Girlfriend and the Co Workers

Summer and I, at this point, were going together now, for over three years. I practically lived at her place. The sex was still great, even though she had cheated on me that one time, right in front of me no less. She blamed it on the wine, but deep down inside, I enjoyed it, but felt like I shouldn’t. She was fairly open in bed, but still didn’t swallow, even though she gulped down my co-worker.

Summer worked in high finance and was pretty successful as her work. She was conservative there, but decided to have the boss and a manager over for dinner. She prepared and wanted everything just right. After showering, we got dressed. I always loved watching her dress. She was in a bit of a hurry – she grabbed a tan bra and panties from her drawer, along with a pair of nude thigh high hold-up stockings. She put on her panties and then bra that covered her 36 D breasts. She was lovely, with blonde hair and flawless legs. Guys were always staring at her. She quickly rolled each stocking up her legs and let the elastic top of the nylon “snap” when she reached her upper thigh. I was getting aroused watching her, but she said she had no time for those things, as she was delayed already. She slipped on a blue dress just at knee length and some heels and she was ready. I told her to take it easy on the red wine and she agreed.

Her boss and co-worker arrived. John, her boss, was about my size, with brown hair and a little older than Summer. Evan, a manager, who was under Summer was only in his mid 20s, but was, unfortunately just Summer’s type. Big, dark hair, glasses – with a kind of swagger. She liked that and I began to worry a bit.

We sat down and ate. They mostly talked business and I was sort of feeling left out. Summer of course, was starting to drink a bit too much and I was trying to curtail the flow of wine. I got up to get some water instead and noticed that Summer had her legs crossed with the top of her right stocking exposed for the guys to see. And they did. It was obvious they were staring at her legs and breasts all night. Summer was giggling with Evan and a little with John all night. She kept touching Evan’s hand and my jealousy grew along with my hard on, but I didn’t think it would be a repeat of the past.

Summer got up and announced she was going to the kitchen to get more wine. Evan decided he would help. They both left as John and I made small-talk. We didn’t know what was taking so long. After about what seemed like an eternity, I got up and went to the kitchen. I stopped at the windows on the door and veered in. I saw Summer sitting on the counter with her stockinged legs crossed and exposed feeding wine and cheese to Evan and both were giggling. I was mad and hard.

They both came out and Summer said we should head to the living room. She put some music on and sat down right in between her boss and her co-worker. She put her hand on each of their legs and said they were too cute to be working in finance. Just then she looked into Evan’s eyes and started to kiss him. Their kissing became more intense and John, her boss rode his hand up her stockinged legs to under her skirt. She started to unbutton Evan’s shirt and kiss his chest while John got behind her and pulled off her dress. She stood up, wiggled out of her dress, took off her shoes and knelt down in bra, panties and stockings and said “I know what would make be a good hostess,” and pulled down each of the guys’ pants and started to suck each of their cocks. The were already hard as she took turns sucking one, while sliding her hand up and down the other one’s, I was so mad and excited. She was doing this again! Her head, jerking back and forth, faster and faster, make each guy moan.

I sat there aroused, watching Summer now get up and sit on John’s dick. She rode him up and down while making out with Evan and jacking him off. Her big tits, now released from her bra, were flying up and down. Evan’s dick was huge. She pumped it with her mouth fast. She told him not to cum just yet. Summer got on all fours on the floor and took John in her mouth while Evan slid his huge dick into her from behind. She yelled she was cumming numerous times. I couldn’t believe this. She was getting fucked by two guys at once and she was loving it. But so was I.

I jacked myself off just watching this site. I don’t think they even noticed.

Summer ordered Evan to put it in her ass, something she would never allow me to do. She muffled a yelp as his big unit penetrated her ass since John’s cock was still in her mouth. Summer turned around and wrapped her nyloned legs around Evan. Her whole body, usually porcelain white, was now turning flush from all of her orgasms. Evan pumped her hard and made her scream with delight while she continued to suck John. Evan licked her legs and stockinged feet and made her cum. Just then John unloaded into Summer’s mouth and on her face. She drank it down and didn’t even bother cleaning it off her face.

Then, Evan picked himself up with her and fucked her while standing up. Summer, clad in nothing but stockings, held on to Evan with her legs wrapped around him and he fucked her more. Just then, Evan moaned he was about to cum, she slid off of him, onto her knees and sucked him dry. He yelled has he came all over and into Summer. She continued to smile at him while rubbing his still erect shaft with his come, driving him crazy.

At this point, I had left the house and not wanting to see this again. She called me to apologize and asked me if I would prefer if they were girls. I couldn’t say no.

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