Hen Night

So, it’s my hen night. I am getting married in 3 days! I am so excited and couldn’t wait. But tonight was about something else. The HEN NIGHT.

The girls had arranged it all, but they wouldn’t let me into the secret of what was planned.

My soon to be husband was in the house, it was a Friday 6pm, the girls had arrived so I told him politely to fuck off and let us have our fun. I could see he was pissed about it, but I didn’t care, I only planned to have one big hen night party.

The girls then revealed what I was to wear. It was too slutty, but I had agreed. It was a short-tight bride outfit, but short skirted so much that you could practically see my pussy. My tits too were practically hanging out. I wore a white veil, with the usual ‘L’ plate too, white stockings and suspenders that only reached my thighs and to finish off big stiletto high heels that were white.

I looked like a common tramp dressed all in white. Before we left for the taxi, I put on my make-up, a lot of blush for the cheeks for the whorish look, and bright red tart lipstick to finish off the agreed slutty look. I blew myself a kiss and we all walked out the door tottering on our high heels and looking like decked out sluts ready for anything.

We arrived at a club and we were soon dancing getting all the male attention. I was soon drunk too, guys were lining up to buy me drinks.

As I was dancing guys were touching my body, getting cheeky gropes and feels of my arse. I was loving it, and I was as wet as fuck. I decided right then I deserved one last fling before I got married, and tonight was got to be that night. Anyone would do, just a dirty quick fuck in the toilets to see me off.

Me and the girls were totally pissed out of our heads, and some were starting to call it a night. I didn’t want to leave and I was begging them to stay, I couldn’t believe they wanted to leave me on my hen night, but it was late, about 2am. I refused to leave, and luckily for me some guys who I had danced with said they would look after me. I thought fuck it, why not, my hen night, i’ll do what I want. My friends pleaded with me to go with them, but I refused.

So, me and the boys, six in all went back to their place. We got a taxi. Once in the taxi the boys started fondling my tits, playing with my pussy and kissing me. The taxi driver kept getting an eyeful, he must have thought I was such a whore. But…on a girls hen night, you are allowed to be the whore just once!

When I got to theirs, the suprise for me was that they also had another half dozen friends there. There was easily twelve guys all there, and once I was in their apartment, it soon got heated. One guy called out,

“Who is the slut”

to which my black one night fling replied,

“she anyone’s tonight”.

Once he said that, I knew what was coming.

All of a sudden I was thrown onto the bed, here I was, dressed like a common slut in all bridal white short skirt dress, stockings and white high heel stilettos, as men started to jerk their cocks around the bed. Three jumped on the bed, opened my legs, stuck his cock right in my wet pussy, it felt so fucking good. Another one shoved his dirty cock in my lipsticked mouth, and another was fingering my ass. I felt like the cheapest whore, but I was loving it. Soon, the guy inside me shot his load, it felt so hot, and then, the cock in my mouth shot its load too. Hands were soon groping me everywhere, my tits roughly getting fondled by everyone. They were slapping my face with their cocks and calling me names such as



‘fuck the cheap slag’,

but the more they called me slutty names, the hotter I was. I was a slut, and I was fucking loving it.

I was passed around like a fuck-doll. Guy after guy came inside me, some in my pussy, some on my face whilst wanking off, one in my perfect hair, and some on my tits and mouth. I was covered in cum. All the time I just kept getting fucked, one after another. My make-up was totally smeared by this time, lipstick everywhere due to the cum and sucking cock after cock. I thought this must have added to what a total tart I looked.

I must have been fucked by all 12 guys twice, all in all getting fucked 24 times easily. One black guy stuck his cock up my arse doggy style, another guy had his cock in my mouth, and a guy below me his cock in my pussy. As I was getting fucked, they took my mobile, and they called my husband to be and video called him, I tried to pull away from the cocks fucking me, but they forced me to stay. The guy with the camera said

‘smile slut’

as I could see my husband to be watching me get face fucked, pussy fucked and ass fucked at the same time. I could see how hurt he looked, but there was nothing I could do, just then I cum on the cock fucking me and the guy fucking my face splattered cum all my face.

Here I was, husband to be on video camera with a face full of cum, and twelve guys fucking the shit out of me. They told me to blow my future husband a kiss, and the thought thrilled me, so I did, and I started yelling at him telling him he was pathetic and these were real men with cocks.

“Hi honey, how do you like your slut bride getting fucked like a whore in my tarty wedding dress”. He didn’t reply, and so we all laughed at him.

Eventually they finished with me. They told me to leave. As I left I sucked a few more off at the door, and then shot their cum on my face. I blew them all a kiss, tottered home on my high heels drunk, and passed out on the sofa.

I never did get married, but my girlfriend suzie is having her own hen night next month, I will be sure to go!!!!

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