” hero and I ended up very, very seductive looking.

“I’m going with it!” I exclaimed to my image.

The party was great! I received lots of attention, from both sexes and as I had come alone, I didn’t have to worry about a jealous date. Mind you, I had plenty of “dagger” eyes cast my way.

Unfortunately, I enjoyed myself too much and soon found myself way too intoxicated. When I found a quiet place downstairs to collect my buzzing thoughts, I slide sideways on the couch and fell asleep.

“Go away.” I mumbled. Someone was trying to wake me up. How long had I been asleep? I went to say “Quit it!” but I couldn’t. Instead, I my mouth was suddenly spread apart and the corners of my lips pulled back.

I was being gagged!

My eyes flew open but I was facing down, against the pillow. I went to turn my head but my hair was yanked back and a blindfold covered my eyes before I could see who was attacking me. Time to struggle!

Oh my God, I could move my hands! They were behind me, tied at the wrist by something soft but not giving. I began to thrash about but a knee came down on my back painfully, hands gripped my shoulders and legs. Oh no; there was more than one!

“Be still and you won’t get hurt. Try to fight us and…” the threat was left unsaid but all the fingers dug into my skin and I whimpered into my gag.

“We’ve watched you all night slut.”

Slut? Oh oh.

“Teasing and parading around. Showing us just a little and then refusing our advances.”

Ah, someone who had hit on me, maybe I could identify them. I quickly tried to think about whom I had met and refused and the faces became blurs from a memory influenced by alcohol and I realized, there had been A LOT that I teased.

“And we know you came alone.” Filthy fingers were beginning to explore me, sliding over my costume, between the fabric and my skin. I whined into the gag stretched across my mouth.

“Oh baby, you are beautiful. Just feel these melons.”
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Rachels Cocktail Party

Rachel sat at her dresser, putting the finishing touches to her make up and admiring herself in the mirror. Her husband, Edward had told her he was bringing three of his colleagues back from work for cocktails and snacks in the early evening and she was making sure she looked her best for this Cocktail Party.

She had put on a red party dress over matching red silk panties and a bra, the underwear she had chosen was brief, the panties little more than a thong, so it wouldn’t show though her dress. The dress showed off her slim figure well and emphasized her breasts she thought, and added a touch of elegance, it flared slightly in the skirt and the hem was just above her knees.

She carefully selected jewelry, diamond earrings and a full pearl necklace. She was especially impressed with the necklace; it was a present from Edward and consisted of a complete string of large pearls which reached around her elegant neck.

As it was warm outside, she decided to go bare legged and put on her black sandals with heels. Her black hair went well with the dress, she put in her diamond ear studs and a gold necklace and considered the effect in the mirror. “Hmm, not bad” she said. Finally she clipped her hair up in an elegant style.

She reflected on the past two years, she was twenty-four and since she met Edward, had settled down to a steady life with him. She had a bit of a past, but all of that was behind her now and Edward seemed happy for her to stay at home and keep house and occasionally organize drinks or supper parties for his many work colleagues and travel with him whenever he went abroad.

In the daytime when she was not with Edward, she worked out regularly at her gym or took their dog for walks. “Not a bad life” she decided. She went downstairs and busied herself preparing small snacks and arranging the drinks glasses and plates.

While she was busy she thought about Edward and his work colleagues, she had met one or two of them, mostly older than her, probably in their mid thirties or older she thought. She wondered exactly what they all did at work. She thought about her relationship with Edward. A strange but loving relationship she thought. Recently they had discussed their desires and fantasies in some detail.

Car tires scrunched on the gravel drive outside and she heard laughter and car doors banging, then the front door opened and the men arrived, Edward, as ever, leading the way. After kissing her, he introduced his colleagues. “These are three of my friends from work” he said “Tony, George and Andrew”.

They were all smartly dressed but in a casual style with open necked shirts and sports jackets. They seemed to get on very well together, as if they had known each other from years ago, perhaps thought Rachel they went to school together and played football or some similar game together.

She went to the bar in the corner of the room and offered to get them all a drink. She mixed up the cocktails while the men carried on talking, they were joking about something that had happed during the day.

They all relaxed into the leather chairs Edward had purchased from somewhere in Africa. Rachel loved the smell and soft comfort of the upholstery. The conversation continued, buoyed by the alcohol perhaps. Rachel felt as if she was drifting, only occasionally catching up with the conversation. The leather felt soft, supporting Rachel’s thighs, her legs moved slightly open.
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Slut Wife Backseat Adventure

My lovely wife is Cassie and I loved her very much. I say I loved her because I am not so sure now after what happened when we were returning from our beach holiday recently! I work in a law office as a junior partner and am very happy working there but sometimes things happen which change our lives and that was what happened on our way back.

Altogether there were 18 of us at this beach holiday and it would be fair to say we were all good friends. Each of us had our wife with us and although I had warned Cassie about these other fellows I assumed they would be kept in order by their wives! How wrong could I be? Anyway, knowing these chaps can get a bit off the rails at times I warned Cassie to be wary of them and not to allow them to get too close to her without me being present!

Cassie is aged 28 and although she is usually very quiet, she can also become the life of a party if she gets in the right mood and this can cause trouble – not only between us but also with other people. Cassie isn’t the prettiest girl in the world but she does have a good figure, short strawberry blond hair and is not very tall. She has the cutest smile and it is this smile which has got her into trouble on a few occasions. I couldn’t say she is always a flirt but sometimes some man or other will get her going and then she turns into a real flirt!

I know Cassie wasn’t a virgin when I married her. She had told me about several of her boyfriends who had fucked her many times when she was going with them. She always kept their identity secret but didn’t mind telling me all the juicy details. I hadn’t had any experience prior to marrying Cassie so all I knew I learned from her.

We all enjoyed our weekend at the beach house – it was owned by the senior partner of the firm and although he was the same age as myself – 30 – he was very rich and came from a wealthy family. He was also the leader where there was any misbehavior and he was one person I had warned Cassie about.

The accommodation was quite cramped because there were only 5 bedrooms but we were able to have enough beds by having some in the dining room and the main entertainment room. We had double beds in the 5 bedrooms and the dining room and there were 3 double beds in the entertainment room. It was a well known fact that some of the couples were into swapping wives and so it was carefully arranged that these should be the people who slept in the dining and entertainment rooms.

We romped about on the beach and although a couple of the wives ran around the beach topless, the rest of us were suitably clad and tried to not take much notice of the topless girls. All of the men kept their bathing suits on so it was really not too bad. I kept Cassie in my sight most of the time making sure none of the men tried anything with her. At one stage during the stay she told me I was suffocating her and she should be allowed to do her own thing! I told her I was sorry but I knew what these chaps were capable of and didn’t want her to get involved with them – she may be taken advantage of!

Our meals were taken around the very large table in the dining room and it was big enough to just move the bed to the side and we could all fit in. The men noticed I was very protective of Cassie and chided me about this. At the evening meal on the Saturday night they made Cassie sit between two of the real wild boys well away from me. I watched her intently and although I am sure they were feeling up her legs under the table I had no proof and also, if they were, Cassie was remaining very calm. Once the meal was finished I moved over to Cassie and asked if the men had played with her but she just grinned and told me to keep my dirty thoughts to myself.

Once the cleaning up was finished we all moved to the large room and joined in some games. Lots of wine and beer was flowing and everyone seemed to be having a good time. I again stayed close to Cassie but we both noticed that occasionally a couple would pair off and move to one of the bedrooms. These, of course, were not married to each other. It was obvious what they were doing because the girls would come back into the room looking flushed and obviously fucked! One of the men came over to Cassie and asked her if she would like to go for a walk with him! I grabbed her hand and held her tightly much to the amusement of the other men! Cassie gave him a grin and told him later on perhaps when the watchdog wasn’t watching!
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Subway Encounter

The clouds are dark and it was starting to rain, big drops. No taxi cabs, or busses in sight, dang. So I decided to take the subway, yeah, actually I had no other choice. It wasn’t like I was going to walk from Penn Station to 56th and Sixth without an umbrella. I put my hands into my black trench coat, fumbled for the Twenty spot that I kept there for emergencies such as this. I quickly sprinted for the token booth, as the rain picked up its pace. Several disgusting minutes later I was packed like a sardine heading uptown. Just my luck today, the train would have to be crowded. At each stop more people got on. Now we were pressed against each other, into the walls and doors, like a bunch of sardines. And I found myself standing eye to eye with a very handsome Asian man. He smiled. There was no place for me to look so I smiled back sheepishly. The train jolted to a stop at the next platform and he pressed himself firmly against me. I could feel his heart beat against my skin, or was it my heartbeat?

Naturally I tried to move back, but with each inch of territory I was able to cover he followed me. After several attempts at evasion I finally found myself trapped against the rear wall. His smile widened. It was a contagious smile, now feeling like an idiot I found myself smiling back. The trained jolted forward again forcing him even harder against me. I had looked him over closely; he wasn’t bad looking at all, hmmm about my age, certainly my height, someone I could look right into his eyes.

By the cut of his clothes I would say he was a businessman, wearing his power suit today. His feet were between mine now pushing them apart as his hands lightly caressed my thighs. As I came out of my daze, I felt my skirt inching upwards. And I wondered just how far he would go, and just how far I would let him take this.

I turned my head noticing other faces in the crowd, imagine that they all are oblivious to what was happening to me. I turned back to the man and looked deep into his brown eyes determined to stare him down. I like what I saw in those eyes, and I knew I was soaked with my juices. “If you don’t stop me, I’m going to make love to you.” He said in a husky voice. I… I… don’t think I want you to stop I thought to myself.

I liked what was going on, though I was a bit nervous. I moved my hands from my sides, and placed them into the straps overhead. Bad choice on my part, my legs were getting weak, I needed the support, or I would fall to the floor. Without hesitation he slid the silken fabric of my skirt up over my nylons. His eyes glistened as he touched the bare skin of my inner thigh.
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Girlfriend and the Co Workers

Summer and I, at this point, were going together now, for over three years. I practically lived at her place. The sex was still great, even though she had cheated on me that one time, right in front of me no less. She blamed it on the wine, but deep down inside, I enjoyed it, but felt like I shouldn’t. She was fairly open in bed, but still didn’t swallow, even though she gulped down my co-worker.

Summer worked in high finance and was pretty successful as her work. She was conservative there, but decided to have the boss and a manager over for dinner. She prepared and wanted everything just right. After showering, we got dressed. I always loved watching her dress. She was in a bit of a hurry – she grabbed a tan bra and panties from her drawer, along with a pair of nude thigh high hold-up stockings. She put on her panties and then bra that covered her 36 D breasts. She was lovely, with blonde hair and flawless legs. Guys were always staring at her. She quickly rolled each stocking up her legs and let the elastic top of the nylon “snap” when she reached her upper thigh. I was getting aroused watching her, but she said she had no time for those things, as she was delayed already. She slipped on a blue dress just at knee length and some heels and she was ready. I told her to take it easy on the red wine and she agreed.

Her boss and co-worker arrived. John, her boss, was about my size, with brown hair and a little older than Summer. Evan, a manager, who was under Summer was only in his mid 20s, but was, unfortunately just Summer’s type. Big, dark hair, glasses – with a kind of swagger. She liked that and I began to worry a bit.

We sat down and ate. They mostly talked business and I was sort of feeling left out. Summer of course, was starting to drink a bit too much and I was trying to curtail the flow of wine. I got up to get some water instead and noticed that Summer had her legs crossed with the top of her right stocking exposed for the guys to see. And they did. It was obvious they were staring at her legs and breasts all night. Summer was giggling with Evan and a little with John all night. She kept touching Evan’s hand and my jealousy grew along with my hard on, but I didn’t think it would be a repeat of the past.

Summer got up and announced she was going to the kitchen to get more wine. Evan decided he would help. They both left as John and I made small-talk. We didn’t know what was taking so long. After about what seemed like an eternity, I got up and went to the kitchen. I stopped at the windows on the door and veered in. I saw Summer sitting on the counter with her stockinged legs crossed and exposed feeding wine and cheese to Evan and both were giggling. I was mad and hard.
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Dirty Girl

“Do you have a club card?”

Suddenly I was snapped out of my trance.

“Huh? Oh, umm yeah.”

I fumbled around in my wallet trying to find the card as she smiled at me. I could tell she was amused. I, on the other hand, was embarrassed beyond belief. How long had I been staring at her?

“Here you go,” I said passing the card to her.

She smiled as she took it from my hand. I started to wonder how old she was. I guessed about eighteen. She had that youthful appearance, but was still well developed. Her skin was flawless, with not a blemish in site. She was wearing makeup, but not enough to seem trashy. Her hair was a light blonde, which is what probably attracted me to her in the first place. That, and her mouth. Guys usually don’t pay much attention to a girl’s mouth, but I think that it can be far more sexy that a pair of tits or a nice ass.

And this girl’s mouth was to die for.

Her perfect pouty little lips made me hard just looking at them. I also noticed that she had braces, giving her that innocent school girl look. Her breasts were maybe less than average, but that didn’t bother me. Her body looked firm and she had an ass that was outlined perfectly by her tight black pants. How could a girl in a grocery store uniform look this good?!

I was reading her name tag when she looked back at me. “Bria,” it read.

“Anything else?”

Just then I noticed that it must have looked like I was staring at her chest and I quickly looked up.

“Nice name.”

“Thanks,” she said with a grin. “Can I get you anything else?”

“How about your phone number?”

I couldn’t believe what I had just said. I braced myself for the shutdown.

“How about I just come over after work.”

I was shocked.

“Uh, okay. Great,” I stammered.

I then scribbled my name and address down on a piece of paper and handed it to her.

“Damon,” she read. “Nice name.”

“Thanks,” I said taking my groceries and heading out to my car.

A million thoughts went through my head on the way home. Did she want to fuck or did she just just want to hang out. Either way was okay with me, although the thought of those lips wrapped around my dick sent shivers up my spine. As soon as I got home I jumped in the shower. It didn’t take long for me to begin stroking myself and soon I was spraying the shower walls with more that just water. I then got out, cleaned up the place a little and waited patiently.

I was starting to think that she wasn’t going to show up, when I heard a knock at the door at around 11:00 pm. I opened it to find my dream girl standing there.

“Hi,” she said, walking inside. “Do you mind if I have a quick shower?”

“Sure,” I replied, staring at her ass as she walked by.

When she came out of the bathroom she had changed from her uniform into a short black skirt and a little white top. A pair of knee high white sox adorned her feet.
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Fitting Room

At lunch time I nipped into Contessa on the High Street. The low cut black dress I was to wear to that evening’s party tucked in my hand bag. The dress was a lovely fit, but all my bras peaked out the top of it, so it called for something new.

In Contessa I grabbed a couple of likely looking bras and headed into the fitting room. Anticipating the fun to be had later, I absently ran my finger tips over my breasts as I unbuttoned my tight white shirt – shrugging it off and dropping it on the chair provided. Reaching round I unhooked the white sheer chiffon bra I was wearing and dropped it on top of my shirt. I pushed my short skirt over my hips and kicked it away. The air on my skin felt soothing. In a playful mood I pinched my nipples till they hardened.

Turning, I checked myself in the full-length mirror. I like the look of stockings and suspenders. I adjusted my thong on my hips, then reached for the first bra. When I slid the dress on, it showed. So did the next one. The last of my selection did not show, but pinched a bit at my back.

Sighing, I pulled the store’s blue silky robe on and stuck my head out of the curtain. There did not seem to be anyone around, except a guy in a suit by the counter.

”Excuse me, are you staff? I need some help in here,” I said. Trying to keep the robe closed with one hand and the curtain tight to me with the other, I missed the slow smile that spread over his face, as he said, ”Yes. Yes, I’m staff. My name’s Kie, how may I help you?”

As he walked over to the curtain, I whispered, ”Well, Kie, I need some help – is there a female assistant available?”

Kie laughed, and said, ”These days, Madam, guys are allowed equal opportunities.”

”Oh,…ok.” I pulled the curtain aside to let him into the fitting room, and totally missed the assistant, as she walked back into the shop from the stock room. Quite a bit taller than me, Kie smiled down, ”How may I help?”

”Um, the bra I’m trying pinches and I need you to, er, I need the straps adjusting,” I stammered, blushing.

”Ok. Just slip the robe off, turn around, and I’ll see what I can do.”

I turned to face the mirror, let the robe fall and closed my eyes. My blush spread over my chest. The bra was a quarter cup in black satin. The cups hugged the sides and bottom of my breasts, acting as a platform. It left the rest of the breast naked, including my still hard nipples.
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Strip Club Slut

Chas had been going on at me for quite a while now about taking me to one of the sleazy amateur strip clubs that he had told me about since talking to some of the guys at the motorcycle club. You see I was a bit of a slut, well alot of a slut, and was really keen to strip in front of a load of horny guys, especially as he had said they were allowed to touch the strippers as well. Finally I had given in and he said he would have another word with the guys to see which was the best strip joint to go to.

That Wednesday at the club after speaking to them he had been told of a couple and one which they had advised him to give a miss as it was really a dump and the clients that went there were usually real rough types and there was always trouble there. I thought if he took me to that one perhaps he would be satisfied.

We went a couple of days later. I had been even more highly sexed since Chas had told me and I had worn him out, wanting to be fucked all the time. Not that he was complaining as I was an reasonably attractive sexy women, and one hell of a fuck. As Chas waited for me in the hall to come down from getting ready I was thinking of what may happen that night, how far I would want to go. My musing was cut short when I appeared at the top of the stairs.

Hell, Chas said. You look stunning.

I was dressed in a very short tight skirt which just about covered my ass and was split to the waist on one side. When I bent over you could see my tiny red thong panties I was wearing. I had a tight crop top on which my nipples stuck out through as I wasn’t wearing a bra and showed all my bare stomach, and black high heel shoes, my long tanned legs naked, just my toes and finger nails painted blood red. All this was finished off with dark eye makeup and ruby red lips. With what I was wearing it was just as well it was a warm evening as we were going on Chas,s motorbike.

“God, you look stunning, you sure you want to go out,” he said as he had an instant erection on seeing me. I pouted and laughed,

“Yes I do,” I replied.

“You better get you jacket and helmet on then and let’s be off before I change my mind,” Chas replied.

I slipped the leather motor cycle jacket on and the helmet and we got on the bike. Christ I must of looked like one of them gang sluts you see in hells angle films, as all my legs were visible as I hung on to Chas tight as we sped off.
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My Affair

My name is Heather, I’m 30 years old and I have a secret. I’ve recently had an affair. Well to be honest, it was more of a fling than an affair, but it still involved cheating on my husband. I’ve never cheated on him before and now that I’ve sampled what another man can give me, I can safely say I’m not likely to do so again. I don’t regret what I’ve done at all, I just need to tell someone what I’ve done, get it off my chest so to speak. Let me explain.

I met my husband, David, when I was 19. David is a couple of months older than me. We got married when we were both 23. We’ve been together for 11 years and married, happily, for 7.

I had a number of boyfriends before David but he was the first that I ever slept with. This isn’t to say that I never gave any of my previous boyfriends any action, not at all!

I’d been going out with boys since I was 13, although in those days it was nothing more than kissing and the odd fumble with all our clothes on. When I was 15 I met Steve. He was 17 and was the first “man” to see me naked. He taught me the joys of erotic massage and oral sex, both giving and receiving. In the year we spent together I learned and perfected all the skills that my subsequent boyfriends, David included, have enjoyed. I experienced the full range of sexual activities, learning to take delight in the differences of style and technique. The only thing I never did was fuck any of them.

Why? I don’t know. Some romantic notion of saving myself for Mr. Right? Seems unlikely since I was happy to do everything else. Anyway, if that was the case, then David was certainly Mr. Right!

We’d been together about 6 months when I surrendered my somewhat dubious virginity to him. We were at his flat and had spent hours pleasuring each other with our hands, lips and tongues. Kissing and caressing, licking and sucking. David has always loved my skill when it comes to giving fantastic blow-jobs. He claims that I give the best he’s ever had and often teases me about my “training.” From the start we’ve always been completely honest about our sexual experiences.
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The Reverse Massage

Tonya had finally arrived in the yet another town, transferred from her last position at the lawyer office that she once occupied in New York. She was sent here to fill the temporary position vacated when the new office president decided to slash most of the old employees. She reported to the office, only to find it closed for the day

“What a good day I’m having” she muttered.

Arriving at the airport, she had lost her luggage, missed the shuttle to the office, and got stuck paying $45.oo on a cab, all to find it closed.

She kicked the ground in front of her and looked through the glass doors. No one was around, not even the usual security guard. The office building appeared completely deserted, and that’s when she noticed the sign on the side door. It was a small note, barely noticeable from the street. It stated that the office was now closed and relocated down the street, three blocks down to be exact.

She picked up her briefcase, shrugged off the anger, and started the walk toward the new office, muttering unladylike words as she went. She passed a convenience store, a dry-cleaners, massage parlor and various other little boutiques along the way. She took mental notes of the stores she wished to visit before going back to New York.

She arrived at the new office about twenty minutes later, her feet tired and her hair frizzled due to the light breeze that blew down the narrow street. She pushed open the door and felt the cool air inside the tiny office.

“Hello, may I help you?” a soft voice echoed in her ears.
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