Poker Night Slut

It was my night to host our monthly poker game. I decided to make it a special night for my submissive wife. She dearly loves to show her sexy body and to have more than one cock fuck her.

First, a little bit about my wife and I. Her name is Helen and she is 28 years old. Her long blond hair falls to the middle of her back and frames a very pretty, innocent looking face. She has blue eyes that smolder with lust when she is flashing her body or worshiping a penis. Long thick pink nipples centered in large aureoles that are a lighter pink color top her large 38D breasts. An intense workout schedule keeps her waist slim and tight. A firm round ass and flaring hips flow gracefully into sleek shapely legs. I am Tom and am 31. I work out regularly and am in decent shape.

Helen is submissive and I am her Master. Her body is mine to enjoy. I love to show her off any way I can. The card game provided a wonderful opportunity to let us both have some fun. I was sure she would enjoy serving as “Hostess Slut” for the card game. 

As directed, she wearing a tight white tank top over a tiny red half-bra, her erect nipples were pressed into her top, a very short skirt that came to just below her pussy, a tiny see-though red thong that barely covered her clean shaven pussy. A pair of 5″ platform heels completed her come fuck me outfit.

The guys became arriving for the game. Alan arrived first and received a welcoming hug from the hostess. He kissed her cheek and casually slid his hand up her skirt to squeeze her ass. Joe, Ted and Greg received similar greetings when they arrived, each taking an opportunity to fondle Helen. 
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Stripper Makes Her a Stripper

“Do you really have to go out now, Den?” said Janet, her lips forming into a sullen pout, “can’t you stay home just this once? I could make it worth your while!” She playfully lifted her short skirt, giving her husband a quick glimpse of her black lace panties and creamy white thighs.

“Oh, Janet!, you know I always go out for a quick beer on a Sunday lunchtime. It’s like a religion! It’s one of the few times all the guys can get together these days.”

Dennis had to admit, the sight of his wife’s panty covered crotch rarely failed to get his blood pumping. But he had to be strong. He could see that Janet was feeling sexy, and in this mood, if she got her way, he wouldn’t see the inside of his local pub until next week.

“I’ll be back before you know it baby!” he said as he slipped his jacket on and made a movement towards the front door. His wife, though, was not about to give up so easily.

“Fine! I’ll come with you then!”

In a near panic, Den searched his mind for an excuse for her not to join him, but he was a blank.

“You won’t enjoy it much, it’s just a bunch us guy’s talking and drinking”, he said somewhat lamely. But his wife seemed to have made up her mind and was already searching for her coat. He briefly thought about agreeing with her initial demand and dragging her back up to the bedroom for a good session of sex, but he thought that would be too obvious. There really was nothing he could do to stop her now!

Janet had not bothered to change out of her short skirt and thin halter top, and as they entered the dark pub, a few heads turned to look at her. Den could hardly blame them. At thirty four, his wife was still a great looker. Her blonde hair framed a heart shaped face and tumbled over her shoulders in wispy curls. Her legs were long and slender, an extra two inches added to her height with the heeled sandals that she wore and the halter top did little to conceal the ample charms of her breasts. He felt proud when other men looked at her.

Dennis ordered drinks for them both and then led her to a table where a bunch of other men were already sitting and drinking.

“What’s this, Den?” said one of the men as they both sat, “brought wifey along today have you?” A ripple of laughter floated around the table as Dennis mumbled something about having little choice in the matter.

“You all know Janet, I think? – Janet these are the guys!” Brief hello’s were spoken as the conversation continued as it had done before Den and Janet had arrived.

Dennis bristled with pride as each of the men around the table tried to sneak quick glances at Janet’s boobs through the low cut top that she wore. Perhaps this wouldn’t be too bad, he thought, it was kind of fun watching as his friends surreptitiously ogled his wife. He placed a hand gently on her knee underneath the table and squeezed it playfully, but when Janet opened her legs slightly to allow him further access, he realised that she was still in a horny mood!

Although this action came as a bit of a shock to him, Dennis was quite relieved. The lunchtime entertainment was about to start, and he still wasn’t really sure how his wife would react to it. Janet was no prude, that much he knew for certain, but he wondered what her reaction would be when she saw the lunchtime stripper begin her act.

The lights in the main body of the pub suddenly dimmed and an eerie silence fell. A spotlight illuminated the small dingy stage and Janet could see wispy cigarette smoke as it snaked its way up through the beam.

“What’s happening?” she whispered to her husband.

“Shhh….just wait, you’ll see!”

A low rock beat could suddenly be heard through the wall speakers. It was loud and the bass turned way up. Janet thought that she recognised the music, but with the volume as high as it was, she couldn’t be sure. The guitars and drums gradually increased in tempo and as the music reached a frenzied crescendo, a tall, scantily dressed woman danced onto the stage amid cheers and whistles from the audience.

“A stripper!” Janet now had to shout in Den’s ear to be heard. “You didn’t tell me you came to watch strippers!”

“It’s a Sunday ritual,” Dennis shouted his reply, “We can go if you want?”

God! No way! This I want to see for myself.”

The whistling and cheering lulled to a dull roar as the dancer began her routine. Janet looked around her. The pub wasn’t at all busy and she could see that, apart from the woman on the stage, she was the only other female in the room. The few men that were there, all had their eyes firmly fixed on the stage, and Janet now also returned her eyes to that focal point. The shock of what was happening had now disappeared and she settled herself back in her chair to watch the show. Janet smile to herself as she watched the girl perform. She looked a bit bored and, although she might once have been an adequate dancer, her movements now seemed stunted and contrived.

“She’s not all that great, is she?” Janet shouted at her husband.

“Let’s be fair honey, these guys aren’t really here to critique her dancing!” he replied

The stripper continued her routine, exposing her body bit by bit. To Den’s slight annoyance, Janet continued to shout her opinions regarding the shortcomings of the girl’s set. He knew that her words were meant for him alone, but he also knew how sound travelled in this pub and was a little concerned to notice that every now and then the girl on stage seemed to hear what Janet was saying. The more Janet shouted her opinions, the more the stripper was staring daggers at her. Suddenly, the woman on stage, now topless and wearing only very brief thong panties and high heeled shoes, stopped her routine and, stomping to the side of the stage switched the music off.

For a second, the silence was deafening, followed quickly by shouts of discontent from the audience. The stripper returned to the centre of the stage and, with hands on hips, looked directly at Janet.

“Listen, honey” she shouted, “Just give me a break will you? If you think you can do any better, be my guest!” The room fell silent. All eyes were now on Janet, waiting to hear her response – or even if she had one.

Dennis groaned inwardly. This was not the first time that his wife’s opinions had got them into trouble. He knew that the best way to deal with this situation was to let Janet speak for herself. His wife was never short of words, and she would definitely not thank him for answering on her behalf. Dennis wondered how she was going to bluff her way out of this one! He looked over at his wife and was surprised to see her smiling.

Janet remained silent for a few more seconds. The room was still quiet, the hushed tension could be cut with a knife.

“Okay,” she suddenly shouted, “move over and let me get up there!”

The room erupted in applause and cheers as Janet rose from her seat.

“Wait, You can’t do -” Dennis started to speak, but as his wife shot him a serious look he knew that her mind was made up.

Without a further word, Den watched his sexy wife make her way up to the stage. He knew that she had done a lot of dancing in her younger years and still kept her hand in whenever they went out on the town. If he was honest with himself, he quite liked the thought of her flashing her body at all these strangers.

Janet was now on stage and a brief conversation between her and the stripper took place. The music was turned back on, and as both women began to gyrate their bodies in time to the music, it became evident that they were going to put on a “double act”. Dennis could see the look of lust in his wife’s eyes as she leapt around the stage and wrapped her legs around the single chrome pole that ran from floor to ceiling. She was obviously still in the same horny mood that she had been earlier, and he knew that anything could happen now.

Janet had some catching up to do, and while the other woman swayed in time to the music, she quickly lost the halter top and her short skirt. When her full breasts were finally exposed, the audience went wild; cheering and shouting for more. The song came to an end and was quickly replaced by an equally loud but much slower number. The two women on stage were standing opposite each other. In their shoes they were much the same height and as they neared each other their nipples touched causing both women to sigh almost simultaneously.

Janet made the first move, and reaching into the strippers hair, she pulled her head towards her and planted a firm, wet kiss on her lips. Dennis could see that they responded well to each other; their tongues twisting and slithering wetly in and out of each others mouths. He was a little surprised by his wife’s actions. He had known that she was bisexual, but, to his knowledge she had never been with another woman since they had married.

The deep kiss continued, both Janet and the stripper now running their hands over each others breasts. Dennis was fascinated by the way his wife’s nipples seemed to grow and throb under the other woman’s touch and briefly wondered how far they would go. All thoughts of the strip-tease seemed to have been forgotten as they were both lost in their feverish caresses. The kiss was broken The stripper dropped to her knees in front of Janet and, hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her brief panties, she quickly tugged them down to the floor. Another roar from the audience as Janet’s trimmed mound became visible and she wickedly parted her slender legs.

Dennis watched the strippers reaction as Janet’s legs open. Her eyes bulged and she moistened her painted lips before swiping her long pink tongue over Janet’s labia. As soon as Janet felt the gentle touch on her clit, she grasped the other woman’s head in her fingers and pulled her forcefully into her pussy. Janet’s head went back as she closed her eyes and climaxed right there on the stage.

The stripper seemed a little surprised by his wife’s rapid orgasm, Den thought, but she kept her tongue probing at Janet’s clit all the way through the shuddering climax. The strip-tease had now turned into a full blown lesbian sex show, as the stripper eagerly removed her own thong panties and allowed Janet to return the favour. This time, Janet eased the other woman down onto the floor of the stage. She gently spread her thighs and allowed her head to drop into contact with the stripper’s pussy. The stripper took longer to cum than Janet but within a few minutes of Janet feasting on her puffy labia and swollen clit, she too, climaxed with a deep groan.

From his sitting position, still at the table, Dennis wondered if the show was now over. Both women seemed a little tired from their exertions. His question was quickly answered though, when the stripper jumped, rather shakily, from the stage and selected a guy from a nearby table. The man was led, a little reluctantly at first – but cheered on by his friends, up onto the stage. No words were spoken as the women quickly began to undo his jeans and tug them down to the floor. When he was naked from the waist down, Den could see that, despite his earlier reluctance, he now sported a large erection that slapped against his belly.

The two girls lost no time in going to work on him. Encouraging him to lie on his back with his cock sticking up high in the air, the stripper straddled him and lowered her hot, wet pussy down over his throbbing erection. Den watched his wife in awed fascination as she did likewise over the guy’s head and lowered her dripping snatch onto his face. The poor guy looked like he was going to suffocate as Janet ground her cunt over his nose and mouth, while her new found friend rode his cock like a bitch in heat. For a full ten minutes the girls used their stooge. They were facing each other, pulling and squeezing each others nipples as they bounced their way to another inevitable orgasm.

When Janet, with trembling legs, disengaged herself from the guy’s face, his sharp intake of breath was almost lost in the cheers that Janet received from her audience. She helped the stripper up from her kneeling position astride the man’s thighs and everyone could see his cock throb and twitch as it slipped out of the warm pussy that had been riding it so hard. Seeing that he was about to cum, the two women knelt either side of him. The stripper massaged his heavy balls while Janet jerked his shaft for all she was worth. Within a few short seconds, both girls were rewarded with a long stream of cum that shot from the end of his slippery dick and flew into the air.

Dennis and the rest of the audience had been cheering and clapping almost constantly and now that the lucky volunteer had shot his load, he could see that a queue was forming at the front of the stage; a line of hopeful men with bulging crotches. But Janet had clearly had enough. Amid the roars of congratulations, she picked up her clothes and with a final kiss for the stripper, she jumped down from the stage and returned to her husband’s side.

On her way back to the table Dennis watched her naked body being touched and caressed by every man that she passed. Hands were on her breasts, her pussy and her buttocks as she smiled warmly at each man that touched her. Den held out his arms as she neared him and helped her into the chair next to him. All his friends at the same table watched as she replaced the clothes that she had earlier stripped off for their amusement, and again, Dennis reveled in the pride that he felt.

“Take me home now please darling!” she whispered into his ear, “all this has made me so horny! I really need to feel a big cock in me as soon as I can!”

As he led his wife towards the exit, Dennis thought how wonderful it was to have a bar room slut for a wife!

Strip Poker With The Guys

Hubby would be home any minute with his buddies. The food was prepped and the beer was cold. Their monthly Poker Night was their little tradition and I had no problem with it. It normally consisted of a trip to a couple of strip clubs then back to one of their homes for a night of cards and drinking.

It was our turn to host the poker night and I had gone all out. Tons of food, cold beers and the hot little French Maid outfit I would be wearing while I served them. My husband knew about the food and beer but even he would be surprised at my attire for the evening. My husband works hard and I wanted the night to be a little extra special for him.

I was in the final stages of primping when I heard the car pull up. I stuffed my big tits into my new black bra with white lace trim and stepped into my thong with matching white lace trim. I pulled on my black stockings and attached them to my garter belt and stepped into my high heels. I stepped in front of the mirror and put the final touch of my little black apron around my waist. I stood at the mirror and admired my outfit and my well toned body. My tits were bulging and my thong framed my tight ass very nicely.

The door opened and I could hear them downstairs obviously still horny from watching the big fake tits prancing around the strip clubs. With one last adjustment in the mirror I was pretty confident that this outfit would cause them to quickly forget the strippers.

I waltzed down the steps and into the dining room where they had settled at the table to start playing cards. One pair of eyes looked up and then another. The another and another until all 6 pairs of eyes were fixed on me.

“Good evening Gentlemen,” I said in my best French accent. “I’ll be serving you tonight. Have you been naughty tonight?”

They all yelled “yes” and I told them with a twinkle in my eye that I would serve them anyway. I walked around the table and bent over to take each ones order. Their eyes followed my cleavage as they tried to order a beer and I could feel the guy behind me staring at my barely covered ass. I brought their beers back and then brought in some trays of appetizers I had made. I had left empty spaces on the trays for my tits to rest on while I served each guy individually. Their hands were within inches of my tits as they helped themselves to the appetizers.

The night was going well as I continued to serve them drinks as needed and even caught my own hubby staring a couple of times. I loved reminding him that it’s okay to look at strippers but I was the one who would suck his cock and give him my pussy. I was already fantasizing about fucking him on the table after the guys had or at least passed out in another room.

An hour had passed and my drink runs were becoming less frequent but when I brought a beer to my hubby he asked if I would like to join them for a few hands. I didn’t know much about poker but they all assured me that we wouldn’t be playing for money. I quickly understood but didn’t hesitate to agree since the wine I was drinking in the kitchen had rendered me intoxicated.

We agreed that everyone who lost the hand had to take off a piece of clothing. What was I getting myself into? I reasoned that as long as my hubby didn’t care if his friends saw my tits and pussy then why should I? I went to the kitchen and grabbed another bottle of wine to make things a little easier.

First round was over quickly and 6 shoes and my high heel were discarded. Everyone cheered. The second hand was better as I had a bit of beginners luck and won. Other shoes came off.

The next hands were close but I was now sitting there in my apron, bra and thong. A couple of the guys had lost their shirt by now and a new hand was dealt. I had nothing to work with. We all laid our hands down and I had lost. I assumed they all thought my apron was coming off but I decided to give them what they had been waiting for. I unclasped by bra and slowly removed it letting my tits fall out. I twirled my bra over my head while they cheered and then threw it over to my hubby. I shook my tits and cupped them with my hands. I pointed my rock hard nipples to each of them and then brought them to my mouth for a quick lick. I let them drop and said lets play cards. They all cheered again like a group of college boys and the next hand was dealt and luck came my way.

The next 3 hands were mine and we were all in our undies. The next hand would decide who got naked first me or them. The hand was dealt and I couldn’t believe it. 2 pairs and an ace. Virtually impossible to beat. There were no moans only cheers from the guys who had to lose their undies. It was as if they wanted to show me their cocks. They all stood up and slid their undies down and their cock popped out. I had never seen 6 hard cocks at the same time. Hopefully not a word of this would make it back to the other wives but it wasn’t like it was my idea to play strip poker.

They paraded around the table and showed off their cocks. Some were big and some were small but my hubby’s is the one that still caught my eye. When he came around to me I grabbed it and pulled it to my mouth. I licked the tip and all eyes were on us. I took his cock into my mouth and the guys cheered. I slid it in and out of my mouth a few times then announced it was time to play cards.

As everyone took their seats I remembered that I was still wearing my panties while every one else was already in the buff. I threw the next hand which I wasn’t going to win anyway and got up on my chair. I did my best stripper impression as I swayed my ass and slowly slid my thong off. The guys cheered when I turned around and exposed my newly shaven pussy. I ran my finger from my neck, over my tits and down to my pussy and played with my swollen clit before retracing the path up my body.

I felt amazing up on that chair with 6 pairs of eyes staring at my naked pussy and tits. When my little strip tease was over I got back in my seat and announced that the winner of the next hand gets a 1 minute blow job and if I win the guy with the next best hand gets to eat my pussy for 1 minute. The only rule was if he shot is load in under 1 minute then he was out of the game and had to watch.

“Deal the cards” one horny guy yelled.

I looked at my hubby for his reaction but he was already studying his cards with a big grin on his face. He had drank enough alcohol that I knew he wouldn’t care if I gave out some free blow jobs to his friends. Besides he would be the one fucking my pussy a little later anyway.

The hand was dealt and I thought I had a chance until Rick laid down a straight flush. He jumped out of his chair and banged his cock on the table on the way up. A deal is a deal and he practically ran over to me. I told him to let me know if he was going to cum because I didn’t want to swallow anyone’s load unless it was my hubby’s. Rick said he was drunk enough and lasting minute wouldn’t be a problem.

I told them to start the clock and took his dick into my mouth. I licked and sucked his entire shaft. I felt his knees buckle at 30 seconds and his cock start to throb. I knew he would cum before the minute was up. My hubby had been really drunk before but I could always make him cum in a minute or two. My cock sucking skills are amazing. Rick yelled he was cumming at 50 seconds so I slid his cock out of my mouth and aimed it at my naked tits. His wad squirted all over my 34d’s and I stroked the last few remaining drops out of his dick. A deal is a deal and Rick new he was out of the game.

The next hand went out and another free blow job. Poor Mike didn’t last 30 seconds and I wondered when his wife, Jane, had sucked his dick last or when they had had sex last because only a man not getting any will shoot his wad in under 30 seconds.

I easily won the next hand and wondered if the remaining 4 guys threw the hand for the chance to eat my pussy. We studied the cards and determined Jim had the next best hand. Of course I wanted my hubby to win but he licks my pussy all the time and it would be nice for a little variety. I slid to the end of my chair and Jim knelt between my legs. His tongue reached my pussy before I could even say start the clock. His tongue entered me and my pussy started to moisten. He probed me for a few seconds and then went for my clit. He flicked it furiously and I felt the beginnings of an orgasm when someone called time. Jim could lick pussy.

It was only my hubby, Jim, Ted and Steve left in the game with me. Jim and Steve won the next two hands but were quickly eliminated as both of them came on my tits before their minute was up. I won the next hand and Ted had the honor of exploring my pussy. He wasn’t as good as Jim but he kept my pussy more.

Ted won the next hand and I finally figured out that my hubby wasn’t winning on purpose because he wanted to watch me suck all of his friend’s cocks. He also knew that none of his friends would be able to last a minute with my dick sucking skills no matter how drunk his friends were.

I took Ted’s cock in my hand and stroked it a couple of times while I said to start the clock. I took his cock in my mouth and started to give the best blow job of the night so far. I was 4-0 so far and wanted to make it a clean sweep. I sucked his entire length and massaged his balls while I gave him head. Ted was lasting longer than I wished. The countdown started 10, 9, 8 when I felt him start to buckle, 7, 6, 5…With no warning from Ted I pulled his cock out of my mouth just in time for his hot white liquid to splatter all over my face. The warm coating slid down my face as the second spurt hit my lips. I licked the tip of his cock to do my best to clean him up.

The guys cheered as I reached for a napkin to clean my face. None of them had lasted a minute although Ted had hung in there until 56 seconds.

With Ted now out of the game, the guys started putting their clothes on and my hubby announced he was the only one who could last a minute. They guys all booed and I also said that I was on a roll and he couldn’t last as long as Ted. I told him that if he could last a minute then I would fuck him right here on the table in front of his friends.

Hubby sat his bare ass on the table in front of my chair. His rock hard cock needed no stimulation. Watching me suck 5 cocks before his was all the visual stimulation he needed. I told the boys to start the clock as I lowered my head to his lap. I licked his shaft from his balls to the tip of his dick just like I had on the other 5 cocks then wrapped my lips around his amazing 8″ cock and slowly slid it into my mouth. As much as I liked having 5 strange cocks in my mouth it felt wonderful to finally have my hubby’s familiar cock in my mouth.

I was giving him great head knowing that he would be able to last longer than a minute because we had fucked right before he left to go to the strip clubs. I had made the bet I knew I would lose because I wanted to fuck him on the table in front of his friends. The countdown started 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and I slid his cock out of my mouth while the guys cheered. Without hesitation I stood and pushed hubby onto the table I climbed on top of the table praying it would hold us and straddled his waiting cock. The tip penetrated my pussy easily from the lube of the blow job and I eased down onto his cock. It filled my pussy as I balanced myself over him and started to slide up and down on his shaft. My nipples were like diamonds and he reached up to cup my bouncing tits. He held them tight while tweaking my nipples at the same time. We fucked and fucked and my moans turned into screams. My orgasm was cumming and I wouldn’t be denied. I had given too many free blow jobs and been naked far too long not to have a screaming orgasm. I could feel hubby’s dick explode inside me and felt his dick grow soft. I reached between my legs and found my clit. I stroked it while my hubby tweaked my nipples. My orgasm came quickly and I arched my back thrusting my big tits out. The room was silent as a couple more spasms shook through my body. The guys were speechless knowing they had just watched the best porno they would ever see and it was all live.

The Office Slut

The office he showed them into was large and airy, having big plate-glass windows on two sides. It was near the top of the twenty-storey building and had spectacular views over London; on a fine morning like this the Thames gleamed through the landscape like a silver serpent, distance and the sun lending it a beauty that was singularly lacking from up close.

The office was furnished luxuriously but simply with a large teak desk, the top inset with black leather; Bauhaus chairs and against the wall facing the desk, a large Biedermeier cabinet which must have been worth a small fortune. The room was flooded with pearly early-morning sunlight and both men, having taken an unusually cursory glance at the room, gazed fixedly at the one incongruous object; a hugely oversized dog-basket in front of the desk, in which a sleeping form reposed under a grey fleece blanket.

All that could be made out was a curved body, a fall of bright hair, and leading from under the blanket, a silver chain which was clasped to a thick steel staple hammered into the top of the front right-hand leg of the desk. The brutality of the baldly industrial-looking metal loop contrasted strangely with the elegance of the rest of the room.

The man whose office this was gestured at the sleeping woman and smiled at his companions. ‘Yes, friends, this is the office slut – my personal slut, in fact, but I lend her out to all my contacts as a matter of course…’ His guests exchanged quick, furtive glances. They’d heard about their host’s singular perk of course but not, until now, really believed it. ‘We had quite a party last night in fact,’ he continued, as he went up to the cabinet. ‘It’s why the slut hasn’t woken up yet. She was well and truly and most thoroughly used…’ As he opened the cabinet doors, the men caught glimpses of racks of implements – polished leather, gleaming metal, cuffs and chains. Their host withdrew a stout leather paddle and slapped it gently against his hand, as if testing its strength.

‘It’s not surprising she’s still sleeping it off…’ he went on. ‘She did very well and as I’m pleased with her performance I won’t be punishing her for her laziness in failing to greet us this morning. But enough is enough…’

Covering the distance from the cabinet to the basket in two quick strides, he twitched back the blanket with his left hand and delivered a resounding thwack to the slut’s round and naked arse with the other. The men laughed, their eyes fastening greedily on the woman now exposed to their gaze, as she started awake with a jump of alarm, the chain jingling musically as she sat up abruptly, sleep still heavy on her and evidently not quite yet aware of where she was and who was with her.

She was not totally naked, as the men had perhaps expected her to be. As she sat up and the blanket fell away, it was revealed to them that her body was partly encased in a black satin corset, which cinched her waist tightly and raised her breasts whilst leaving them largely exposed. The corset also suspended seamed black stockings, although the seams were twisted now and the stockings were laddered. On her arms she wore long black satin opera gloves. The blackness of the corset, gloves and stockings served to emphasise not only the creamy whiteness of her skin but also her extreme nakedness where she was not covered; her soft, pink and cleanly-shaven cunt, her pale arse and the tops of her thighs.

What transfixed the men’s gaze in particular was the silver chain clasped to the desk which, it was now apparent, was at the other end attached to a small ring piercing the slut’s clitoris. She sat with her thighs spread and they could not help but stare at the delightful picture, their cocks twitching in anticipation. How they envied their host – to have a woman like this chained to his desk for use as when and how he wanted… The slut sat there in her basket quietly, her eyes modestly cast down, awaiting her Master’s pleasure and attention.

‘How are you this morning, my dear?’ he now asked her. ‘I am fine, thank you, Sir’ she replied. ‘And is there anything you need before you start work for the day?’ he asked. The two spectators listened intently. ‘I need to piss, Sir’ said the slut, in the same modest and well-educated tones. The sound of the rather base word on her lips, spoken in that very refined accent, carried a strong erotic charge; their cocks hardened still further. How sweet to make whatever use they chose of a woman like that; a woman who in the normal way of things would barely give them the time of day. Even sweeter was what happened now; their host went again to the cabinet and withdrew from it a large enamelled bowl, which he placed on the floor in front of his slut’s basket.

‘You may piss, my dear’, he said, and turning to his guests went on, ‘She is allowed the use of the bowl first thing every morning, unless she is in need of punishment of course; but after that she will be catheterised for the rest of the day and the free end of the tube will be fixed into her mouth.’

Meanwhile the slut had climbed out of her basket and knelt over the bowl placed on the floor for her use. As if unaware of her audience and their devouring eyes, she started pissing, aiming the golden stream into the bowl with the ease of long practise.

‘Stop – hold it right there!’ suddenly commanded her Master. Obediently and impressively, the slut clenched her muscles and the flow stopped in midstream.

‘I feel the need to piss myself, slut – wait until you’ve attended to me’ he said, as he unzipped his fly and walked towards his creature. She unrolled the gloves from her arms, still kneeling over her bowl all the while, and laid them carefully beside her on the carpet. Then she reached into his trousers and withdrew his cock, fastening her soft pink mouth around it. As the guests watched, her Master began pissing into her mouth and, stroking her hair, gave her permission to resume her own flow.

The slut sighed her relief even as she swallowed avidly, drinking down her Master’s piss as though it was sweet water. When they had both finished, the Master zipped himself up again and motioned to his guests to sit.

‘My slut has not had a bath yet and before you use her I would like her to clean herself up a bit. She took on half-a dozen of my colleagues last night and her cunt and arse are still full of their cum.’

He walked to the desk and unclasped the chain from the heavy steel staple. Winding it tightly around his wrist, he jerked on it twice and, wincing slightly, the slut rose to her feet. She picked up the bowlful of piss and her Master led her through a door in one of the walls. Shortly the men heard the sound of running water. While the Master oversaw his slut’s ablutions, the men waited impatiently in the main office. They’d have been happy enough to use the woman in her unwashed state. In fact, the thought of her cunt and arse still awash with many men’s cum was almost unbearably desirable.

The sexual tension in the office ratcheted up with every moment that passed. To make good use of the time, the younger of the two wandered over to the cabinet and examined its contents, every so often taking out an object – a whip, a pair of nipple clamps – and exclaiming over them to his colleague. The older man smiled – toys were not his thing – but he was looking forward, with some urgency now, to a good fuck, something he hadn’t had in quite a while.

At last the Master reappeared, leading his slut by her chain as before. She was rosy from her bath and now attired in a brief black garter belt and new black stockings, but nothing else. As before, and perhaps even more so now, the few garments, garments designed to be hidden under other clothes, merely served to emphasise her nakedness and vulnerability. The guests could barely contain their impatience as their host fastened the chain once more to the staple in the desk leg. Turning to the slut, he lifted her onto the desk and gently pressed her down so that she was lying on her back, her head barely supported at one side, her legs hanging down over the other. It was not a very comfortable position to be in – her back was arched and taking the strain – but the slut lay there obediently as she had been placed.

The Master then took leather cuffs from the cabinet and clasped them around her wrists and ankles. Using short lengths of chain, he fastened her wrists through D-rings on the cuffs to staples at the tops of the legs of the desk, hidden from the men’s view, pulling her arms taut. Her ankles he drew up and attached the same way so that her legs were pulled wide apart, her knees bent. The tethering was not necessary; the slut would have lain there and submitted to her Master’s will, whatever it was that he required of her and no matter whom he allowed to use her nor in what fashion. However not only did the fact that she was chained there and unable to escape add to the men’s excitement, lending an edge of rape and violation to their actions, but of course it added to the slut’s own excitement, the chains freeing her from any responsibility for her behaviour. She was not choosing to fuck these men, they were being imposed on her and the chains meant that no matter what she did with them, it was clearly not by her will that she was so used.

Her back still arched, she lay passively, her cunt splayed open to their gaze and the chain looping its way down her crack and thence back up to the top corner of the desk. Her head flung back, she could not really see her visitors, but she knew of course that they were examining her intimately, scrutinising every fold of flesh, the point where the gold ring pierced her clitoris, the shining wetness of her cunt, the puckered ring of her anus. Despite her many such experiences, she still felt a flush of humiliation rise hotly under her skin and wondered if she would ever really get used to this treatment. She thought not; but also, deep inside, knew that her Master never wanted her to get used to it. She knew his pleasure was made all the more piquant by her shaming and that he revelled in the humiliations to which he subjected her, as indeed did she.

The younger man asked if he was allowed to make use of the toys in the cabinet and she heard her Master give his consent. The man went back to the cabinet and selected a crop, swishing it through the air a few times to get the feel of it. Although he’d fantasised about using such a thing, this was the first time he’d ever had one in his hands. He stepped up to the desk, stroking the crop through his fingers and wondering where to strike. Really there was no question – it had to be the nipples… The slut had large round breasts, tipped with neat brown nipples and slightly swollen milky brown areolas. How he wanted to see red weals appear on her creamy white skin and know that he had inflicted them… Taking careful aim, he struck hard, the looped tip of the crop catching the slut on the right nipple. She bucked and whimpered and he struck again, aiming for the left this time. Again she cried out although evidently she was trying to smother her cry.

At this he laid on with greater abandon, determined to make her scream and cry out uncontrollably. As he struck harder and harder, crossing his cuts so as to make a pattern of red lines appear all over her tits, he found her response very gratifying. She couldn’t move much, but she was wriggling nevertheless, desperately trying to avoid the fall of the crop, moving her body in a futile attempt to evade him which simply served to increase the severity of the punishment he meted out. At the same time her cries became louder and more breathless, ragged sobs and occasional loud screams punctuated by the rhythmical swish and crack of the crop. The Master kept a careful eye on his property, judging her limits, watching the increasing flow of wetness from her cunt, until he felt she had had enough and called a halt.

The other man had approached while the slut was receiving her punishing treatment at the hands of the younger man, fascinated by the visible signs, despite her cries and struggles, of her increasing excitement. He could clearly see and smell the flow of her juices glistening on her thighs and as the Master called a halt to the flogging, he seized his chance to bury his face in her cunt. The taste and aroma were exquisite, particularly to a man who’d been deprived of such sights, tastes and scents for rather longer than he cared to recall. The slut loved his attentions and was thrusting herself towards his eager mouth, careless of what the others might think of her abandoned behaviour. As the older man licked, sucked and nibbled she purred her contentment and uttered a slight moue of disappointment as he stepped back from her in order to remove his trousers.

Under the desk there was a platform that when pulled out raised him to exactly the height he needed in order comfortably to be able to thrust his cock into her dripping cunt. This he now did with no more ado and the slut sighed her pleasure as her cunt was filled and repeatedly pumped by the stranger’s cock. The others watched, the younger man still not quite believing that this woman could be so complaisant in her Master’s service as to submit so readily to the whims and demands of total strangers. But the evidence was there before him and his ears were full of the slut’s little moans and cries of pleasure and the jingling of the chain that still tethered her by her clitoris to the desk.

The older man tried to take his time but it was all too much for him. Fairly soon he came, thrusting hard and grunting as he filled the slut’s cunt with his cum. He fell heavily across her body but after a few seconds in order to recover himself, made way for his companion. The younger man had taken up the nipple clamps he’d removed from the cabinet earlier and asked the Master if he would apply them. The slut lay there panting, her nipples swollen from their earlier cropping, and when the Master fixed on the clamps she screamed. The clamps were joined by a long length of chain and the younger man asked if the slut could be turned onto her front so that he could sodomise her more easily.

When she’d been repositioned to his fancy, moaning as her clamped nipples came into contact with the leather of the desktop made hot and sticky with her sweat, he pulled the chain over her head so that he could keep a grip on it and use it as reins while he fucked her arse. The tight ring of her anus was already slippery with juice from her cunt and he pushed his hard cock against it with some force. Anal sex was something that he’d fantasised about for years but his wife would never let him try it and this was his first time. The slut moaned but relaxed her muscles, letting him in for her Master’s sake. Despite her practise at being used this way and her skills at relaxing her sphincter muscles, the rough force which the young man was using hurt her and his entry was abrupt and painful, ripping a cry from her. Oblivious to her distress he pressed on, sinking the thick length of his cock deep inside her and then thrusting hard with no gentle build-up of pressure.

As he thrust, he jerked on the chain, pulling at the nipple clamps so that the slut cried and gasped as sharp, searing pains pierced through her tender breasts. Her one consolation was knowing that the more she suffered on her Master’s account, the greater would be the pleasure and satisfaction she would afford him. He might then reward her and allow her to do what she most wanted to do, which was to offer him some of the same attentions and opportunities she now offered his guests. And so she mused, her anus become slack with the thrusting of the man who now grew and throbbed and came within her. He pulled away from her, swatting her arse as his cock popped out eliciting one last moan from her, and strode round to the front of the desk. ‘Suck me clean, whore’ he commanded and obediently the slut opened her mouth for him and licked her shit and a trace of blood from his still tumescent cock.

As she ministered to him with her mouth, he turned to her Master and said, ‘You know what I’d really like? To have her drink my piss the way she drank yours…’ The Master smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

‘My slut is at your disposal, gentlemen. Use her as you wish.’

The younger man needed no further telling. Although his cock was still semi-hard he managed to start pissing and obedient to her Master’s will, the slut drank the acrid yellow flow, swallowing it down without a murmur. The older man watched, turned on but disapproving. His younger colleague was acting like a kid in a sweetshop, he thought, wanting to try all the goodies at once, overcome with sheer greed. He had no thought at all for the woman he was using. Perhaps it’s sentimental of me, he thought, but I couldn’t use any woman the way he’s using her, particularly not one who gave me such an enjoyable fuck and who has such a delightful cunt… My colleague has no finesse. He exchanged glances with his host. The Master gave a minute gesture with his hands as if to say, these things happen, you and I know better but after all, that’s what she’s there for… And the young man finished pissing and shook the last few drops from his cock into the slut’s face.

Their host walked towards the desk and rang for his secretary. ‘We’re finished in here, Elisabeth, would you please call in and accompany my guests down to the boardroom?’ Idly he stroked the slut’s hair as he addressed the two men. ‘Elisabeth will bring you some coffee and I’ll join you in a few minutes’. A knock at the door announced the secretary’s arrival. Smiling at the two men, she said, ‘If you’ll just come with me…’ and led them out of the office. The younger man followed without a backward glance; the older man turned and almost spoke but, thinking better of it, turned back and followed the others out of the room. He’d wanted to express some sort of thanks but really it was impossible to find the appropriate words.

The Master and slut were left alone together. Gently he unfastened the chains and cuffs from her wrists and ankles but left the chain that still tethered her by the clitoris to his desk. Holding her by the waist he eased her off the desk and back into her basket, where he covered her solicitously with the grey fleece blanket.

‘Rest for a while, my dear’, he said. ‘I’ll get rid of our guests in an hour or so and then you and I can enjoy ourselves in private’. Squatting down beside her, he slipped a finger into her oozing cunt and ran it up and down her slit and around her swollen clitoris.

‘I enjoyed your performance very much, slut’ he told her, as she moaned and responded to his touch, pressing her shameless cunt against his fingers, wanting more. ‘Be patient, little one, you’ll get your reward’ he chided, removing his hand and slipping his fingers into her mouth. Avidly she sucked on them, tasting her cunt and the older man’s cum. ‘And remember…’ he told her, looking into her eyes and commanding her with his gaze, ‘you are NOT to touch yourself or cum but wait until I return.’

The slut nodded, her mouth still full of his fingers. The admonition was unnecessary. All that she was, all that she did, belonged to him, her pleasure most of all. It was his to give and his to take away. As he left her in peace, she snuggled back down in her basket, her hands obediently pillowing her cheek and nowhere near her aching, dripping cunt. She drifted back into slumber, the weals on her skin throbbing gently, reminding her of her servitude, badges demonstrating her outstanding performance of her duties. Of course she would wait for him. She would wait forever if necessary. She would do whatever he told her and she would wait for as long as it pleased him… for her ultimate pleasure was gained simply in submission to his will.

Wife Lusts For Large

Thirteen years ago, I voyeuristically watched my soon-to-be wife get plowed by my roommate at the time, with his 10-inch cock. It was remarkable to watch the look on her face and the way she got into his big dick. She never knew I saw the session with Frank and I never brought it up. It fulfilled a fantasy of mine at the time and one that I carried for the last 12 years of our marriage.

Occasionally during sex over the years, I’ve brought up the notion of having sex with a well-hung man. Mary always tells me that I’m fine and wants to leave it at that. I’m 6 inches and decent thickness. She doesn’t know that I remember her screams and her face while taking Frank’s size.

Mary’s now forty. She’s in very good shape, about 5′ 6″, 135 pounds. She has 34c breasts, good stomach, nice legs and a great 40 or 42 inch ass that’s still firm. I can still picture Frank taking her from behind with his big dick. One of my best stroking fantasies!

Last year we bought 2 acres and a cabin up in the mountains not far from our house. It’s in a nice community of people that live there permanently or use it for vacations. We built a nice house with a great family room and rec room that leads out to a spa in the back yard. What a great place to watch the stars, drink wine and fool around.

Our neighbors include a pilot, Jim and his wife Marcia, both in their late 40s. They have no children but wanted some badly. They enjoy coming over when we have the family at the cabin. Both of them are in great shape. Jim’s about 6′ and very athletic. Marcia’s about 5′ 4″ and stacked. She must have at least D cups.

We got the spa going a couple of months ago. After spending a hectic day with the children we called Jim and Marcia over to enjoy some wine and the stars with us. We put the children in bed, fired up the spa and uncorked a nice wine. Mary and I were in the spa when they came over. Wow, were they a gorgeous couple.

Marcia took off her t-shirt and her shorts and was in a bikini. What a body. I must have been gawking because Mary gave me a little pat under the water. Jim took off his t-shirt and was in excellent shape. Great abs, lean. He was also in nylon gym shorts and you could see the outline of a large package. I’m sure that both Mary and I gawked at him.

Well the water was hot, the wine was flowing, the cuddling was close and the talk went from the day’s activities to kids. Marcia admitted that they had tried to have kids but she was infertile. Even so, she commented that the two of them had sex all the time while trying and that Jim’s size always got her motivated. That brought a blush from Mary, Jim and me.

I got a raging hard on thinking of Marcia taking a big cock. Well, Jim must have thought the same. He and Marcia said that they had to go. When he got up from the tub, I could see that club of his hanging down under his shorts. Damn was it thick and long. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Mary staring at his crotch. He quickly got a towel around himself and left with Marcia.

Mary commented on how attractive they were as a couple. I took the opportunity to start our foreplay and try to have sex with her. Mary felt my hard on, but said that she couldn’t have sex there with the kids upstairs. She did give me a hand job; kidding me that it was probably Marcia’s big tits that made me like that. Little did she know it was the fantasy of her doing Jim that got me in that state!

A few weeks ago, Mary said that she was going up to the cabin for the weekend to finish some decorating. I was going to do the bus driving duty for the weekend, taking the kids to their various events. Fortunately the kids got invited to a couple of sleepover parties. That gave me the opportunity to head up to the cabin on Saturday to meet Mary. I called the cabin a couple of times and got no answer. I dropped off the kids around dinnertime and headed up to the mountains.

As I drove to the cabin, I passed Jim and Marcia’s house and saw lights on. Good, I thought. I could invite them over for another bottle of wine. I got to our house and went into our bedroom to drop off my clothes. I could see the lights on in our backyard and heard the spa going. I went to the window to look out and saw an open bottle of wine, Jim on the edge of the spa with his shorts down and Mary in the spa with her top down, sucking the biggest dick I’ve seen on a man in 13 years!!!

Jim was leaning back, letting Mary feast on what had to be 9 or 10 inches of thick dick. Mary was using both hands to suck him in. I could see that she was stretching her mouth around the shaft. I pulled back from the window in order to enjoy the show and dropped my own shorts. Mary pulled her mouth of Jim’s cock, but kept stroking it. I heard her tell him how large it was. She also told him that it was 3 or 4 inches longer than and much thicker than mine. I also heard her say that hadn’t had a cock like his in a long time and missed it. Damn, Frank did change her!

Jim told Mary that it was all hers for the night any way she wanted it and that he was really turned on by her big ass. Mary just cooed and went back to sucking his cock.

She then got up out of the spa and took off her suit. Frank pulled his legs out and laid back, his big dick standing upright. There was my wife, nipples hard, body slick, positioning herself over his fat cock. She took his cock in her hand and started lowering herself onto it. What a sight. Watching her taking in more of it got me hard as iron. And god, what a mouth she had. “Damn, your so fucking big, Jim.” “God, I need your big dick in me”. There she was, impaled, head rolling back, Jim squeezing her tits, telling her to ride him hard.

Mary exploded in a huge orgasm while riding up and down on Jim. He had his hands on her hips driving her down even harder. They went on like this for a few minutes, and then Jim told her to get on her knees. Mary eagerly complied. She got on her knees and elbows and ass up for Jim. He positioned himself behind her and drove it home in one powerful stroke. The “OMGs” started from Mary immediately. Jim was pistoning his dick into Mary. She was pushing back on each of his thrusts.

Then, Jim stopped. I heard him ask Mary about doing it the way Marcia would do it for him. I saw her look back and tell him that she couldn’t possibly take it, that she never did it with me, but wanted to feel his dick there. Jim reached for a bottle of body oil at our spa. I saw him oil up his big dick and couldn’t believe that he was about to fuck my sweet wife’s ass with that monster cock. Mary helped him lube his shaft then turned back to him presenting her ass to him.

I could see him easing the head of his dick into her ass. I couldn’t believe my wife could take that cock there. I heard her starting to moan as Jim gently eased more cock into her ass. He got half his cock in her. Mary was telling him how good it felt. Then she went nuts, telling him to fuck her ass. Telling him how good his big cock felt in her ass. Telling him that she needed his whole cock in her. And he complied completely. Over and over again she was telling him to fuck her ass with his big cock. Damn, I finally came as hard as I ever had.

I could hear Jim tell her that he was also about to cum. Mary was telling him to “cum for me, baby”. He pulled that cock out of her ass, slid it up and down her ass crack, and then came in huge amounts all over her ass and back. What a sight.

I let them get themselves together a little while. I then went to the front door, opened and closed it loudly and called Mary’s name. I went around the house turning on some lights then headed downstairs. By then, both of them were back in the spa, sipping wine. I shook Jim’s hand and asked to have Marcia join us. He declined saying that he just stopped over for a bit and had to get going. He thanked Mary and I for the wine and said goodbye.

I asked Mary how things were going. She said fine, that Jim stopped by to help her unload curtains and stayed just a little bit. We had a little more wine and then Mary excused herself saying that she was tired. I said I understood, kissed her good night, and then had another great stroking session thinking of my wife, Jim and her lust for large cock.

The Dungeon

Fred had only heard about the “dungeon” through the grapevine, the talk being that boy toys were there to take care of all your sexual. desires. Well tonight he was going to find out because he had been invited to attend a party at the underground gay sex parlor by a friend of a friend. He was supposed to meet Pete at a down town bar after work and go from there. At 6:30pm Pete strolled into O’ Fallon’s and told Fred that they might as well grab a bite to eat because the “dungeon” didn’t really get going until 10:00pm. Dinner consisted of getting acquainted and the usual small talk new friends go through when getting to know one another, but there was a definite undercurrent of excitement as the clock crept towards ten.
The “dungeon” was located in a run down warehouse district over by the river, and except for the unusual number of cars, you would never know that a night club was anywhere to be seen. The entrance was in an alley in back of an old meat packing plant that led down a steep flight of stairs. At the inside door were two of the biggest bouncers Fred had ever seen, but Pete flashed what appeared to be a laminated pass of some kind and they were allowed to enter a dimly lit room. As Fred’s eyes became adjusted to the light, he was stunned at what he saw!!! Over half the people were entirely naked, while much of the other half were in various stages of undress.

At least 90% of the patrons were male with a goodly number being under twenty five. All the waiters were nude with the exception of leather studded collars around their necks, an as he gazed around the room Fred saw many of the men with hardons as they danced and played with each other while on stage at the far end of the hall a five piece rock band played a mixture of heavy metal and hard rock. After a few minutes Pete suggested they go rent one of the lockers and get rid of their clothes. Within minutes they were wandering through the crowd with bodies rubbing and touching, especially their cocks. Now Fred could see why most everyone had a boner, it was just a given you could feel up any one you wanted to!!! A young man with a nine inch hardon asked Fred if he wanted to suck his dick. He took Fred by his cock and lead him over to an empty table next to the wall where Fred sat down as the smooth young stud stuck his erection up to his lips. It was intoxicating to say the least! As his mouth slipped over the velvety head, he felt his own dick begin to throb. After several minutes of hard sucking, Fred felt the huge pecker begin to jerk uncontrollably in his throat and a huge load of cum was filling his mouth! It was unbelievable!!! With cum dripping down his chin Fred reluctantly released the softening dick, and the young man thanked Fred and disappeared back into the crowd.

By now Fred was on fire with lust and his own cock was throbbing for relief! A thirty year old woman and her husband wandered over and asked if the man could blow him. The woman said her husband had never sucked a cock before and wanted to try it, so Fred motioned the man to go ahead and he took to it like a duck to water! The woman sat down and fingered her own pussy as her cocksucker husband eagerly sucked and licked Fred’s meat. Fred moaned as he edged closer to his orgasm, and the woman’s calling her husband a cocksucking pussy only made Fred more excited, while out of nowhere another woman dropped to her knees and began eating the woman’s hot cunt as the whole oral scene became too much for Fred and he erupted down the throat of this eager cockhound!!! The woman also came in a smashing cum as she blew her own load into the mouth of her eager cuntlapper!

The woman on the floor was still in need of relief, so the young wife lay on the floor and let the woman settle her cunt right over her mouth. The woman was totally naked, and she had a large pair of heavy hanging boobs that swayed from side to side as she ground her pussy into the young wife’s hungry mouth. The cocksucker husband got down next to the woman and took a nipple into his mouth and sucked on her gently. This was a true tag team affair with the wife taking care of her pussy and her husband doing a number on her big nipples! Since the wife was laying there with her legs wide open and her pussy was so available, Fred slid between her thighs and stuck his rapidly rising pecker into her hot snatch. She moaned loudly into the cunt of the other woman, and soon all three of them were on the verge of another orgasm! Fred was now pounding his cock in and out of the tight cunt of the young wife while she in turn was getting her face slathered with the juice from the other woman’s dripping cunt. It was the face rider that erupted first, her loud scream signaling that she was cumming hard in the young wife’s eager mouth. Fred was now over the edge himself, and his own cum was soon filling the young wife’s pussy full of freshly spent goo. The young wife’s vagina contracted hard, and wrenched another orgasm out of her wilting body, sapping her of every last bit of energy she had! All three of them lay together, with twitching cunts and retreating dicks numbed from the series of climaxes they had just gone through!!!

Later on Pete found Fred at the bar and laughed when he saw how spent his new friend was! On his way home, Fred could only hope that he would be returning to the “dungeon” real soon!

Vengeful Ex

Ben had never been so happy in his entire life! Here he was just home from his honeymoon, and ready to begin is marriage with the most beautiful and loving girl a man could ever hope for. To say his courtship of Sarah had been a whirlwind affair would be an understatement, because less that two months ago he had met her for the first time at a New Years Eve party given by a mutual friend. They left the party arm in arm, and had been together ever since. Ben knew on his first date that Sarah was the girl for him! Incredibly beautiful, with big doe eyes, long flowing brown hair, a face like and angel, and a body that would make Jezebel jealous! Every time he even looked at her, he had to pinch himself to make sure it wasn’t all a dream.
Six months later, it was better than ever. Both of them had good high paying jobs, and with no financial worries, they could spend all the free time concentrating on the one thing they love the most–fucking each other’s brains out!! What made it even better for Ben, was the fact that his new bride while looking like a second grade school teacher, so prim and proper, had the sexual appetite of a five dollar whore! She just couldn’t seem to get enough! And that was just fine with him! Just the mere sight of her taking off her clothes drove Ben crazy with lust. It seemed that they spent more time in bed than anywhere else! Sarah loved to ride Ben’s big pecker, sitting on top of him while grinding here pussy up and down, her heavy breasts bouncing freely as she drove herself to orgasm! Although not hung like a porn star, Ben had a respectable seven inches of meat between his legs, and Sarah was in love with every one of them! It was an idyllic life for the two newlyweds, and neither one of them had any idea of the terror that was about to befall them.

Ben and Sarah lay together intertwined, lost in a deep sleep while the digital alarm clock next to the bed glowed a soft red 2:33am! Ben’s snoring completely masked the noise of the opening of the front door as a solitary figure padded silently down the long hall, coming directly to the bedroom door! Standing outside the door, and listening intently to discern if anyone was awake, the intruder quietly pushed open the door and crept inside. The two sleeping forms on the bed were oblivious to the sound of a silenced 9mm automatic being pulled out of a carrying case, and only when the lights were suddenly turned on and a stern voice ordering them to be quiet and not to move, were they aware of anyone else in the room. “What the hell’s going on here,” exclaimed Ben, as he tried to adjust his eyes to the light! “Shut up and be quiet,” a familiar voice hissed! “Krista, it’s you,” a stunned Ben stammered, “what are you doing here?!?” “What do you think, asshole,” she spat, “I’m gonna make you fucking pay for dumping me for this little slut!!!!” Ben looked over at a very frightened wife, who was clinging to his arm and shaking at the same time, and it was at that moment that Ben first noticed the automatic Krista was holding in her right hand. “Why the gun, Kris,” he asked in a slow measured voice? She made a vile laugh and said, “I don’t think you two would be too cooperative without it!” For the first time Sarah spoke, and in a shaky voice asked, “W-w -what are you going to do with us?” “Oh,” Krista replied, “the little slut can talk, you’ll find out soon enough, cunt!” Reaching into a duffel bag she had brought along, Krista pulled out a hand full of thin ropes cut to about twenty four inches each, and after tossing them on the bed, she told Sarah to tie Ben up spread eagle to the bed frame. Ben started to protest, but Krista cut him off by pointing the gun at his new wife, instantly shutting him up!!!

Five minutes later when he was safely bound, Krista sat down in a chair next to the bed, tossed a pair of scissors to her and ordered, “Cut off his shorts, bitch, and make it snappy!” Never taking her eyes off of the evil gun, Sarah did as she was told, cutting away her husbands briefs. “Mmmmm, now that looks very familiar,” Krista said, as she looked at Ben’s soft pecker, “ya know Benny, I really missed that big cock of yours, I really have,” she continued, “but it looks so forlorn, all soft and all, I think we should do something about that, don’t you?” “Krista, what ever you have in mind, forget it,” implored Ben, “we won’t have anything to do with you!” “Oh really, Ben, don’t be that way,” Krista smirked, “I don’t think Sarah here wants to become a widow at age twenty three!” “What do you want,” Sarah practically shrieked, “just tell me what you want!!!” “Now that’s a good girl,” remarked Krista, “so well behaved, I like that, okay little slut, you want to know what to do, I’ll tell you what to do, suck him off now, and I mean right now!!!” Sarah looked fearfully at Ben and said, “Darling, I have no choice,” and with that dropped her head into Ben’s crotch, taking his big penis into her mouth. Try as he might, Ben couldn’t keep his manhood from growing to it’s full seven inch length. Never in his life had he had a woman who could suck his cock like Sarah could, and this time was no exception! She was a veritable cock hound, and no matter that she had a gun trained on her, once she started sucking, she immediately was under the spell of his organ. “Very talented Benny,” Krista commented, “very talented indeed, suck him off bitch, he always liked that the best, right Benny?!?” Ben gritted his teeth and tried to hold back, but Sarah was driving his pecker to the very edge, and in another moment he would go over it. Grunting loudly, his pecker jerked twice and filled his wife’s mouth with cum while she hungrily drank it all down, trying her best to swallow every drop. “Bravo, slut, bravo,” Krista jeered, clapping as she said it, “you two ought to be in X- rated videos,” while pointing to a video camera that was recording everything that had happened so far!!!

“Okay Krista, that’s enough of this,” exclaimed a very upset Ben, “you got what you wanted, now get out!” Krista laughed a sinister evil laugh and retorted, “Oh, but Benny, I haven’t got near what I want, not yet anyway!” Now turning her attention once again to Sarah, she said, “Let’s see what the little slut can do to satisfy a woman, wouldn’t you like to see that, Benny, your little darling wife sucking my cunt, so get over here you little bitch, get over here or I’ll make you a fucking widow!” Sarah wasted no time in scrambling off the bed and making her way over to her captor as Krist extolled, “That’s a very good little cunt, I must say Benny, she is very obedient!” By now Krista had removed her pants and underwear, and was sitting in the chair, naked from the waste down, and as a stunned Sarah looked on, Krista spread her legs and exposed a her vagina while snapping, “Okay, cunt, ever eaten one of these before!?!” Sarah shook her head no, and just stared at the furry muff now only inches from her face while Krista grabbed her by the hair and forced her mouth into her gaping slit. “Mmmmmm, Benny, she is VERY good at this, I wonder if she hasn’t been lying about doing this before, she seems to be an expert!” Ben strained to free himself from the nylon ropes that were holding him in place, but the more he struggled, the tighter they became. Watching his beautiful young wife eating his ex girl friend’s cunt, while abhorrent, was also very arousing, and his hard cock was a dead give away, because Krista soon remarked, “Oh, Benny, it looks as if you’re enjoying the show!” “Krista,” Ben growled, “you’ll pay for this, I promise you, you’ll pay!” “Oh, I’m so scared,” Krista answered in a fake high pitched shaky voice. Through all the bantering back and forth between Ben and Krista, Sarah was busy licking Krista’s now dripping pussy, and while having never tasted one before, Sarah was shocked to find out that the taste of a hot vagina was very arousing to say the least! Krista too was finding it arousing, because she was on the edge of a major orgasm! “Harder bitch,” Krista implored, “eat that fucking cunt like you love it!” Sarah bored in on the hot clit she had stuck between her lips as her tongue flicked across it’s tiny head, and after a few more quick strokes, Krista’s cunt muscles contracted, causing her pussy to convulse and fill Sarah’s mouth with a gusher of hot cunt juice!!!

A few minutes later after regaining her breath and her composure, Krista stood up and told Sarah to sit down in the chair where she produced several more lengths of rope and tied Sarah firmly in place!!! Now with both of her victims tied up, Krista set the gun on the night stand and walked over to the bed and climbed on. “What do you want now,” asked a wary Ben, as he eyed his ex lover with suspicion? “Oh Benny, why let this magnificent erection go to waste, I’m going to do to you what only a few months ago you were begging me to do, I’m going to sit on that fat cock and fuck myself with it, that’s what I’m going to do!” Again, too stunned to respond, Sarah just sat in the chair and silently watched as Krista mounted her husband and lowered her cunt onto his now straining penis. When she had totaly engulfed him, both of them sucked in their breath and just looked each other in the eye, neither one willing to make the first move, until finally, Krista lifted her hips and began driving the big pecker in and out of her dripping slit. “Oh Benny, you haven’t lost your touch,” she gushed, “you still know how to ring my bell!” Afraid of offending Sarah, Ben tried not to move his hips for fear that she think he was actually enjoying the fucking Krista was giving him, bit that too was futile, because no matter what he felt about her, Krista had always been a great fuck and this time was no exception! Her cunt muscles gripped his pecker, trying to milk his cum from his bulging ball sack, as his head rolled from side to side while looking Sarah in the eye and mouthing the words “I’m sorry”, before turning his attention back to Krista! Slowly he began matching her movements, trying to get into her rhythm, and after several fits and starts, he caught up to her and just like old times they moved their loins in unison! Together they drove each other towards orgasm, and again just like old times it was uncontrollable, like a thundering herd of buffalo on the loose! At almost the same instant, both of them increased the pace of their stroking, causing their respective genitalia to start spasming in time with the other’s. It was like being thrown off of a high cliff, the rush was unreal, both of them now over the precipice, their orgasms flooding through them and tearing at their very souls. “My fucking god,” Krista wailed, “you always were so fucking good in bed!” Ben, trying not to be too vociferous, none the less, let loose with his own string of epithets, most of which invoked the use of the term “so fucking good”. Krista finally collapsed on Ben’s chest, snuggling close to him, listening to his heart pound in his chest, the result of the unbelievable fuck they had just shared. Finally hopping off him, Krista went around the bed and put all of her clothes back on after which she went over to the dresser, shut off the video camera and removed the tape. “Hey Benny,” she asked, “how much is this tape worth to you?”

Before he could answer, she tossed it on the bed, and cut one of ropes holding Sarah’s arm to chair while looking back at Ben and commenting, “That tape is a present from me to you and your bride, she should be able to get away now that her one arm is loose, I just had to have one last night to remember you by, hope you won’t hold it against me!” Ben and Sarah looked at each other, both relieved that the whole thing was over. “You mean that you’re going to leave now,” asked Sarah, still not quite believing that they were getting off this easily. “That’s right toots,” Krista replied, “I’m out of here right now, no hard feelings, okay, Ben?” Ben nodded as a small smile crept over his face and replied, “Yeah, Kris, no hard feelings!”

A moment later and she was out of the apartment and gone, leaving the two stunned lovers to theri own devices!!! It took Sarah only a matter of minutes to free herself and then Ben from their ropes! When they finally were loose, Ben picked up the tape and held it in his hands, just staring at it. Both of them must have been reading the other’s mind, because at the same time they both looked at the VCR and TV in the book case on the other side of the room. They both laughed together, and Ben hugged his wife while putting the tape in the machine as he turned it on. “I want to see that part where you’re eating her pussy,” he said playfully!” “Oh youuuuuu,” she retorted, and they both broke down and laughed some more!!!


Amanda hurried through the heavily falling snow on the way to her dorm room from the library. She wondered to herself why she had forgotten to wear a warmer coat and shivered against the cold evening air while muttering, “Michigan in the winter, I must be nuts!!!” Being a blond blue eyed California girl it was a total surprise to her folks and friends when she chose to attend college 2000 miles from home in what could be described as less than ideal weather. The full ride scholarship to The University of Michigan was just to good to pass up, nowever, and being valedictorian of her senior class in high school with an emphasis on math and science, made her first class engineering material, and being a female didn’t hurt either as all the major schools were looking to place women and minorities in their advanced programs usually reserved for males. Although she didn’t look it, underneath that stunningly beautiful exterior beat the heart of a true scientist!!!
Lost in thought and concentrating on keeping her balance on the slippery sidewalk, Amanda failed to notice the three darkly clad figures that were moving from separate directions towards her. The last thing she remembered was bumping into an oncoming man and excusing herself, while at that very moment one of her other attackers placed as handkerchief doused in chloroform over her mouth and nose, inducing her to lose all consciousness as her assailants quickly carried her to an awaiting van with rental car plates. As the van moved away from campus Amanda was given an injection that would keep her under for at least the next twelve to fifteen hours. One hour later at Detroit’s airport, she was placed aboard a private jet that was soon winging it’s way to the middle east, and unfortunately for Amanda, she had become the victim of an international kidnapping ring, and the chances of her escape were next to nothing. Worse yet the chances of anyone even finding out where she was, were even slimmer yet. Sleeping fitfully on her way across the ocean, Amanda was about to embark on an adventure that was to be at the same both horrifying and exciting.

As the plane passed into the air space of the small sheikdom of Abdujah, Amanda began to awaken from her drug induced coma. Trying to focus her eyes, she could see nothing but darkness and as she tried to rub her eyes, she realized that her hands were tied and that she had on a blindfold of some kind! As she began to struggle a voice soothingly told her to sit still and be quiet as they would be landing very soon. Landing!?! Amanda surmised that she was indeed in deep trouble and wanted to scream but knew that it would be useless to do so. She started to ask a question but was quickly silenced by a stern female voice that informed her that she would be told of her situation very soon, but for the time being she was to remain silent. With her mind racing she felt the jet begin it’s slow descent until the wheels touched down and she could hear muffled voices from the other side of the cabin. The plane now safely on the ground, taxied for about two minutes and then came to a halt, until when the door was finally opened, a blast of warm aired rushed into the cabin causing her to think, “At least it’s warm!” On very wobbly legs Amanda was led to a waiting limousine and was soon moving at what seemed to be about thirty to forty miles per hour for at least twenty minutes. No one in the car said a word, and when Amanda tried to ask a question the same female voice again silenced her. Just then the limo came to a stop and the driver said something to someone outside of the car. This time Amanda could very clearly her what was being said and she knew immediately that the conversation had been in Arabic!! A wave of real fear swept over her with the realization that no one knew where she was and probably had no way of finding her!

The car again moved forward, but only for a few seconds, before it stopped and Amanda was again being led by a strong hand that prodded her forward. Soon they were inside an air conditioned building Amanda’s blindfold was removed and as she became adjusted to the light she could see that there were three people besides herself in the small white painted room. She was right, the two men obviously had a middle eastern look about them and the woman wore traditional Arab dress. Before Amanda could speak the woman told her that she was the guest of Sheik Al Feziz and he hoped she had had a pleasant trip. ” PLEASANT TRIP!?!,” Amanda exploded. “Where am I and when can I go home???” “For now that is all you need to know,” said the woman quietl, and with that being said, she motioned for Amanda to follow her out of the small waiting room and down a long hall that had a stunning marble floor. Amanda was just beginning to understand about the power and wealth of Sheik Al Feziz, and as she was to soon find out, money and power were not the only things that the sheik had in abundance!

At the end of the hall they entered a large and luxurious room that was like a huge bathroom-bedroom with several large spas, showers, and huge beds, bigger than Amanda had ever seen in her life! She also noticed in each corner attached to the ceiling were video cameras adjusted to cover the entire room. It didn’t appear that a person could go anywhere and not be under surveillance, and Amanda shivered wondering if she was being watched right now. The woman told Amanda to disrobe completely and to take a shower, and after nervously looking at the cameras, she slowly removed all of her things. The hot water felt soothing as it cascaded over Amanda’s body, as her tits stood out pround and firm on her chest, as if defying gravity. A flat stomach gave way to full womanly hips that followed down to a perfect triangle of blond pubic hair, while the final picture was completed with a pair of long slim legs that seemed to go on forever. At 5’9″ tall, Amanda was truly a picture of sexual lust!!!

When Amanda turned off the shower she was surprised to see the woman had gone and that she was alone. As she dried off a door opened and three absolutely stunning naked women came into the room, eyeing her body as they approached, Amanda all of a sudden became very self conscious with the lustful looks she was drawing. The three introduced themselves as American college girls who were taken from the US just like she had been, and for the past six months they had been the sex slaves of the Sheik. There were a total of about twenty girls in his harem, mostly from the US and western Europe, and for the first few months he would use a new girl for his own pleasure only, but later on he would also allow his relatives and friends use them as they pleased. Amanda was also stunned to find out that they never ever were allowed to wear clothing of any kind and always had to stay completely nude!!! Most importantly, when you were called to Al Feziz’s bed, you went with no questions asked, and because she was new, she would be getting a lot of calls for the first few weeks, but before that she had to be initiated into the harem. As all of this was being explained to her, the four of them were moving over to one of the giant beds that dominated the room. Out of the corner of her eye Amanda saw one of the cameras turning directly towards them, but as she was about to say something, she felt tongues licking all over her ripe young body!!! Amanda had never been with a woman before but was powerless to stop the three girls from devouring her. Quickly her pussy began to throb as her boobs were being relentlessly sucked on by a large chested brunette while the redhead situated herself so that she had a perfect angle in which to suck Amanda’s burning clit. My god she was on fire with lust!!! Just then a big nipple was shoved into her mouth and she sucked on it greedily as her orgasm began to sweep through her body like a tidal wave and she came over and over again as the hungry little redhead ate her like she had never been eaten before! Even though she had slept on the plane Amanda found herself totally exhausted, and as she slipped away, her thoughts were not of fear, but more of resignation. The large nipple still in her mouth, she gave a contented sigh and went to sleep.

For the next several days Amanda did three things: eat, sleep, and have sex with her harem mates. Although she was always highly sexed, Amanda couldn’t believe how insatiable she had become. Later she found out that aphrodisiacs were added to the girl’s drinks, keeping them all in a constant state of excitement. She also found out that the Sheik liked to watch the girls at play and had many video tapes of their exploits. On the fourth day after her arrival at the compound, two older women came into the harem and took Amanda to a special preparation room where she was told that tonight she would be dining with the Sheik as the two ladies bathed and oiled Amanda and prepared her first visit with her captor!!!

Nervous as if she were on her first date, Amanda waited at the dining table for Al Feziz to arrive, until when he entered the room, she was immediately struck with his overpowering presence. As he sat down to eat, he told her that he had been looking forward to this their first meeting, and while sitting naked in front of this strange man should have been embarrassing for her, instead Amanda felt the now too familiar craving within her pussy!!! After they had dined, during which they had made pleasant small talk, Al Feziz stood up and led Amanda to a large bed over in the corner of the huge dining room, towering over her as he began removing his clothes, and for a man of fifty he was in very good shape with not an ounce of fat on his dark skinned body. As he dropped his pants Amanda gave an audible gasp!!! She had never in her life seen such a magnificent cock!!! Fully erect it was at least ten inches long and as thick as her wrist, and although she was aching to suck on this monster prick, she silently waited for the Sheik to make the first move. He gently pushed her to the floor and guided his manhood towards her waiting mouth, and as her tongue caressed the satiny smooth head, she began to feel the first hint of an orgasm cascading through her hot cunt. She inhaled as much of the big dick as she could and felt the Sheik’s balls begin to tighten as he gushed a hot stream of cum down her eager throat, while her own orgasm reached it’s own peak as the first blast of cum shot into her mouth!! Al Feziz sank slowly onto the bed as Amanda gently continued to suck on his still hard pecker, he softly patted her hair and told her how much he loved blondes, and as they both regained their strength, desire again rose in both of them. Amanda lay back on the bed with her legs spread wide begging to be fucked by that monster that hung between the Sheiks legs. Slowly rubbing his dick head up and down her wet slit, Amanda couldn’t wait any longer and reached down to try and pull it inside by herself. Al Feziz laughed and then plunged deep into her waiting pussy, inducing in Amanda a huge orgasm on the first stroke as her cunt had never been assaulted by such a huge organ! Like a piston the big dick rammed in and out of her cunt until the Sheik shuddered in the throes of a titanic climax. All Amanda could do was to hold on for dear life and enjoy being ridden like she had never been ridden before!!!

In about a half hour the Sheik push a button on the night stand and three more naked girls came out of nowhere and entered the room. Before she knew what had happened, Amanda was caught up in an orgy she could not have believed possible! She thought for a moment about her life back in the States, but only for a moment, this was her home now. This was her new family. Another orgasm overtook her and her thoughts of home melted away forever.

Newgirl In The Chatroom

Sarah nervously reviewed the instructions that Megan had written for her on the back of a restaurant napkin. Hit “enter”, wait for the screen to load, then make up a chat room “handle”, type it in, then hit “connect me”, and you’re in! A live sex chat room! “I must be out of my mind,” thought Sarah, how did she ever let Megan talk her into this?!? “Well, no harm in just sitting in, I don’t have to talk!” As she focused her eyes on the screen, she could see at least five people trying to contact her under her chat room handle, newgirl. Too unsure of herself to jump in, she decided to just observe for a while, and see how the thing worked. While the conversation was sexy, it seemed that everyone kept the tone light, and not in the least bit vulgar. After about ten minutes, Sarah saw a message on the screen, “newgirl, want to chat?” Sarah hesitated a second, hit private, and then type, “Sure, bigirl, let’s chat!”
From bg, “How old are U? I’m 28.” From ng, “I’m 31 and from Chicago, where are you from?” From bg, “Dallas, Texas. I’m 5’6″, 125 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, 34c-25-36. And U?” From ng, “I’m 5’7″, 38d-27-37, 135 lbs, and brunette.” From bg, “Mmmmmm, sound very nice, are you married?” From ng, “Nope, never have been. Haven’t been with a man in over two years. What about you, married?” From bg, “Yeah, for five years. Nice guy.” From ng, “Does he know that you’re bi?” From bg, “He knows that I had a relationship in college, but not about now! Do you have a girl friend?” From ng, “A semi permanent one, we have separate apartments, but see each other almost everyday.” By now Sarah was getting into the swing of things. “This isn’t so hard after all,” she thought, as she contemplated her next question. From ng, “What about you, got a g-friend?” From bg, “I wish, only dream about it! You’re lucky you have one! What’s she like?” From ng, “She’s tall, slim, and blonde, she’s got a model’s body. Nice and lean, looks good in anything! I’m so jealous of her!” From bg, “Mmmm, she sounds very nice! Do you live together?” From ng, “No, we have separate apartments, but we seem to always stay together in one or the other. Nice to have some space tho!” From bg, “Yeah, sometimes ya need to be by yourself. By the way, what are you wearing?” From ng, “A terry cloth robe. And U?” From bg, “A long men’s tee shirt and panties. A white thong. Do you go braless much?” From ng, “Just around the apartment, my friend loves to see me jiggle! What about you?” From bg, “Yeah, quite a bit, my hubby loves to see me in a tight tee shirt, my nipples show thru. You have such a big chest, does your girl friend touch them much?” From ng, “All the time! She can’t keep her hands off of them! She’s always grabbing and touching them. She’s a real tit lover!” From bg, “I would be too if I was around those two monsters! Does she suck them a lot?” From ng, “When ever she can! She’s insatiable! Is your husband a good fuck?” From bg, “Very! He loves sex, so we have it almost every day!” From ng, “Do you suck him off?” from bg, “Of course, silly! He loves to cum in my mouth, and he returns the favor!” From ng, “Is he big?” From bg, “He’s about six feet tall and 195lbs.” From ng, “Not his body, his cock!!!!” From bg, “Ohhhhh, yes he is, about eight inches long and very thick. He really fills me up!”

From ng “I just love being naked around other women, don’t you?” From bg, “God yes, at the gym, I love looking at the naked bodies. Surreptitiously of course! Saw a young one the other day that must have been 38dd, almost creamed right there!” From ng, “It’s nice having a girl around, my friend has an unbelievable pussy! Fine thin blonde hair, but real puffy lips! Here clit sticks out when she is turned on! {Most of the time!!!!} I just love to go down on her and slide my tongue up and down her crack!” From bg, “Mmmmmm, sounds so yummy, does she return the favor?” From ng, “Yeah, she does! Good at it too! A real cunt lapper! Are you trying to find a girl friend?” From bg, “Well, it’s not too easy. I don’t really know anyone.” From ng, “Try a les bar, I know a girl who went into one up here in Chicago, and within an hour she was having her pussy eaten in the john!!!” From bg, “Wow!! Unreal!! I don’t know if I could do that! Maybe to just meet someone tho……” From ng, “Yeah, that’s the idea, go in with the plan just to make a contact or two. Who knows where it will lead to!?!”

From bg, “Is your friend there now?” From ng, “No, she’s out of town for a few days. Be home day after tomorrow.” From bg, “What do you usually do with her?” From ng, “You mean in bed?” From bg, “Yeah.” From ng, “All the usual stuff, you know, tit sucking, pussy eating, fingering, etc. We do one other thing a little out of the ordinary.” From bg, “Tell me!!!” From ng, “Well, we have a large strapon cock we take turns using on each other! It’s ten inches long and very thick!” From bg, “Jesus, that’s huge! Do you really fuck each other with it!?!” From ng, “Oh yeah, it’s unbelievable!!! My friend has a very small tight pussy, when I put that monster against her hole, you should see her face! She doesn’t want it, cuz it’s so big, but she can’t help herself, and begs me to put it in her!” From bg, “I’m getting very wet! Does she cum hard?” From ng, “She always cums when it finally pokes into her! I go slow so not to hurt her. After I get started, she begs for me to bury it! I love seeing that big cock stretch that little slit! She is such a cock hound for me!!!” From bg, “God, you two are so hot! Are you touching yourself yet?!?” From ng, “A long time ago, hon! My nipples are hard and my slit is sopping wet! What about U?” From bg, “I’m really close! Thinking about that big cock in that little pussy…..” From ng, “You got to get a girl! You need it bad, I can tell!” From bg, “I hope to, I need a girl to put her mouth on my cunt!! Oh god, oh god……” From ng, “You sound so slutty!!! You naughty girl!!! Can’t keep your hands off your pussy!!!!” From bg, “You’re driving me wild, I can’t hold back much longer……cunt starting to shudder!!!” From ng, “Trying to type with one hand! Cunt slick as butter. Chair getting sopped! Cunt losing control!!!!” From bg, “I’m going over the edge! Cumminggggggg!!” From ng, “Me tooo!! Cunt exploding!!! Can’t hold back!! It’s over!!!!”

From bg, “Wow!! I am wrecked!! You are so hot!!” From ng, “You too, honey! Never thought I could cum that hard without my friend!” From bg, “Hope we can get together again sometime!” From ng, “Yeah, me too! Seeya!” From bg, “So long!” bigirl has logged off. newgirl has logged off.

Surrogate Attacker

It was driving Julie Morgan crazy! She couldn’t seem to have an orgasm without first imagining herself being viciously raped by an unknown attacker. She had read all the books on female arousal, and even though they all repeated the mantra that just because you fantasize about something, doesn’t mean that you really want to go through with the said fantasy! This was all well and good in theory, but for Julie it was becoming almost an obsession! When she first started having sex at eighteen, her orgasms were directed to her boyfriend, but as the years passed by, more and more she had to have this picture in her mind of he being forced to perform the most intimate acts on a total stranger. In most of her fantasies her assailant was black or Hispanic with a huge erection. She couldn’t figure out it’s significance, but she was worried enough to contemplate seeing a “shrink” about her problem!
Julie hated the thought of talking about her “problem” with a stranger, but she felt she had no choice. Letting her fingers do the walking, she found the number of several doctors who specialized in dysfunctional sexual obsessions. After calling them and briefly speaking to the each physician, she decided to make and appointment with Dr. Margaret Kohler. Even over the phone, it was apparent that Dr. Kohler had a very empathetic way about her. Her voice was smooth and reassuring without being too syrupy. Julie got the feeling that maybe Dr.Kohler could finally give her an answer, or at least and explanation for her problem. So with a little trepidation she made the appointment for the following Wednesday at 4:00pm.

Margaret Kohler’s office was located on the tenth floor of the Murrow Medical Building, and while the waiting room was rather small, Julie attributed that to the fact that unlike a medical doctor, a psychiatrist didn’t have a lot of emergency patients, and could keep the sessions more or less to the proscribed times. An attractive receptionist was seated at a small desk outside a door that lead to the inner offices. Julie approached her and was greeted with, “Oh, you must be Julie Morgan, fill out these forms and the doctor will see you in about fifteen minutes, she is finishing up with another patient.” Julie took the stack of papers from the receptionist and sat down to complete them. There were the usual insurance forms that she quickly disposed of, but the personal history questionnaire, that was another matter. The questions became increasingly direct when it came to describing her particular problem. Spending most of fifteen minutes on it, Julie finally put down her pen and waited for the doctor.

Doctor Margaret Kohler wasn’t anything like Julie had imagined. She was tall and slim, and much younger than Julie was expecting her to be. Dr. Kohler introduced herself and asked Julie to sit down in the padded chair in front of her large wooden desk. The doctor sat down and spent a couple of minutes reviewing the personal history form information that Julie had given her until finally looking up and saying, “Is this a pretty accurate account of the problem you’re having during sexual activity?” Julie nodded, and added, “The thing is, it seems to be getting worse, I can’t seem to have an orgasm without the thoughts and images of me being brutally raped, it used to be what I thought was a passing fantasy but now it dominates my whole sex life!” “Have you talked it over with your boy friend,” asked the doctor? “No, I’m afraid he wouldn’t understand what I was feeling and take it as an affront on his manhood,” she answered, “there’s no way that I can tell him!” “Tell me then,” continued the doctor, “are your orgasms satisfactory when you have these fantasies about being raped?” “God yes,” exclaimed Julie, “they are the most fantasticI have ever had in my life, nothing my boyfriend could do to me could ever approach the high I get from thinking about being taken forcibly.” “Do you think that you really want to be raped,” asked Doctor Kohler? “I don’t know,” answered Julie, “that’s what worries me the most, I’m afraid that I might consciously or unconsciously put my self in a position where I may get hurt trying to satisfy my own curiosity.”

The doctor leaned back in her chair and seemed to day dream for a couple of seconds, then asked Julie, “If you could satisfy your desire of being raped in a safe way, would you consider it?” Julie thought about it for a moment or two and then answered, “If it was guaranteed safe, yeah, I would try it.” “Well,” continued the doctor, “we have a way of satisfying your curiosity without putting you in any kind of danger, have you ever heard of a surrogate?!?” “You mean like surrogate mothers, that sort of thing,” answered Julie? “No, not like that,” said the doctor, “what we have here at the clinic are trained sexual technicians, or surrogates, who can play just about any role you throw at them, in your case, the role would be one of an attacking rapist, with the main difference between this and the real thing, however, is that you can stop the session at anytime.” “What we have found is, that after a person actually experiences their ultimate sexual fantasy, it isn’t a fantasy anymore, and the excitement quickly wears off, and I think that you are a prime candidate for this type of treatment,” added the doctor. It had never entered Julie’s mind to actually try it, so she wasn’t exactly prepared to answer without some thought. The doctor, realizing her anguish said, “You don’t have to make a decision right now, but think about it, I believe that this type of therapy go a long way in solving your problem.” Julie then asked, “Who would do something like this?” The doctor reached into her desk drawer and pulled out a two inch thick loose leaf binder. Opening it up, she showed Julie the pictures of hundreds of men, of all different races, ages, and sizes. “I think that we can find someone in here who would fit your idea of a mad rapist,” intoned Dr. Kohler! Julie, now looking intently at the pictures in front of her, stopped when she came to the photo of a thrityish looking black man. “What about him,” asked Julie, pointing to the picture? Dr. Kohler removed the picture and checked the information printed on the back. “This is a thirty four year old black male, six feet tall, and two hundred pounds,” she answered, “yes, I think he would do nicely!” “How do we go about doing this,” asked a slightly nervous Julie, “would it be here at your office?” “Oh no,” replied Dr. Kohler, “this too much of a controlled environment, it has to be out in the city somewhere, to make it realistic enough to have the desired affect.” “What happens if I get to afraid and want him to stop,” Julie asked? “We’ll give you a “safe” word, a word that you can use at anytime to stop the whole program, so if for example your safe word was “needle”, all you would have to do is say that word and your surrogate would stop immediately, it’s that easy!” “When would it happen,” questioned Julie? “We can’t tell you when or where, but I can tell you that it will be sometime in the next two weeks,” replied the doctor. “Do you want to go ahead with the treatment,” asked the doctor? “Yes, yes I do,” responded Julie, “set it up, I want to do it!”

For the next few days Julie gave every black man she met and extra look. She wasn’t even sure anymore of what her surrogate looked like, after all she only had a few seconds look at his picture! After four days without so much as a hint of contact, she called Dr. Kohler’s office to make sure all the arrangements had been made, she was assured that everything was set up and that her surrogate had been given his assignment. She decided that it wasn’t doing her any good to dwell on the subject, so she tried to keep it out of her mind and think about other things. When she arrived home from work that evening the lobby of her building was empty of people, but this wasn’t unusual because there were only twenty five units, and most of the tenets were young people who had jobs and spent a lot of time away from the building. Getting on the elevator to take her to the third floor, Julie was startled when from out of nowhere a man slipped into the elevator behind her. Before she could turn around and get a good look at him, he had one arm around her waist and a knife at her throat! Even though she knew that this man was there to fulfill her fantasy, she was none the less terrified! In a low harsh whisper he said, “One false move or a sound of any kind and I cut you, got it!?!” Julie nodded her head and tried not to make any unnecessary movements. “Push your floor number,” he ordered! Julie pressed the button to the third floor, and they both waited in silence as the elevator slowly traveled up to three. When they got there and the doors opened, he captor told her to walk to her apartment and unlock it, also reminding her again that any sound would result in a slit throat! Julie fumbled for her keys, almost dropping the to the carpet, and with shaky hand unlocked her apartment door. The door swung open and she was shoved violently inside, so hard in fact that she fell down! He quickly shut the door behind him, and grabbed Julie by the hair and pulled her to her feet. “In here,” he ordered her, pushing her into the living room. By now Julie had gotten a good look at his face, and she couldn’t tell if he looked like his picture or not, however, he definitely looked meaner that his photo! “Sit down,” he said, pointing to the wooden rocking chair her mother had given to her as a house warming present, while reaching into his pocket, he produced a roll of duct tape, and proceeded to tape her wrists to arm rests on the chair. He did the same to her ankles, taping them to the front chair legs, and then taking a small piece and putting it over her mouth. When he felt she was totally immobilized, he took a stroll around the apartment, and although she was still afraid, Julie was getting a little used to his presence, and relaxed a little bit. The feeling of his large powerful hands had made Julie’s vagina begin to dampen, and incredibly she was feeling was almost exactly the same feeling her fantasy gave her! When he returned to the living room, he was carrying a bottle of beer and a sandwich, which he had made in the kitchen. “Hope you don’t mind if I borrow some food,” he laughed, and then took a long drink from the beer bottle. He sat down on the couch to finish his snack, looking at Julie as he ate.

As he was finishing, he ask her, “Hey bitch, you ever get fucked by a brother?” Just hearing him ask that question made Julie give out a soft moan, as her cunt was now sloppy wet and desire was welling up in her crotch! Getting up from his seat, he walked over to her and pulled the tape off her mouth, burning the skin where it had been attached. Again flashing the knife, warning her not to make a sound, and with his other hand he unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis. Julie was transfixed as she stared at the huge black dick only inches from her face, and although it was only semi hard, it was bigger than any cock she had ever seen! Large veins ran the length of a shaft that was dominated by a head that looked to be the size of a pool ball! Even in her most exciting fantasies, she never imagined a cock as magnificent as this! He move a little closer until she could feel the heat coming off the big pecker, a little closer yet and her lips brushed against the beautiful head. He pushed a little more and she let the head into her mouth! “Jesus,” she thought, “I’m gonna cum from just from giving him head!” Her pussy was now a jumble of jangled nerves, and with her legs taped apart, she couldn’t get any pressure on her clit, and it was driving her crazy with lust! The shiny black organ was now at full erection, and it was so large that she had trouble getting much past the head into her mouth. Taking his knife, he cut the tape on both wrists, and then leaned over and unhooked her ankles. Pulling his cock out her mouth, he grabbed her by the hair and jerked her to her feet and demanded, “All your clothes off, NOW!!!” Shaking with lust, Julie quickly shed her clothing and stood naked in front of her intruder. “Nice tits,” he commented, as he looked her over carefully! Julie was sure he could see how wet her vulva bad become, but she brazenly posed for him with her legs partly spread anyway. She was brought back to her senses by the ringing of the telephone, she automatically reached for it on the end table, but he grabbed her arm and made a threatening gesture with his knife! She needed to answer, because she was expecting a call from her mother, and if she didn’t pick up, she might come over to check on her. After hearing her explanation, he said, “Okay, answer it, but if you slip up, I’ll cut you fucking throat!” Again he put the knife to her neck, and then motioned for her to pick it up. Julie picked up the phone and what she heard on the other end of the line made her blood run cold with fear, no, make that terror! It was Dr. Kohler’s office, and they were calling to inform her that the surrogate she had chosen had broken his leg and she was to come in and select another one. Putting the phone down after saying okay, Julie began to shake all over, she actually thought she would become physically ill! Her intruder removed the knife from her throat, and Julie slowly turned to look him over more carefully. His big penis still sticking out obscenely from his unzipped fly, now seemed much more menacing than it had only a few minutes before. “Gonna fuck you now bitch,” he said, grabbing her by the arm, dragging her into the bedroom, and throwing her onto the bed. Her mind was now spinning completely out of control as he unsnapped his pants and kicked them off, leaving him naked from the waist down. He had very muscular legs and buttocks, and his penis pointed straight at her as she lay helplessly before him, and while still holding the knife in his hand, he slid on top of her, crushing his chest onto her breasts. She could smell alcohol on his breath, and he had terrible body odor, and as her nostrils were filled by these nauseating aromas, she felt tinges of vomit in her throat. “Open your legs, bitch, daddy’s gonna fuck his little while slut!” With the knife pressed against her throat, she either complied or died, so she slowly spread her pretty thighs, and waited for the him to take her. “You put it in cunt,” he ordered! Tears were now welling up in her eyes, but she reached her hand down and took a hold of the rock hard erection and guided it to her cunt lips. “P-please don’t hurt me,” she pleaded, now realizing that there was a very good chance that she might be badly hurt, or worse!

Gently working the head into her slit, her eyes rolled back into her head as he plunged all the way in with one quick jab! With her throat tightening, and her lips becoming dry, her vagina responded to the massive invasion with a huge orgasm! A loud moan escaped her lips, and he laughed and said, “Can’t get enough black meat, can you, you little fucking slut!?!? Her moan seemed to be a signal to him to start jamming her helpless pussy with his black fuck pole, and not being able to control herself, she wrapped her legs around his back and began meeting him thrust for thrust!!! Her positive response drove him into a frenzy while he bored his penis in and out of her cunt until they both exploded in a simultaneous orgasm! When he pulled out his prick, it caused her cunt to to spasm one last time, but she was now totally spent and lay in a heap on the bed as he got dressed. “Where’s your purse,” he asked, as he buckled his belt. “In the living room on the couch,” she replied. He left the room and returned a few seconds later, going through her open pocket book. Finding about two hundred in cash, he shoved it into his jacket, and then went for her credit cards. When he was ready to leave, he said, “Sorry, but I’ve gotta tie you up, I can’t take a chance on you calling the cops!” She started to protest, but he just ignored her and taped her hands behind her back and her ankles tightly together. He placed one last piece across her mouth, and headed to the door. He stopped, came back to the bed, and ripped the phone cord out of the wall. “There,” he said, “I’ll leave the phone in the living room hooked up, if you can get the tape off your mouth, you might be able to slide out and call for help!” Then in a flash she was alone in her apartment, as she heard the front door open and close, and the sound of steps going down the hall towards the elevator.

It took about three hours for Julie to free herself, but instead of calling the police she called Dr. Kohler’s answering service and left a message for the doctor to get in touch with her as soon as possible. Sitting down with a glass of wine, she sat by the phone and waited. Ten minutes later it rang, and she was speaking to the doctor. She poured out her story, leaving nothing out, and then waited to hear what the doctor had to say about all of this. “Julie,” the doctor began, “when you thought that the intruder was a surrogate, were you really afraid, I mean, did you fear for your life?” Julie answered, “Well at first I was, but then I slowly realized that I wasn’t in any real danger, and no, I guess I wasn’t really afraid until I received the call from your office.” “That’s right,” continued Dr. Kohler, “it’s impossible to induce the kind of fear you were experiencing in your fantasies if you knew that there was no real danger, so for that reason we called to make you think that you were really with a real attacker!” “I believe that now when you come in for your follow up session, we’ll have something to really talk about!” Julie stared into the phone and was momentarily dumbfounded when she heard the doctor’s story. Finally hanging up, she still didn’t know if she was repulsed or not by being the target of a rapist!

Later that night in bed, she was still a bundle of nerves because of had what she had gone through earlier that evening but her hand drifted down to her pussy and began stroking her hardening clit while her mind began to drift as her finger rubbed the hard little nub. Without even being aware of it, her thoughts turned to the big black penis that had so taken care of her pussy, and as her orgasm flooded her cunt her only thought was on the knife and penis, she knew instantly that this is what she truly wanted–and it wasn’t a problem at all!!!