Babysitter Stripper

It took a long time to find a babysitter for my infant child, but when my wife called one day to say she had found the perfect girl, I was thrilled that we’d finally be able to go out once again. My wife was beautiful, she had nice D cup breasts and a delicious body, but our sex life had been sapped by the arrival of a baby. At 25 we were both overwhelmed by the responsibilities of children and careers and we hadn’t had much time for each other.

Our first date in a year occurred a week later when we went out to a movie and dinner. The babysitter was a stunningly beautiful 18 year old named Victoria, who was getting ready to attend college the next year. Victoria was every man’s fantasy, a chirpy, big –breasted, thin girl with a gorgeous face and long, Italian brunette hair. The first time I saw her I nearly had an instant erection. My wife had found her through a co-worker, apparently she was an in-demand babysitter, and at least from my perspective, I could see why. She arrived in a short black skirt and a low cut top, and after making arrangements with my wife we both left her to sit with the kid. At the movie and dinner I enjoyed my alone time with my wife, but Victoria stayed in my mind. That night, my wife drove Victoria home, and I jerked off while she was gone.(to my disappointment). When my wife got home I threw her into bed and make passionate love to her, but again Victoria was nagging me with thoughts of her sumptuous body.

Over the next several months Victoria babysat for us about every two weeks, and the routine continued. I gradually got to know her through our short, two minute encounters. One night, my wife drank too much wine and asked me to take Victoria home instead. I obliged, and realizing I needed to write Victoria a check for her work, I quickly sat down at the kitchen table and opened the checkbook. As I was writing Victoria walked by, accidentally dropping some of her makeup on the floor. I couldn’t help but stare as she bent over to pick it up, giving me a view to die for. Her pleated skirt was just the right length, rising just high enough to give me a peak of a sexy black thong. I had an instant hard-on, and suddenly she caught my gaze and blushed. I continued writing, but we both knew that I had been looking and enjoying the view.

I drove her home after her little bending over incident, but she seemed extra interested in me in a way that she hadn’t happened before. She laughed at my mini-jokes that weren’t funny, she smiled at me, and I swear that she pressed those sexy breasts together just to give me a view as she sat in the passenger seat. In the weeks that followed the flirting continued, I even caught one glare from my wife, but I figured it was just playful fun. About eight weeks after my gaze, I drove Victoria home again. This time Victoria started asking about the health of my marriage and my sex life. I told her that I loved my wife, but our sex life was a bit boring. She said that was too bad, and then she told me about her sex life. Apparently she had a boyfriend who had gotten pretty serious, and the implicit message was that she wasn’t a virgin. They had a hard breakup three months back, and now Victoria was out on the prowl, looking for a decent man. She finished her story as we pulled up to her house, and I said “Ok, See ya next time.” As she got out, she smiled, her red bra was visible all the way around her low cut tank top, and she climbed out of the car. This time though, she gave me a deliberate view of her red panties. They were see through boy shorts that hugged her beautiful ass, and I nearly burst in my pants. We smiled at each other as she walked away; I rushed home to masturbate and fuck my wife.

The Strip Club

The last night with Victoria had left me terribly horny all the time, and when my wife left for a business trip the next weekend, I decided to hit the strip club and maybe satisfy my desires. I sat in the back for most of the night, watching the hot girls strip away, but Victoria wouldn’t leave my mind. I had gotten one ripoff of a lap dance, and I was about to leave when a beautiful brunette walked to the stage. Thinking that I could fantasize about Victoria by watching her, I went to sit down in front. As I sat down she turned around, she had the same proportions of Victoria and the same beautiful hair. She turned from putting her nighty down and I suddenly realized that it was Victoria! I had wondered how she afforded the designer clothes and purses that I saw her wear each night, and I realized that babysitting wasn’t the only thing she did.

Victoria was wearing a gorgeous black bra- and panty set, a thong with a little bit of jewelry connecting everything. Victoria jumped on the pole and started twirling around. I was nervous that she’d see me, and I nearly ran away, but my desire to see her body was too great. I wasn’t the only guy drooling over her at the front, and paid attention to the others for most of the dance. Just at the end, she stood in front of me, bent over and gave me a great view of her thong covered pussy. She smiled and leaned over to me on her knees, her gorgeous D cups hanging right in front of me. Just then, she realized who I was. She looked surprised, but she quickly grinned and gave me mischievous smile.

“Hi” she softly said.

I said “good evening Victoria,” trying to maintain my composure. I wasn’t sure if I should be embarassed for being there, or she should for being a part-time stripper.

She shyly asked, “would you like a private dance?” and she obviously wanted me to say yes.

I responded sure, and she soon came off the stage. She led me to the back where the lap dances where, but she took me to the private area where you usually had to pay more. I started to get out some money, but she quickly said “this one’s on the house.”

I sat on the couch, and without saying a word, she sat on my lap. She was still wearing the sexy black thong and bra she had earlier striped off, and soon she began grinding into me. She pressed my head into her chest, her nipples were already falling out of the bra. My hard on was tenting my pants, and she gave out a slight moan as she ground her panties against it.

Like a pro, she brought one hand up and undid her front-clasping bra without a hitch. Her gorgeous breasts spilled out, bouncing right in front of my face. She smiled and pushed her nipples against my lips. After licking them, I whispered too her “I want you so bad Victoria, I want to fuck you so much.” She leaned into my ear and said, “I need this cock too”

She continued to grind into me, and the moans started to increase in frequency. She then stood up, turned around, and bent over, giving a perfect view of her sweet lips. She slowly pulled down the thong as I rubbed my cock through my jeans. I made it stand up for her as high as it could in the restrictive environment, and she smiled as she backed up. She sat on my cock, facing away from me, and started rolled the pole against her pussy. Her moans became louder and louder, and soon she was obviously trying to get off. She took my hand and placed it on her breast, and she asked me to touch her nipples. I obliged, and soon her hands were rubbing against my jean-covered cock. She glanced over to the open entry way, turned around and decided to go for it. She unzipped my pants and freed my dick, and her smile lit up when she saw my eight inches. She whispered that she had never had a man bigger than 6, and she quickly gave it a suck. She got my head all wet with her spit, and she stood up and sat on me again. She rubbed my dick between her legs and asked me, “Are you ready to fuck this tight pussy?”

“Oh yes please baby” I gasped back.

Then, in one move, she took my dick and plunged it in her hole. She was so warm and wet I couldn’t believe it. She gasped with delight as she started moving it around in her pussy. I told her to rub her clit while I squeezed her nipples, and with her free hand she started to cup my balls. She bounced up and down and whispered in my ear, “We have to be quick or I’ll get fired,” and with that, I grabbed her and gave her about 15 long, hard and quick thrusts before she exploded in orgasm. My cock moved all the way in and out of her sweet, wet pussy, and with each thrust she gave out a sexy moan. She tensed her pussy told begged me to cum in her, and I quickly exploded all over her insides. She giggled as an enormous amount of cum shot into her, and she looked at me with that mischievous smile and said I sure had a lot of cum. She sat up, and as my dick fell out of her she whimpered. I quickly put it away, and she sat back down on me grinding against me and whispered dirty thoughts for another half hour. I told her how great she was and asked her what time she got off, and perhaps she’d like to come over later for a little more fun.

She said sure, but she didn’t get off until four am, but she’d love to come by tomorrow. With that, we agreed on our plans and I got up to leave. I gave her a peck, and she whispered to me:

“By the way, maybe you could put that big cock in my ass tomorrow, if your ok with that?”

She grabbed my dick again. “I really need someone to fuck me hard back there”

You bet, and I gave her one last squeeze. We smiled as I began to fantasize about the next day.

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