Vanilla Cream Donut

Julie knocked on the door as if not wanting to break it. This was somewhat pointless as she was the only person left in the donut shop. She and the person on the other side of the door, that is. “Come on in,” the person’s voice rang out. Julie opened the door and walked in, […]

Rachels Cocktail Party

Rachel sat at her dresser, putting the finishing touches to her make up and admiring herself in the mirror. Her husband, Edward had told her he was bringing three of his colleagues back from work for cocktails and snacks in the early evening and she was making sure she looked her best for this Cocktail […]

The Office Slut

The office he showed them into was large and airy, having big plate-glass windows on two sides. It was near the top of the twenty-storey building and had spectacular views over London; on a fine morning like this the Thames gleamed through the landscape like a silver serpent, distance and the sun lending it a […]