Flashing The Plumber

Jake and Cindy Harrison had awoken feeling sexy. For Cindy, this was not an unusually occurrence. At twenty-eight years old she felt at the peak of her sexuality and was most certainly not going to waste the opportunity of her older husband feeling the same way. During the night the t-shirt that she habitually wore to bed had ridden up. She also wore an old pair of black panties and she could already feel a significant damp patch forming at the crotch. Brushing her long blonde hair back from her pretty face she pulled the bedcovers back, her fingers quickly fumbling at her husband’s groin. She sighed as she freed his hard but modestly sized penis. Really she wanted more but she was feeling far too horny to mind that now. Opening her mouth she lowered her head and took him between her lips.

Jake Harrison sighed deeply as his wife fellated him. Not normally an extremely sexual person, he had been a little surprised at his own ardour that morning. But Cindy gave a great blowjob – that could not be denied – and as her head bobbed delightfully up and down on his cock he could feel the pressure already beginning to rise in his balls. It had only been a few minutes but it had been worth it and, with a groan of sexual gratification, Jake raised his hips and ejaculated into his wife’s mouth.

“Sorry, sweetheart.” Jake said weakly as he watched his unsatisfied wife rise from the bed and prepare to dress. “It just happened too quickly.”

“Hmmm. Oh, that’s okay.”

Jake knew it wasn’t okay at all. But his moment had passed. He knew that there was no way he would be able to do anything now for Cindy.

“Sorry.” He mumbled again quietly.

For a moment, Cindy was silent, gazing absently out of the window as the morning sun filled the room.

“What time did you tell the plumber to call?” She suddenly asked.

“Ten-thirty. Why?”

“Well he’s here now and it’s only just after nine. He’s sitting on the wall smoking a cigarette.”

Cindy smiled. A sudden wicked thought had just crossed her mind. She pulled back from the window sharply and turned to face her husband.

“Why don’t I flash him?”

“What?” Jake replied. The confusion on his face was clear.

“You know. Flash my tits at him! He’s not seen me yet, I could pretend that I didn’t know he was there!”

Jake could see the way that his wife’s firm breasts rose and fell beneath her shirt as she breathed. She was still quite obviously in a state of great excitement – his fault, he knew – would it really do any harm to let her flash her tits at another man?

“Sure, why not!” Jake smiled. He felt it was the least he owed her.

Dale West sat with his back to his van and drew the smoke from his Marlboro deep into his lungs. He looked at his watch again and then back at the house. He was too early for this job he knew, but the kids had been playing up this morning and his wife had been nagging him to take her shopping. Getting out of the house on the pretext of an urgent job seemed to be the best way out!

His eyes were drawn back to the house by a movement from the upstairs window. A woman – presumably the lady of the house – was at the window in a t-shirt. Dale was glad there was something going on. Maybe he could get this job finished early and get down to the bar in time for a lunchtime drink. But as he prepared to collect his tools from the van he noticed something that stopped him dead in his tracks. The woman had clearly not seen him yet and was peeling off her shirt as she stood in front of the window!

Dale held his breath and watched silently. She was younger than he had expected – maybe less than thirty – and had a fantastic pair of tits. He saw her hands go to her hair as she stretched luxuriantly causing her breasts to rise on her chest and, if he was not mistaken, he thought could make out the tell-tale shape of hard, angry nipples. He felt an instant erection develop in his jeans. He had to think quickly. He needed a plan. He wanted this woman badly!

Jake had been laughing as his wife had paraded her body in front of the window. Cindy had been telling him how the workman had seen her and had tried to hide himself so that he could get a good eye-full without being noticed. But the shrill tones of the doorbell had signalled the end of the game.

“I’ll let him in.” Cindy sighed. It was good while it had lasted, she thought. The problem was though; exposing herself to a stranger like that had just fuelled her fire even more. She threw on a robe over her semi-naked body and marched downstairs.

“Plumber?” Dale grunted with a sly smile as the blonde opened the door. He had come across women like this before; husband away all the time and feeling lonely. Exploitation was the name of the game here, and Dale was fully prepared to play.

The blonde stood back to allow him entry. As Dale passed there was a hint of a smile that passed between them; only for a split second, but it was definitely there.

“The machine is in the utility room.” He heard the woman call from behind him. “Through that door there.”

Dale found himself in a sparsely furnished utility room with a washing machine at one end.

“It just makes everything wet and then stops.” Cindy explained.

Dale saw her cute smile and grinned back. He had picked up on her play on words.

“That’s no good.” He said slowly. “Once things are all wet, you can’t stop there!”

For a moment there was silence between them and Dale thought his direct approach had failed. But then a wicked grin broke over the blonde woman’s face. Dale decided to go for broke.

“I don’t expect the clothes are the only things that get wet, are they? You looked like you really enjoyed showing me your tits!”

“I don’t know what you mean!” Cindy replied with mock astonishment.

“You liked showing me these, didn’t you?”

With a deft movement, Dale leaned forward and pulled the loose cord on Cindy’s robe. The garment flapped open to once again reveal her flushed breasts. Dale could see now that he had been right; the blonde’s nipples were hard and pointed. This woman was clearly in a state of some excitement and made no attempt to hide her modesty. He moved closer and felt the heat as his hands closed around the firm orbs.

Jake had been thinking. Lying on the bed and idly toying with his flaccid penis he realised that he had actually enjoyed the idea of Cindy showing off her body to another man. The notion had stirred something within him and, surprisingly, he could feel the onset of another erection. He had been waiting for his wife’s return, eager to see the look on her face when she realised that he wanted to make love to her properly. But Cindy was taking a long time downstairs and he was becoming frustrated. For a brief moment he wondered what she could be doing with the plumber. The idea that she might continue the exposure of her body was one that had only very slowly crept up on him. But the more he thought about it the more he realised that it was probably true. Cindy had been hot and horny and he had done nothing to help satisfy her. Wasn’t it only natural that she would want to continue with her game?

But as the idea of Cindy with another man began to filter through Jake’s mind, he found that, instead of becoming upset or annoyed, the notion was actually exciting him. His hand was now gripping a full erection that throbbed in his palm. He had to find out. He had to know the truth. Slowly he pulled on a robe and padded silently down the stairs.

Cindy could feel Dale’s body close behind her. The robe had dropped – along with any pretence of modesty that she had thought of keeping up – and she could feel the burly young man’s hands on her hips. Her eyes were closed, willing him to touch her, explore her further; excite her.

She didn’t have long to wait. Rough, calloused hands began to chaff her soft skin. Up her arms, around her throat and down over her breasts. She gasped as he squeezed her nipples and felt a tingle of excitement between her legs. Her own hands moved involuntarily to the front of her panties and felt the moisture there, gasping again as she slid her fingers inside the garment.

Dale felt Cindy’s nipples swell and throb under his touch. He smiled and kissed her long, swan-like neck as he teased the sensitive buds. His erection – now released from the confines of his jeans – pressed up against the lace material of her panties. He could feel her trembling and noticed that her hand was inside her panties. She was close to cumming, he knew that, and wanted a taste for himself.

“Get on the table baby.” He whispered into her ear. “I’m going to make sure you cum really hard!”

Jake had found exactly what he had expected to find. He watched through the window that let into the utility room from the kitchen and had a completely unobstructed view of what his wife and the plumber were doing. He was not disappointed.

His cock throbbed almost painfully as he watched Cindy climb up onto the table. Her legs swung upwards towards the young tradesman standing in front of her as he quickly pulled her panties – the last remaining vestige of her clothing – over her legs and bare feet and threw them onto the floor. Cindy’s legs fell open willingly. Jake could see she was breathing hard now and as the young man dropped his head between her legs and proceeded to lick her wet pussy she began moaning loudly.

The plumber was making a real feast of his task, lapping noisily at Cindy’s open vagina and tickling her anus with his finger. Cindy’s moans of ecstasy were steadily becoming louder until her voice quickly reached a fever pitch. Jake could see the brightly painted nail polish on her toes as they curled. Her bare feet beat like a drum on the man’s back. Suddenly he saw her back arch deeply. Her eyes were still closed. She came hard and fast clamping her thighs tightly around the workman’s head and holding him until the last tremors of her climax had eventually subsided.

“Come here, baby.” The young man murmured as he withdrew and stood by the table. “I got something that needs your attention!”

Jake looked on with his cock fierce and hard in his hand as Cindy crawled over the table to where the plumber was standing. His erect cock stood out hard and proud from his zipper. He was long and quite thick in the girth and Jake could see the look of abject hunger on his wife’s face as she gripped the shaft in her hand and guided the swollen, purple head between her lips.

“Goddamm you give great head!” Dale cried as his penis was literally swallowed whole. “Suck it, baby. Suck on Dale’s big cock!”

“Mmmmm, I love your big cock!” Cindy mumbled through a full mouth. “I love your big, juicy cock in my mouth!”

Jake stroked his own manhood in time with Dale’s bucking hips as he thrust himself into Cindy’s mouth over and over again. Each forward movement seemed to send his long shaft deeper into her throat and, after Jake’s earlier experience of the same, he knew how much the younger man must have been enjoying himself.

“Oh baby, yes! Deeper. Deeper. Get my cock all the way into your tight throat!”

Cindy’s voice was now completely muffled by the large appendage that she was so expertly devouring. Her throat contracted around his shaft and squeezed him forcefully. She loved to feel a man’s cock as it swelled. She loved to feel a BIG cock swell!

Jake was completely impressed by Dale’s stamina. He knew that he would have blown his load by this stage. The young man was holding Cindy’s head firmly between his hands and steadily pushing his inflamed meat into her throat; literally fucking her face. His Jeans were down over the rise of his muscular buttocks and Jake could see the man’s ass clench into tight, rippling buns as he forced himself deeper.

“Oh baby.” Dale muttered through clenched teeth. “I got to fuck that sweet cunt of yours before I cum! You want me inside you, honey?”

As Cindy moved back, the whole of Dale’s saliva streaked cock seemed to slide out of her throat and emerge wet and glistening beneath the bright fluorescent light. She gasped for breath and streaks of saliva mixed with masculine pre-cum dribbled onto her chin.

“Oh yes. Fuck me. Fuck me as hard as you can!” She gasped

Jake watched as, once again, Dale’s strong workman’s hands gripped his wife’s body and manoeuvred her into the desired position. With one of her feet firmly planted on the floor and the other spread out on top of the table, her vagina gaped in front of her young lover.

Jake saw the head of Dale’s weapon as it penetrated Cindy’s wet pussy. And felt his own cock twitch. He knew that if he wasn’t careful he was going to shoot his cum all over the kitchen floor.

Inch by wonderful inch Dale eased his hard cock into Cindy’s willing body. Jake had to cease his masturbation for a while and held his breath until the moment had passed. He was so surprised at how excited he had become watching his wife fuck another man.

Cindy suddenly cried out as Dale sank the last remaining inches deep into her pussy. His hands were on her buttocks squeezing and pulling her back onto him and, as she climaxed for the second time, Jake saw him snake a finger deep into her anus.

“Cum baby.” Dale cried as he humped himself back and forth. “Cum for Dale. Let me feel that tight little cunt of yours squeeze my dick!”

Jake was a little surprised at Dale’s use of such colourful language, but not as surprised as to how his wife reacted to it. Cindy was pushing herself backwards so that his cock rammed her pussy and his finger probed her ass.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. Fuck my cunt. Fuck me hard. I’m your slut. Your whore. I need your cock in my wet cunt! I want your finger in my ass!”

“You want it baby?”

“Yes I want it, you big bastard! I want your cock. I want your cum!”

Jake could see now that Dale was close to his own climax. The man was straining to keep control and Jake was almost willing him to pull out so that he could see him shoot.

As if hearing his silent plea, Dale spoke.

“I want to cum on your tits, my little slut! You like that?”

“Yes. Oh yes.” Cindy panted. The sweat was beading on her forehead and her dampened blonde hair covered her face. “Cum on my tits. Shoot your cum on your slut’s tits!”

With Cindy lying on her back and propped up on her elbows so she could see, Dale pulled his cock free and squeezed one of her hot, firm breasts. As his fingers sank into the warm flesh her nipple swelled and he rubbed the head of his cock against it; circling the tight bud and leaving a trail of sex fluid over the skin.

“I’m gonna cum!” He cried

Jake could see the head of Dale’s cock as it swelled to nearly twice its normal size and almost cried out as he watched the thick, white fluid shoot from the tip. He heard Dale groan loudly, his knees buckling slightly. His eyes were tight shut and the veins on the side of his neck bulged with effort.

No words were spoken between the couple after Dale had climaxed – there was very little, Jake realised, that needed to be said. His cock was still aching painfully but he was quite proud of himself for not having cum earlier. He made a mental note to practice his self-control more. The sensations that he was currently experiencing needed to be repeated much more often!

Jake watched the plumber dress and leave through the back door. Cindy was still lying naked and exhausted on the table, her vagina – or cunt, as Jake knew she now liked to use the word – was open and dilated. It looked well used and very wet.

“So you like to fuck the hired help, do you?” Jake asked as he strode into the utility room.

Cindy looked up from the table, almost too exhausted to raise her head.

“Don’t tell me you weren’t watching us.” She laughed. “Because I can see you’d be lying!”

Jake looked down. He had almost forgotten that his gown was gaping open and his solid erection sticking out. He laughed.

“Well, don’t you think it’s a shame to waste it?”

Cindy’s exhaustion was clearly not so complete as to refuse further sexual offers.

“I can’t believe it!” She said in mock surprise. “You cum in my mouth not two hours ago and you want to fuck me again? Well, how can I refuse my husband! I’m wet and ready for you baby!”

“Not this time, Cindy.” Jake laughed again. “I’m not going to put it in your pussy – or should I say cunt? – I’m going to fuck that nice tight ass of yours!”

“Ohhhh…now that sounds like a nice idea!” Cindy giggled. She rolled over onto her stomach and presented her back passage to her husband.

As Jake pumped his hard cock into his wife’s ass he had a sudden thought.

“That lazy bastard didn’t even repair the machine!” He grunted

“Well, don’t stop fucking my ass now,” Cindy replied, panting hard and pushing back onto her husband’s weapon. “After you cum in my ass we’ll call him again. I don’t suppose he’ll mind coming back later, do you?”

Jake gasped and released a torrent of sperm into his wife’s back passage.

No, I don’t suppose he’ll mind coming back again and again, he thought. And neither will I!

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