Last Laugh

Sue and I have been married for eleven years, and we spent the first seven years together without kids. Now we have a five year old and a three year old. To say the least, they’ve caused us to change our lifestyle a little. Before the children, we were far more socially and sexually active. In fact, we were rather wild: Both of us have enjoyed sex in a variety of places and positions, and with a variety of techniques and toys. We’d even kicked around the idea of adding another partner to our romps.

Admittedly, I was far more interested in having another lady join us that I would have been about a male third. At one point we had even decided to invite a girl from work to join us. Sue was excited about the whole thing, as was I, but our female guest got cold feet and chickened out. Luckily, there was no big scene, and Sue and I enjoyed some big orgasms later that night! Sue was as hot as a firecracker, and I had the only fire hose!

We live in a nice little neighborhood now, and we’ll never have to move again unless we want to. We’ve pretty much settled in, and the children have lot’s of little buddies. Sue and I have met all our neighbors, and that’s where the story begins.

Our neighbor, Cindy, is 29 and lives alone with her mother and two dogs. She works an office job and is very attractive, but I’ve never seen her with any men. In fact, the only guest I’ve ever seen at her house was a rather sturdy looking girl, who I assumed was a dyke. But that’s not really important – it’s a free country, right?

Cindy walks her dogs every evening, and always stops to chat with folks up and down the street. I’d noticed that she seems to like Sue, as they’ll talk as long as they can – until something interupts them. I kid Sue often about her “girlfriend”, but she insists that Cindy isn’t interested in her. When I suggest that we invite Cindy to make a sandwich with us she always says that I couldn’t handle it. My wife can be very naive.

One night recently, when I got home after work, Sue told me that she had invited Cindy over. I perked up, and I asked, “Are we gonna make a sandwich?” Sue slapped at me, and said no. “Well, you’ve got to watch that girl, dear… She’s a carpet muncher!” “No she’s not.”, she said. Sue started slapping me again when I went on, “Mark my words: She won’t stop ’til she’s eating your pussy or you’re eating hers…”, I had to scramble and duck, “or both!” Sue chased me away, but she was laughing.

The evening began innocently enough, at least on my part. Cindy came over and the three of us were watching a movie on HBO. This wasn’t a special occasion – we were just hanging out. The kids were asleep upstairs, and we were relaxing in the living room with beers and joints. When the movie ended, the girls started chatting and I left the room to check email and do a little web surfing.

After a while I went to get another beer and checked to see what they were doing. Cindy and Sue were now sharing the smaller couch and were talking and laughing. They stopped abruptly when they noticed me. On the TV was an episode of “Real Sex”, and on the screen were four couples who were frolicking nude in a mud bath. It looked pretty silly, but I have to admit that the idea seemed like fun. Except for their silence, neither of the girls seemed to be affected by either me or the TV.

Anway, I went back to the computer room and continued to dally digitally. I suppose about an hour passed before I noticed that I could hear the shower running upstairs. “Oh boy!”, I thought. When Sue takes a shower late at night it usually means I’m going to get lucky. And sure enough, a few minutes later Sue appeared in a robe. She cuddled up to me and mashed her breasts into my face, suggesting that I should come to bed. After groping her butt a little I told her I’d be up as soon as I could shut down the machine.

On my way through the house I started undressing. My shoes and socks came off through the kitchen and dining room. I left my shirt in the living room, and my pants were unzipped and open by the time I hit the top of the stairs. I opened our door and noticed two things immediately: A scented candle was lit, and Cindy was in the bed with Sue.

I froze and considered… They weren’t doing anything, but they both appeared to be naked under the sheet. Sue broke the ice by throwing off the sheet and telling me to hop in. I nearly broke my neck in my haste to shuck my jeans and run to the bed at the same time.

My wife is very cute, and still has a perfect figure, despite two children. But Cindy interested me more – she was a new toy altogether. Her breasts are a little smaller than Sue’s, but firm looking with very pointy nipples. I also noticed that her thighs are a little fuller, but enticing nonetheless.

As I climbed in between them I jokingly asked Sue if we were “gonna make a club?” She smiled and grabbed my cock, then she said, “We were talking, and I told Cindy how horny you are, and how you always wanna try a three-way. I told her I didn’t think you could hang, and now we’re gonna find out!”

Once I was settled between them, the girls man-handled me onto my back and then started to smother me with kisses and licks, starting at my head and quickly moving down to my nipples. I was unsure of which girl I should focus on, but I tried to have them both, as best I could. My cock was as hard as iron by the time Cindy touched it for the first time.

She whispered something to Sue about it being “so hot”, and then they both fondled my erection. Soon they were sliding down the bed toward my groin, and Cindy told me to scoot up against the headboard to give them more room. Sue pushed my one leg up to get it out of the way, then she moved between them to get right into my crotch. Cindy had my other leg pinned and she was humping my shin as she and Sue began to lick the lollipop.

Sue loves to suck me but she rarely swallows my cum. I wondered if Cindy had that little hangup, as she and my wife tongued my rod. They took turns sucking the swollen head, and then licking up and down it’s length. Soon I was oozing clear fluid and they had a little tongue battle to get the drops they squeezed from me.

From my half sitting position, I was getting quite a show! These two hot women were lavishing my schlong with saliva, and Sue was gently cupping and kneeding my balls. Cindy had been caressing my chest and tweaking my nipples and I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to take this for very long.

Then I watched Cindy’s other hand slither over to Sue’s butt. She palmed Sue’s round ass cheek, and then traced her fingers along the back of her thighs. Sue paused and stiffened as Cindy’s hand moved up between her legs. I was near bursting at this point, and Sue had stopped licking and breathing. Then, with a soft moan, Sue arched her butt a little and spread her legs for Cindy: Sue also renewed her attack on my hardness.

The ladies seemed to be thinking with one mind as they ran their lips up and down, again and again. Their tongues touched and moved together to tickle the ganglia just beneath my cockhead. I groaned out something to Cindy about how Sue loves to be fingered. Their hot breath on my body had me going over the edge, and I felt my cum begin to rise. Cindy was kind of mumbling and Sue was actually squealing as I gushed. Orgasm caused me to grunt and close my eyes as my cum spurted up into the air. It felt like my balls would be pumped out with it…

When I noticed that Sue wasn’t licking me any longer I opened my eyes. Cindy was looking at my face as she licked up the jism flowing down my cock. Sue watched her as Cindy took me into her mouth and proceeded to suck me empty. Sue’s eyes were a little unfocused and her face was red, and she was wiggling her butt against Cindy’s hand – still very busy in her center.

Soon I was limp. My once proud cock was dwindling and I was weak from the intensity of my orgasm. Cindy let me slide out of her mouth and then begin to lick a few errant drops of cum from Sue’s cheek and neck. Sue closed her eyes and began to pant, and then Cindy caught her in a lip lock. Cindy tried to crawl over my leg to get at Sue, then she just pushed me out of the way. My legs were wobbly, but I still got up off the bed so that Cindy could have her way with Sue.

Sue laid her head on the bed and pushed her butt up even higher as Cindy pulled and tugged at her. Soon Sue’s boobs were mashed into the mattress, her legs were spread wide and her knees were almost under her, as Cindy’s hands met in her sweet triangle. Cindy steadily rubbed at Sue’s button while her other hand explored all around between Sue’s legs and her intimate opening. Switching hands, Cindy rubbed Sue’s clit again and started to smooth her pouty inner lips – I was mesmerized by the vision – the deep red color, the moisture from within her glistening in the candle light. And Cindy seemed to be worshiping her beautiful sex.

My cock started to swell again. My legs felt strong and my balls were tight. I felt hot blood coursing through me as I watched them. Cindy lovingly brought her off, and Sue was wild and wanton in the release of her passion. Sue had both hands locked in the sheets above her head as she thrust her pelvis back toward Cindy’s skillful probing fingers. Sue sobbed and shuddered as the waves of pleasure broke over her extremely stimulated body. And Cindy was right there for her…

Cindy held her tight around her upper thigh as Sue twitched around. I remember Sue’s flesh jiggling with the shock waves of her orgasm, and the intense look in Cindy’s eyes. Her fingers deftly provided a few well timed after shocks for Sue, like she was trying to let her down easily. Finally, Sue fully relaxed, and after stretching out, curled up against Cindy’s naked form.

The girls cuddled like this for a little while before the unanswered passion in Cindy demanded it’s fill. Her kissing and stroking became more delicately targeted as she gently moved Sue into the center of the bed. When Sue was fully on her back, Cindy kissed a trail down her body much like the one I had experienced. Sue’s eyes never opened while Cindy manipulated her breasts – cupping them, pointing their rosy nipples skyward and then pursing her lips and sucking them into her lips.

I was fascinated by this experience. No other person on earth knows how to pleasure this woman, my wife, as well as I do, yet Cindy was quickly and rather obviously persuading Sue into the position most commonly reserved for fucking: Sue was totally reclined on her back, with her legs spread and her knees propped up high. My strongest impulse was to jump onto her, plunge into her and swim in her sexuality.

But Cindy had the same idea – and she was there first. She laid on my wife fully, grinding her mound against Sue’s upturned twat. Sue arched her cunt upward as Cindy kissed her and touched her all over. While she did spend time playing with Sue’s nipples, she soon moved down to eat her pussy. She spread Sue’s labia and puckered her lips directly on her clitoris. While her hands drifted willy-nilly over Sue’s flushed skin Cindy licked the alphabet across the moist little nub at her center.

Our horny guest’s own sex was exposed and vulnerable as she knelt leaning on her elbows. I saw that Cindy’s fleshy lips were smooth, clear and shaved bald. Her upturned cunt presented the perfect inverted heart shaped target for my fully restored erection. Not one to waste an opportunity, I moved behind her onto the bed, and grasped her hips. But as I pressed the bulbous head of my dick against her, Cindy broke her oral grip on Sue and whispered over her shoulder, “No! Just watch!”

When she renewed her oral assault on Sue I decided to plug up the only remaining opening I saw: Sue’s lips were parted and moist as I moved to the head of the bed. First I bent over her to offer a nipple to her, and when she responded enthusiastically I pulled away to substitute my cock. Sue greedily sucked and licked the slippery head of my penis as Cindy ate her out. I was happy with this attention, and Sue seemed to enjoy it too – as she moaned on me repeatedly. Sue sought her private pleasure while opposite ends of her were fucked by opposites: My dick was cycling in and out of her mouth as Cindy’s talented tongue was circling around her inner lips and clit.

Sue began to shudder and rock and moan onto my cock. I wasn’t really ready to cum again, but the sensations were incredible as she came in Cindy’s mouth. Sue bucked her mound against Cindy’s face as she came again – her first orgasm in a womans mouth.

This time she was much more expressive. Sue groaned with my organ deep in her mouth, and that nearly made me cum too. But she soon lost interest in making me cum – she wanted to help someone else – she said, “Hurry… Fuck Cindy! Let her have this gorgeous cock! Go on…. it’s OK! Fuck her good and make her cum!” All the while, she was quivering and jumping in Cindy’s grip.

Cindy raised up from between Sue’s thighs smiling. Her lips and chin were wet and shiny with my wife’s cum, and her tongue was darting around licking it up. “No, Sue…”, she said, “I want YOU to fuck me! Please?” She was begging Sue.

Cindy started whispering “please” over and over, as she kissed a trail up Sue’s lower belly. She stopped to tongue her navel, before heading toward Sue’s bright pink nipples, and she kept up the whispering all the while – even with one and then the other nipple trapped between her lips. Moving upward again, she kissed Sue deeply, and then whispered into her ear, “Please fuck me? Please?”

Sue looked up at me with a question in her eyes. I admit that I was thinking with the brain in my hand – the one that was so hard it hurt – but I managed to nod at my wife and stammer something stupid. I guess my encouragement settled her mind, as she embraced Cindy and began to kiss her passionately. I know this woman, and I know what her kisses are like, and Cindy was certainly going to enjoy them too.

As the ladies started to get busy with each other, Sue’s hands roamed Cindy’s hot flesh. Sue grabbed a double handful of our neighbor’s naked butt and rolled her over onto her back. Sue told me, “get my buddy”, and I knew she was referring to her favorite realistic latex dildo. I let go of my cock and began to ransack Sue’s drawers, thinking that it was funny that I’d have trouble finding it!

Turning back, I saw that Cindy had wrapped her legs around Sue’s waist. Cindy was just getting a grip on Sue’s nipple, and rubbing the other. Cindy started humping her loins into Sue’s stomach as I handed Sue the ersatz penis. Sue quickly reached around beneath her with the dildo, into the gap between Cindy’s raised hips. I couldn’t see exactly what Sue was doing, but I could tell by the way Cindy reacted that she had felt the rubber dong touch her.

Cindy’s eyes popped open and she gasped as Sue worked on her. Sue and I had both done this to Sue enough that I supposed that Sue was doing the same things to Cindy. Sue was also gobbling at Cindy’s flattened breasts, and sucking her nipples very hard – pulling them up, stretching them with her lips. Cindy was moaning now, and she grabbed Sue’s head while she shook her own back and forth. Suddenly, Cindy’s breathed a loud “Oh!” that left her mouth wide open.

I figured it out soon enough: Cindy wrapped her arms around the back side of her knees and pulled them up to her until her knees where touching her shoulders. Sue sat back on her heels and I saw that she had just the bulbous head of the dildo in Cindy’s shaved twat. When Sue saw her friend’s hairless cunt lips she seemed to be fascinated. She reached out and touched them gently, exploring the velvet folds, as she worked the dildo in and out with very short, slow strokes. I knew that she had the dildo’s head caught in that tight opening to Cindy’s vagina, and she was teasing Cindy with the rim, just like I do to Sue all the time…

Sue gave our hot playmate a few more short strokes before slowly applying some force – pushing it steadily deeper into Cindy. With her knees up so far, Cindy looked a little silly. But neither Sue or myself were looking at anything but Cindy’s gaping cunnie, and the dildo that was fucking it. Cindy began whispering again, this time hissing “yesss” like a broken record. Then Cindy found her nipples with her fingers and began to roll and pull them savagely while trying to hunch down onto the fake cock.

As she pushed the dong deeper, Sue reached for the swollen button atop Cindy’s slit, gently tracing around it with a polished nail, and then lightly pinching it. And that’s all it took for Cindy – she spasmed and moaned as the orgasm swept over her. Cindy lost her senses, but I still had mine – I could see the protruding dildo quiver from the contractions of Cindy’s cunt. I could smell the lusty aroma of aroused women. I could hear the heavy breathing of both girls, and I could feel my cock heating up. Common sense told me to fuck something – to impale somebody with my heavy pole and rock it in and out, over and over. That’s when Sue started in on Cindy again.

Without letting go of the rubber toy, Sue got down on her elbows and began to stir it within Cindy’s pussy. Her movements were more complicated than before, but the idea was similar – she was fucking Cindy hard, sluicing it in and out of her soaked love canal with deft wrist movements. Sue was staring closely at the neatly trimmed bush, the quivering clit, and the crimson inner folds rippling over the bumpy shaft. And then she kissed Cindy’s pussy, very gently. As Sue fucked another woman with her favorite personal sex toy, she began to run her lips and then her tongue over the delicate tissues of Cindy’s most personal flesh, tasting the honey of Cindy’s orgasm.

Now I knew where to stick it! Sue’s position had exposed her lovely bottom again, and the furry opening at it’s center. Her “target” looked even more inviting than Cindy’s had earlier: Like a perfect flower, pink and dewy, and fully blossomed.

I moved up behind Sue, but I could only get my knees on the bed – there wasn’t room for much more. I placed a hand on her backside, and was surprised to find my wife’s skin hot to the touch. Using my handhold for leverage I aimed my dribbling prick at her entrance and wiggled it around a little to pick up her juices. Once I had my plum-colored knob slippery, I used it to flick her clit up and down. Sue whimpered, but it sounded muffled by Cindy’s vulva.

Once again, Cindy began to moan and shake. “Kiss it!”, she hissed. And kiss it, she did – Sue’s tongue was twiddling the bud while her pet dildo was stretching Cindy’s innards – pulling at her tender inner lips. Cindy started to shake harder, and she reached up over her head to brace against the headboard, pushing herself deeper into Sue’s grasp. Moaning out a loud, “Ooooo!”, Cindy let go again. Her juices were flowing out over the fake cock and Sue’s fingers, as her pussy contracted repeatedly.

Sue stopped her fucking and sucking for a moment, as Cindy’s gyrations calmed. I was suspended between in and out, having accidentally pushed a little while I had been diddling Sue with my cock. The head of my cock was trapped in Sue’s entrance, like the dildo had been in Cindy’s. I had to get my breath – this was all too much, and I didn’t want to miss anything.

Cindy opened her eyes again, looking first at Sue, poised above her genitals, and then directly at me. I was incapable of thinking past my urge to cum in Sue, but I swear thet she gave me such a funny look – to me, in my frenzied state, it was almost like she was speaking the words, “See! She wants ME! SHE fucked me, but YOU can’t!” As if in answer to her unspoken challenge, I drove it home… burying my cock in Sue, and pushing her forward into Cindy’s pelvis.

Sue grunted with pleasure and then pushed back, so I began to fuck her with a steady motion. Her channel was slick and tight, her flesh soft and hot, and her lust at it’s peak. I grabbed hold of her hips while pounding her butt, and I knew without looking that her breasts were swinging wildly to the tempo of our coupling. Once I had found my rhythm, I looked Cindy in the eye again, giving her a look that I hoped she read as, “You’re just her toy – I’m her man!” Granted, I wasn’t thinking too clearly – I was deep in lust and trying to make an impression.

Letting go of her legs, Cindy put her feet back down on the bed, just behind Sue’s arms. She raised her hips a little, sort of sticking her pussy back in my wife’s face. And Sue took the bait – she pulled the slick dildo out slowly, before bringing it to her lips. Tilting her head to the side, she slowly licked it’s length, turned it a little and did it again. Then she took the head in her mouth and sucked it – making humming sounds. After she’d gotten enough, she flung the used toy away.

Wrapping her arms around Cindy’s hips, Sue stroked her lower belly while she licked up the middle of Cindy’s bald pussy. After a dramatic pause, she started to ravish Cindy’s delicate parts with a passion I’d seen on only a few occasions, and always on my cock. Just as hard and enthusiastically as she was fucking me, she was devouring our female guest.

All my freedom of choice was gone – my actions were predictable. I continued to ride Sue’s sweet butt for all it was worth. She was so turned on that her pussy was wide open and soaking with her juices. My dick was making wet squishy noises as it moved within her. And Sue was making similar noises at the other end too – Cindy was also very wet and open, and Sue was licking and sucking up all the honey she could get. She would thrust her jaw into Cindy and seem to freeze, but from Cindy’s moaning I knew that she was tongue fucking her.

My balls had gotten very tight, and my dick had never been harder. But, while I knew it couldn’t last, I simply could not resist reaching around to fondle Sue’s tits – pulling on one, and then the other, as we galloped toward the finish line. All three of us, connected as we were, shared a similar goal – a common desire. We shared a wicked dream of endless orgasm, insurmountable pleasure, eternal ecstacy. Cindy’s eyes had rolled up and closed, but I was simply staring at the scene below me – connected to me, as a moving part of me.

Sue’s head was wiggling around in Cindy’s lap, as she nipped and licked, and sucked and poked. Cindy had splayed her arms out wide to grab the bed, and Sue had pulled Cindy’s pussy lips up and open to isolate the pearly nub, so that she could suck it again, harder. Feeling my orgasm approach, and wanting to cum with Sue, I reached around to rub her clit and help bring her off. She jumped when I touched her bud, and then she reached up and held her hand against mine, letting her fingers ride along.

Cindy started rocking her pelvis into Sue’s face, and Sue started squealing into her pussy. In the instant that I felt the first contraction in my loins, Sue reached back further and stroked my fuzzy balls. And then everything happened really fast.

My cock swelled and spurted, as I plunged into Sue one final time. Her cunt muscles gripped me, and then massaged me as her orgasm broke. Cindy screamed and grabbed Sue’s hair, pulling her closer – trying to get Sue’s face into her pussy. My balls gushed, and I trembled and shook, while the ladies writhed beneath me, in the throes of their mutual pleasures. For what felt like an eon, but was only a few seconds, we were a single animal, a mindless organism consumed by our lust for each other.

After a while, I began to feel a little weak and drained. The girls had quieted: Sue was resting her head on Cindy’s creamy abdomen, as Cindy stroked Sue’s hair lovingly. As my cock shrank and slid from Sue, our fluids began to run from within her, and she scrambled to close her legs to staunch the flow. Cindy giggled at that, and then Sue started giggling too. I was feeling pretty damned good, and grinning from ear to ear. And then I had a funny thought.

Looking my beloved wife directly in the eye, I said, “I told you so!”, and then Sue and I dissolved into a fit of hysterical laughter, leaving Cindy with a confused grin.

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