Costume Party

I stood in front of my full-length mirror, admiring my costume. In the end, I wasn’t sure if I was some sort of sexy comic book hero or a Roman slave. While not see through, the shimmering white costume revealed plenty of flesh. My shoulders, back and arms were bare, the cloth coming up the front and wrapping around my throat. The length barely went past my ass cheeks. Only one leg was covered with a deep purple thigh stocking. I added a metal like garter, a wide belt and a short length gold chain with a large rectangular medallion. Bangles adorned one wrist.

I had been trying to look like a “hentai” hero and I ended up very, very seductive looking.

“I’m going with it!” I exclaimed to my image.

The party was great! I received lots of attention, from both sexes and as I had come alone, I didn’t have to worry about a jealous date. Mind you, I had plenty of “dagger” eyes cast my way.

Unfortunately, I enjoyed myself too much and soon found myself way too intoxicated. When I found a quiet place downstairs to collect my buzzing thoughts, I slide sideways on the couch and fell asleep.

“Go away.” I mumbled. Someone was trying to wake me up. How long had I been asleep? I went to say “Quit it!” but I couldn’t. Instead, I my mouth was suddenly spread apart and the corners of my lips pulled back.

I was being gagged!

My eyes flew open but I was facing down, against the pillow. I went to turn my head but my hair was yanked back and a blindfold covered my eyes before I could see who was attacking me. Time to struggle!

Oh my God, I could move my hands! They were behind me, tied at the wrist by something soft but not giving. I began to thrash about but a knee came down on my back painfully, hands gripped my shoulders and legs. Oh no; there was more than one!

“Be still and you won’t get hurt. Try to fight us and…” the threat was left unsaid but all the fingers dug into my skin and I whimpered into my gag.

“We’ve watched you all night slut.”

Slut? Oh oh.

“Teasing and parading around. Showing us just a little and then refusing our advances.”

Ah, someone who had hit on me, maybe I could identify them. I quickly tried to think about whom I had met and refused and the faces became blurs from a memory influenced by alcohol and I realized, there had been A LOT that I teased.

“And we know you came alone.” Filthy fingers were beginning to explore me, sliding over my costume, between the fabric and my skin. I whined into the gag stretched across my mouth.

“Oh baby, you are beautiful. Just feel these melons.”

Hands left the exploring of my legs and ass to join their partner at my breasts, pinching the nipples there, and weighing my mounds.

“Oh yeah! I want to cum all over those!” Fingers began to unfasten the hooks at the back of my neck. “Sit her up.” I was pulled to a sitting position, my hands painfully pinned behind me, the top now falling down around my waist. “Big nipples!”

They were pinched and rolled and I gasped when one of them put their mouth on the right nipple, sucking and licking. I pinched my legs tight together. “Oh no, slut, don’t do that.” Strong hands pried me apart. “I thought we said to be nice to us?” My left nipple was pinched VERY hard and I cried out, or at least I tried. “Resist again and it will be worse whore.”

Oh God, Oh God, I was in so much trouble!

The crotch of my costume was rubbed hard, molding the fabric to my cunt. “Oh, you like it baby, don’t you?” I shook my head, trying to say please don’t. “Please? You want more? Sure baby!” and the fingers pushed harder, nearly penetrating my hole with my own costume.

“Shit! How does this costume come off?”

The belt around my waist was taken off. I was held up and my costume pushed down over my hips, thighs and pooled at my ankles. I was sat back down on the couch, now naked. My legs pried open again. “Oh, look at this! The bitch keeps her cunt nicely trimmed!”

Shit! Now two hands were exploring the same area. ‘Small clit though.” And I whimpered as he massaged my tiny bud, almost painful without proper foreplay. “Ah, your wet! You fucking whore, you like this, don’t you?’

Wet? No, I couldn’t be! I concentrated my thoughts down there and I moaned when I realized they were right. I was damp. No, no no!

Two fingers found their way into my snatch and strong muscles pushed them deep. I groaned. I was finger fucked while the other guy played and slapped my hanging breasts. I heard a zipper and I tried to beg again. The warm head of a cock was slid across my face and I jerked away. He laughed.

“I got to have some of this!”

I was dragged off the couch, turned and my chest, shoulders, and head were pushed down onto the couch. My legs were forced apart and another sound of a zipper followed. There was no delay. I was entered forcefully, the air catching in my lungs.

He began pounding into my snatch, his fingers digging into my ass. It hurt. “Yeah, yeah, give it to her! Fuck her!”

One hand slid off my ass and around between my legs. He stopped his thrusting for a minute in order to roughly massage my clit and to feel himself in my cunt. He let go and hammered even faster than before, grunting and digging into me. He came deep inside me.

“Yeah baby!” called the other guy. I hated that saying.

He pulled out of me. Sounded like the changed places. “Oh fuck man, what a mess! I don’t want to screw that!”

“Well, don’t. There’s another hole.”

I began to fight again.

“Oh no!” Slam! Slam! Two on my bare ass, hard, stinging blows.

The cock head was pushed against my anus. I puckered up.

Slam! “Don’t do that bitch!”

I tried to relax. He must have applied some of his friend’s lubricant because he pushed in a little easier. “Oh fuck man, she ain’t no ass virgin! Are you whore?”

In and out in short bursts, deeper each time. Please don’t, I thought to myself. But I wasn’t talking to them, I was talking to myself, Because I was…I was… I was getting aroused. Stay still, stay still.

“Oh fuck, she pushed back! You want me deep don’t you?”

He was right. I had pushed back. Oh what the hell! I pushed again, a small wiggle.

“Oh shit! She likes it!”

The guy who had already fucked me spoke up, “If you promise to be a good girl, I’ll take the gag off.”

I nodded yes. The gag was removed and I gulped in some air, and let out a moan.

“Tell us you like it slut.”

“I like it.”


“I like it, fuck me please, fuck me.”

He increased his rhythm, coming up onto his feet, knees bent around my side and used his weight to bury deeper into me. I let him know that I loved it!

“Turn her around, turn her around!”

Together, they helped me slide off the couch and down onto my hands and knees without giving up his position. Just moving like that caused some incredible feelings in my ass. And when the cock was offered to my mouth, I took it in eagerly. I could taste myself still on it. He was bulging again and I figured it would take some effort to get him to cum again after emptying into my snatch.

They fucked me like that for what seemed ages. And me, still unable to see whom they were. And you know what? I didn’t want to know. I didn’t want to be disappointed and I was very excited just thinking about two strangers having their way with me.

As the guy in my ass announced he was going to blow, I actually stopped holding myself up on my hands. One went around the cock I had been sucking and I masturbated him fast and hard. I was pleased when he gasped. My other hand went down between my legs and massaged my now throbbing clit.

It seemed to me we all came at the same time but that only happened in cheesy stories, didn’t it? I didn’t care, I was happy, happy, happy drinking down jism and having my ass pumped at the same time. Combined fluid dripped down off my cunt and fingers.

“We got to go bitch. Thanks.” One guy said.

“Maybe you won’t be so rude next time.”

Some lesson. I was thinking I should be rude more often if I was going to be TREATED this way!

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