Wife Ass Fucks Her Girl Friend

I was on my stomach. My tongue nestled in Georgie’s ass crack as she also lay on her stomach on the bed in front of me. She was sucking Chas’s cock – her husband. Behind her, I was slowly moistening her anus, in preparation for what I was about to give her. Around my waist was my new blue jelly dong, complete with the strap on attachment that would allow me to fuck my best friend in the ass. Behind me, my ex-boss Al was wanking his fat cock knowing that the moment I started fucking my best friend in the ass, he would shove his cock into my hungry cunt, completing a horny chain that was being filmed by Steve, my husband.

For those of you who are reading this and haven’t read any of my other stories, I guess I should explain!

My name is Dee, and I am a married woman who likes to ‘play’. I am 42, still in good shape, with long legs, nice boobies and blonde hair. Most guys say my ass is me best feature, but I think it is my eyes! I love to stare deeply into a man’s eyes as I suck his cock, letting him know that I want him to cum in my mouth. Oh shit, I am digressing again.

Georgie is my best friend, and occasional lover. She is a buxom brunette, with an incredible talented mouth, able to quickly pleasure men or women.

Chas is Georgie’s husband, and he is also a real deviate, responsible for my initial venture into the world of extra-marital sexual adventures. He is a little short, somewhat tubby, but loves to eat pussy and has made me cum purely with his tongue many, many times.

Al is my ex-boss. I started working for Al many years ago as a real estate agent. He is now 63, but still a randy old bugger, and when we get together, we always end up doing something naughty!

Lastly, Steve is my husband. He and I have been married for years, having met in high school. We have a great relationship, and enjoy turning each other on with the help of additional sex partners. Unlike me, he is purely heterosexual, and likes best to watch me play up, take some photos, shoot some video for posterity’s sake, then fuck the shit out of me too!
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It was Saturday and my wife Nikki had gone out shopping with one of her girlfriends, so I decided to take a shower and call up a couple of friends to come over and watch the baseball game.

Kevin was the first to show up with a 12 pack of beer, and Bobby was not far behind with a bottle of rum.

“Come on in guys. The game starts in about twenty minutes. Let’s get some drinks started.”

We had just settled in for the game when the phone rang. It was Nikki calling.

“Hi Michael, I’m done shopping and I’m on my way home. I want to model some of the clothes I bought for you.”

“That sounds great baby. Kevin, Bobby and I were starting to watch a ballgame and having a few drinks.”

“Well I guess I can show you my outfits another time then” she said.

“Don’t be crazy” I told her. “Kevin and Bobby can be a second and third opinion on how they look on you.”

“Well o.k. then. I’ll be home shortly honey. See you soon. Love you. Bye.”

The game was a rainout so me and my buddies just sat around talking and drinking. We all three had a good buzz going when my wife got home.

As they were all saying there hello’s I made my way to the kitchen to make Nikki a drink.

She walked into the kitchen and I handed her the rum and coke. She gave me a kiss and told me she didn’t know if she could show off her new clothes in front of our company.

“Why not? We’ve known Kevin and Bobby since high school” I told her.
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Elaine Wants To Be Watched

Simon Hanson considered himself a normal guy. Six feet tall, short brown hair, average build. He wasn’t an Adonis by any measure, but he kept himself in shape as much as he could. He worked in an office, doing an unexciting job, earned an decent wage and owned his own flat in the west end of Glasgow. He’d seen a couple of his friends get married and seen the changes it made to their lives. He almost got married once, but late on in the relationship had suddenly had a moment of clarity and told his girlfriend that she might be getting married, but it wouldn’t be to him. He was thirty years old, and didn’t want to do the acceptable thing and settle down.

He spent a lot of his time thinking about sex, and had had plenty of experiences over the years some of which seemed to fall into his lap in the weirdest circumstances and he enjoyed the freedom that life gave him.

Simon was at a works night out in a pub in West George Street in Glasgow, on a Friday, which was the usual pub for them. It was getting late and he knew he’d need to be heading home quite soon. He’d been talking to a colleague of his, Elaine, earlier and as usual she’d offered him a lift home, as she lived only a couple of miles from him.

Elaine was a couple of years older than him. Average height, pear shaped body with beautiful round hips and ass, not too big. She was probably about a size 12 with nice sized boobs, maybe a 36 C or D he guessed. He spent long enough looking at them. He’d noticed long ago that her blouses gaped open at just the right height to allow an enquiring eye a good view of a boob, or her bra at least. Her hair had always been cut relatively short, in a sexy brown bob. She was sexy as hell all over.

About 11pm, they were sitting at the end of a long table with everyone sitting round it. No-one was listening to their conversation and they were talking about quite personal stuff, and she told him about her last holiday to Las Vegas, where she’d seen a guy in a convertible pull alongside the bus they were in and start to wank himself. She’d told the same story at a team lunch they’d had a week before, and he said this, but she replied;

“I made out like I was disgusted when I was telling everyone, but I actually kind of enjoyed it…it was weird watching him, but it was also…sort of …erotic…seeing him do that to himself in front of me.” She seemed a bit embarrassed to admit it and Simon;

“Well, it’s normal to be turned on watching other people like that.”

“I know. Have you ever seen anyone do that or anything else?” she asked.

“I’ve seen a few things. What did you think of it?” he said, deflecting it back to her.

“I think the guy must like being watched if he was doing that in front of a bus full of people.”

“Yeah, he must get off on it, but I wouldn’t have the nerve to do that in front of a whole bus full of passers by” he said, hoping she’d pick up on something.

“What about in front of a couple of people?” she asked.

“Probably…’ he said “but they’d either need to be very good friends or complete strangers. Someone you could trust not to cause any problems later or someone you’d never see again.”

“When was the last time you did it?” she asked.

“Uh, what do you mean?” He didn’t want to start admitting anything at this point.

“I mean when did you last masturbate?” she said. He would normally have felt weird about talking about this with someone else apart from his best friends, but he was quite drunk by now, though he was still taken aback by the question, so he fired it back at her.

“Well you tell me first, when did you last do it…when did you last masturbate?”

“‘What makes you think I do?”

“Doesn’t everyone?”
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Last Laugh

Sue and I have been married for eleven years, and we spent the first seven years together without kids. Now we have a five year old and a three year old. To say the least, they’ve caused us to change our lifestyle a little. Before the children, we were far more socially and sexually active. In fact, we were rather wild: Both of us have enjoyed sex in a variety of places and positions, and with a variety of techniques and toys. We’d even kicked around the idea of adding another partner to our romps.

Admittedly, I was far more interested in having another lady join us that I would have been about a male third. At one point we had even decided to invite a girl from work to join us. Sue was excited about the whole thing, as was I, but our female guest got cold feet and chickened out. Luckily, there was no big scene, and Sue and I enjoyed some big orgasms later that night! Sue was as hot as a firecracker, and I had the only fire hose!

We live in a nice little neighborhood now, and we’ll never have to move again unless we want to. We’ve pretty much settled in, and the children have lot’s of little buddies. Sue and I have met all our neighbors, and that’s where the story begins.

Our neighbor, Cindy, is 29 and lives alone with her mother and two dogs. She works an office job and is very attractive, but I’ve never seen her with any men. In fact, the only guest I’ve ever seen at her house was a rather sturdy looking girl, who I assumed was a dyke. But that’s not really important – it’s a free country, right?

Cindy walks her dogs every evening, and always stops to chat with folks up and down the street. I’d noticed that she seems to like Sue, as they’ll talk as long as they can – until something interupts them. I kid Sue often about her “girlfriend”, but she insists that Cindy isn’t interested in her. When I suggest that we invite Cindy to make a sandwich with us she always says that I couldn’t handle it. My wife can be very naive.

One night recently, when I got home after work, Sue told me that she had invited Cindy over. I perked up, and I asked, “Are we gonna make a sandwich?” Sue slapped at me, and said no. “Well, you’ve got to watch that girl, dear… She’s a carpet muncher!” “No she’s not.”, she said. Sue started slapping me again when I went on, “Mark my words: She won’t stop ’til she’s eating your pussy or you’re eating hers…”, I had to scramble and duck, “or both!” Sue chased me away, but she was laughing.
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Babysitter Stripper

It took a long time to find a babysitter for my infant child, but when my wife called one day to say she had found the perfect girl, I was thrilled that we’d finally be able to go out once again. My wife was beautiful, she had nice D cup breasts and a delicious body, but our sex life had been sapped by the arrival of a baby. At 25 we were both overwhelmed by the responsibilities of children and careers and we hadn’t had much time for each other.

Our first date in a year occurred a week later when we went out to a movie and dinner. The babysitter was a stunningly beautiful 18 year old named Victoria, who was getting ready to attend college the next year. Victoria was every man’s fantasy, a chirpy, big –breasted, thin girl with a gorgeous face and long, Italian brunette hair. The first time I saw her I nearly had an instant erection. My wife had found her through a co-worker, apparently she was an in-demand babysitter, and at least from my perspective, I could see why. She arrived in a short black skirt and a low cut top, and after making arrangements with my wife we both left her to sit with the kid. At the movie and dinner I enjoyed my alone time with my wife, but Victoria stayed in my mind. That night, my wife drove Victoria home, and I jerked off while she was gone.(to my disappointment). When my wife got home I threw her into bed and make passionate love to her, but again Victoria was nagging me with thoughts of her sumptuous body.

Over the next several months Victoria babysat for us about every two weeks, and the routine continued. I gradually got to know her through our short, two minute encounters. One night, my wife drank too much wine and asked me to take Victoria home instead. I obliged, and realizing I needed to write Victoria a check for her work, I quickly sat down at the kitchen table and opened the checkbook. As I was writing Victoria walked by, accidentally dropping some of her makeup on the floor. I couldn’t help but stare as she bent over to pick it up, giving me a view to die for. Her pleated skirt was just the right length, rising just high enough to give me a peak of a sexy black thong. I had an instant hard-on, and suddenly she caught my gaze and blushed. I continued writing, but we both knew that I had been looking and enjoying the view.

I drove her home after her little bending over incident, but she seemed extra interested in me in a way that she hadn’t happened before. She laughed at my mini-jokes that weren’t funny, she smiled at me, and I swear that she pressed those sexy breasts together just to give me a view as she sat in the passenger seat. In the weeks that followed the flirting continued, I even caught one glare from my wife, but I figured it was just playful fun. About eight weeks after my gaze, I drove Victoria home again. This time Victoria started asking about the health of my marriage and my sex life. I told her that I loved my wife, but our sex life was a bit boring. She said that was too bad, and then she told me about her sex life. Apparently she had a boyfriend who had gotten pretty serious, and the implicit message was that she wasn’t a virgin. They had a hard breakup three months back, and now Victoria was out on the prowl, looking for a decent man. She finished her story as we pulled up to her house, and I said “Ok, See ya next time.” As she got out, she smiled, her red bra was visible all the way around her low cut tank top, and she climbed out of the car. This time though, she gave me a deliberate view of her red panties. They were see through boy shorts that hugged her beautiful ass, and I nearly burst in my pants. We smiled at each other as she walked away; I rushed home to masturbate and fuck my wife.
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My Dirty Little Whore

I decide to surprise you and pick you up after the club. I park the car outside and while I wait I watch the pussy walking by and think about how I am going to have you tonight.

You exit the club with a tall attractive male. When I am about to attract your attention I notice your hand is on the guy’s ass and both of you are flirting shamelessly.

Standing right outside the club you pull the guy towards you and you begin kissing. He places his thigh between your legs and you rub yourself against him once before pulling down the hem of your figure-hugging short dress.

Taking him by the hand you lead your date into the alley.

I drive the car around the block and enter the alley from the opposite direction with my headlights off. I see your silhouette push the guy up against the wall and to my delight I see you drop to your knees in front of him.

In the darkness the car creeps silently closer until I have a perfect view of the two of you. Dirty lil slut I think to myself as I roll down the car window.

In the quiet of the alley I can hear you both moan and gasp and I can’t resist giving my swelling cock a firm squeeze.

Ohhhhh! Fuck! I hear your lover groan. I watch him push a hand down inside the front of your dress. Ohhhh Yes! You’re sucking me so good baby!

I watch you purposefully work his cock between your lips and listen to him moaning with pleasure. It doesn’t take you long to bring him off. Moments later he grunts hard and curses as his hips jerk uncontrollably.

Knowing how much you get off on having a guy unload in your mouth increases my enjoyment as I watch and I imagine just how wet your pussy must be right now as you hungrily swallow.

When you get to your feet I immediately switch on my headlights and start the car. I am surprised when you casually walk towards me and lean in through the car window.

Enjoy that Gary? You tease, giving me a wicked smile. I loved it. I confess, staring down the front of your dress. Now get in the back. You jump in and sit in the center of the back seat. I drive off and adjust the rear view mirror so that I can see you clearly.

You knew I was watching? I ask, as I turn onto the main street. Yes! It was such a turn-on to know you were watching and enjoying. And he had a beautiful big cock that I loved having in my mouth. You slut! I groan. Did he fuck your mouth good? I fucked him! You correct me. And I’ll bet it’s the best blowjob he’s ever had.
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Hen Night

So, it’s my hen night. I am getting married in 3 days! I am so excited and couldn’t wait. But tonight was about something else. The HEN NIGHT.

The girls had arranged it all, but they wouldn’t let me into the secret of what was planned.

My soon to be husband was in the house, it was a Friday 6pm, the girls had arrived so I told him politely to fuck off and let us have our fun. I could see he was pissed about it, but I didn’t care, I only planned to have one big hen night party.

The girls then revealed what I was to wear. It was too slutty, but I had agreed. It was a short-tight bride outfit, but short skirted so much that you could practically see my pussy. My tits too were practically hanging out. I wore a white veil, with the usual ‘L’ plate too, white stockings and suspenders that only reached my thighs and to finish off big stiletto high heels that were white.

I looked like a common tramp dressed all in white. Before we left for the taxi, I put on my make-up, a lot of blush for the cheeks for the whorish look, and bright red tart lipstick to finish off the agreed slutty look. I blew myself a kiss and we all walked out the door tottering on our high heels and looking like decked out sluts ready for anything.

We arrived at a club and we were soon dancing getting all the male attention. I was soon drunk too, guys were lining up to buy me drinks.

As I was dancing guys were touching my body, getting cheeky gropes and feels of my arse. I was loving it, and I was as wet as fuck. I decided right then I deserved one last fling before I got married, and tonight was got to be that night. Anyone would do, just a dirty quick fuck in the toilets to see me off.

Me and the girls were totally pissed out of our heads, and some were starting to call it a night. I didn’t want to leave and I was begging them to stay, I couldn’t believe they wanted to leave me on my hen night, but it was late, about 2am. I refused to leave, and luckily for me some guys who I had danced with said they would look after me. I thought fuck it, why not, my hen night, i’ll do what I want. My friends pleaded with me to go with them, but I refused.

So, me and the boys, six in all went back to their place. We got a taxi. Once in the taxi the boys started fondling my tits, playing with my pussy and kissing me. The taxi driver kept getting an eyeful, he must have thought I was such a whore. But…on a girls hen night, you are allowed to be the whore just once!

When I got to theirs, the suprise for me was that they also had another half dozen friends there. There was easily twelve guys all there, and once I was in their apartment, it soon got heated. One guy called out,

“Who is the slut”
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Double D Surprise

Thank God, it’s Friday. It had been a long time since I had a week this busy, but at least I closed five of my fourteen open cases. It would take a lot to get me off the couch this weekend. Just as I finished packing for the day, the annoying sound of a ringing phone filled the room. “Fuck!” I almost didn’t answer it. “Good afternoon, Jonny speaking.”

“Hey, Jonny, how’s it going?” I didn’t recognize the woman’s voice.

“I’m fine. Who is this?”

“I figured you wouldn’t recognize my voice. I’ll give you a hint… Bar exam celebration.”

Those three words were all I needed to identify the caller. “Annie Stevens. How’s it going?”

“It’s going ok. Still fighting crime,” she laughed.

“Are you still in Vancouver?”

“I’m actually in Toronto. I have a conference here next week. I’m here with Barbie Bradley.” My cock hardened. I knew my weekend plans had changed.

“So you and Barbie are here for the entire week. Man, you’re stirring some memories, Annie; and that’s not the only thing stirring,” I laughed.

“We arrived about a half-hour ago. We were hoping we didn’t miss you. We have conference plans tonight, but tomorrow afternoon we’re free. Let’s meet.”

“Sounds great. My place or your hotel?”

“Your place is fine. Barbie and me were talking about our little Bar exam escapades.”

“Yeah, we had a lot of fun. Just thinking about it makes me hard.” My mind raced, thinking of Annie and Barbie.

Annie would be twenty-nine. We became good friends during our first year of Law school. I found her attractive, but we never dated. She was a small lady, standing about five foot three inches with shoulder-length dark brown hair. Her body was exquisite with a round ass begging for a fuck. Her tits were small A-cup. Even though we didn’t fool around until after Law school, we talked openly about our sex lives. She was a little shy, but revealed she loved giving sloppy blowjobs and loved having an audience.

Her friend Barbara, who everyone called Barbie, was also in our Law class. She was one of the youngest in the class and would be twenty-seven. The name Barbie fit the body. She was about five foot eight inches with straight blonde hair down to the middle of her back. She was extremely fit with a nice tight ass and big, firm tits. I was immediately attracted to her, especially because of her double-D assets. I never fooled around with her either until the night of the Bar exam, but Annie knew I wanted her. Annie knew I loved big tits and always teased me about wanting Barbie.

“We definitely worked up a sweat that night,” answered Annie. “I loved how Barbie sat on the couch and watched you fuck me for the first half-hour. You drilled my pussy.”

“Yeah, you sure know how to perform for an audience, Annie. Do you still like having an audience?”

“Definitely. If I hadn’t become a lawyer, I’d be a porn star,” laughed Annie. “What about you? Do you still like big tits?”

“Affirmative. I love them more now than I did in Law school,” I laughed.

“Remember how you screwed Barbie’s tits. You couldn’t get enough of her big tits.”

“Fuck, they are amazing. Annie, I’m about to explode over here.”

“Watching you fuck her tits made me wish you had fucked mine, but my little A-cuppers wouldn’t cut it,” giggled Annie. “Anyway, we’re meeting people for dinner in a few minutes.”

“Ok, you guys have fun tonight, but not too much fun,” I kidded.

“Ok, we’ll see you tomorrow. Jonny, I have a surprise for you, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow. See ya.” Annie hung up and all I could think about was the fun the three of us would have tomorrow. My cock throbbed and needed relief.

I finally arrived home at about seven o’clock. Friday traffic is horrendous. My throbbing cock wouldn’t wait, so I pulled down my pants and sat on the couch. It wouldn’t take long to cum. I slowly rubbed the pre-cum on my shaft, making it nice and slick. I jerked my cock, thinking of Barbie and Annie and me, the night of the Bar exam. My cock in their mouths, in their cunts, in their asses, watching them eat each other’s pussies, watching the lust on Annie’s face as I pounded her best friend’s big, meaty tits. Fuck, I was so close.

“Damn. I wish I didn’t have to waste this load,” I muttered. “Hey, maybe Kristy is working tonight.” I grabbed the phone and called the pizza place. Kristy was a delivery girl for the pizza place I liked best. Every time she delivered to me, I always tipped her with my cock. I called and asked if Kristy was working tonight. Yes! She was. My cock would wait another thirty minutes.

The buzzer rang. I unlocked the door and saw Kristy in all her slutty splendor. The nineteen-year-old wore a tight black t-shirt that snuggly fit her big tits and a pair of white low-riding sweatpants. A white thong was clearly visible above the top of the pants. Her shoulder-length red hair was in pigtails and looked damn good. “Your pie is here,” she said in a slutty, little girl voice. “But we’re out of salami.”

“Don’t worry. I have my own salami. Maybe you can help me with it,” I said as I closed the door behind her. Kristy put the pizza box on the counter and I immediately pushed her against the wall, kissing her open mouth. Our tongues played, as I held her hands above her head against the wall.

“It’s been a while since you ordered a pizza,” moaned Kristy as I bit her tits through her shirt. I spun her, still holding her against the wall. She offered her ass, her chest pressed against the wall. Her big tits pushed the sides of her shirt outwards. I kneeled behind her and put my face into her ass, pulling off her sweats to reveal her thong. “God, my cunt is so wet.” I pulled down her thong, letting her kick it aside. I returned to her ass and spread her cheeks, revealing her shaved snatch and pink little asshole. I forced two fingers into her pussy, making her squeal with pleasure.

While I fingered her cunt, I forced my tongue into her asshole. “Oh yeah, eat my asshole.” She must have been very horny, because it didn’t take long to make her cum. “Fuck my cunt.” I stood and dropped my pants, revealing my rock-hard prick. The pre-cum flowed; I stood on the edge of an orgasm only a half hour ago. I slid into Kristy’s pussy in one easy stroke. She arched her back and offered her ass to my assault. “Fuck me hard,” moaned Kristy as I pounded her cunt. “Your cock feels good. Fuck it hard. Make me cum!”

I wouldn’t last long. I pulled my cock out of her and drove into her pussy. I thrust a few more times and we exploded in orgasm. My cock shot spurted into Kristy’s well-fucked cunt as she squealed in orgasm. “Holy fuck, Kristy. That was hot,” I moaned as I slowly worked my prick out of her pussy.

Kristy spun and took me into her hot mouth, cleaning my cock. “We taste so good together,” she said in between sucks. She stood and dressed. “I have another delivery,” she said before giving me a kiss and heading out the door. I stood with my cock slowly deflating and glistening in the light.

“Well, that should keep me happy until tomorrow,” I laughed.

I could barely sleep last night, thinking of what was in store for me today. The buzzer rang at about 1:30. I went to the door and opened it. Barbie was in front looking as hot as ever. Her blonde hair was a little shorter than I remembered, but still looked great. She wore a pink tracksuit. The top’s zipper halfway down revealed a white bra struggling to contain her big tits. “Hey, Jonny,” was all she said before planting a big wet kiss on me. Her hand went straight to my cock and squeezed.

She let go and I looked at the door. Annie wore a white tank top and Capri pants. She looked the same as I remembered. Her dark brown hair was in a ponytail and her ass was as round as ever. However, there was one huge difference. Her tits spilled from her tight tank top. “Surprise,” laughed Annie. I could only imagine the look on my face as I stared at Annie’s big tits. “You like?” She asked.

“Holy fuck, Annie! I love them,” I exclaimed. I squeezed her big, firm tits as Annie moved her hand to my crotch. “These are amazing. When did you get them?”

“About three months ago,” she said, pushing her tits together. The sight was outstanding. “They’re exactly what you like – double-D.”

“So, is having your tits fucked as much fun as you expected?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I haven’t got them fucked yet,” answered Annie with a sinister grin.

“Not yet? That’s why you got them, isn’t it,” I laughed.

“Oh, it definitely is, but I wanted you to be the first to fuck them.” My cock became the hardest it had ever been when Annie said that. “Do you know how many guys have wanted to fuck my tits since I got them?”

“I can only imagine,” I grinned.

“I wanted to let them fuck my tits, but I wanted you to be the first.” In my ear, Annie whispered, “I want you to fuck my virgin tits, Jonny.” I almost creamed my pants. I kissed Annie aggressively, driving my tongue deep into her mouth. As we kissed, Barbie came to us, put one hand on my crotch and the other on Annie’s pussy. I kissed Barbie as she rubbed my prick. Annie squeezed Barbie’s double-Ds. Barbie kissed Annie and ensured I saw their tongues intertwine. The three of us squirmed with lust as we kissed and fondled each other.

“I need to feel it between my tits,” said Annie as she pulled away from us. Barbie made her way to the couch and sat down, ready for the live tit-fuck show about to begin. Annie removed her shorts revealing her drooling pussy. The lips were shaven clean with a little tuft of hair above her cunny.

“Get on your knees,” I said as I removed my pants. Annie knelt in front of me, naked from the waist down. Her big tits stretched the tank top she wore. Her hard nipples tried desperately to poke through the front. She was obviously not wearing a bra. Naked, I stood in front of Annie. I took my cock in my hand and slapped Annie’s tits through her shirt.

“Oh yes, Jonny. Spank my bad, dirty tits,” moaned Annie as she fingered her pussy. “Spit into my cleavage. Make them nice and slick so you can pound them.” I squeezed her tits together and spat into her cleavage. On target, it oozed into her cavernous cleavage. With my cock, I rubbed the saliva on her jugs, making them slippery for my upcoming tit fuck. “Jonny, screw my virgin tits,” she begged. She wrapped her tits around my cock with such force that more pre-cum oozed. The sensation was fabulous as my pole glided between her slippery jugs. Annie’s eyes never left the action, watching every stroke. Barbie watched the show. She worked her tits with one hand; the other in her pants fingered her steamy snatch. I wished her pants were off so I could see it going in and out.

“Oh God, Jonny. Fuck them hard and fast,” moaned Annie as she took her first tit-fuck. I increased the pace and pounded her jugs. My thighs slapped the bottom of her boobs and my balls dragged against her stomach. I went so fast, my cock slipped from between her tit-clutch. I sucked her tits, coating them with as much spit as possible. I tasted my pre-cum that collected in her cleavage. The saltiness of my juice made my mouth water and I coated her jugs with even more saliva. I returned to kissing Annie for a moment. “Put it back. Fuck my tits and cum between them.”

Annie took my cock quickly into her mouth and worked saliva onto my prick. She was still on her knees, but leaning back on her hands. I placed my boner between her soaking tits; my hands wrapped her jugs around my cock. Her tit flesh enveloped my prick and I began fucking them again. “That’s it, Annie. You like getting your tits screwed?”

“Oh yeah. Fuck them. Slide your big cock in my cleavage. Fuck, I’m cumming,” screamed Annie as my cock caused her first tit-fucking orgasm.

Seeing her cum by having my cock thrusting in her tit-trap threw me over the edge as well. “Fuck, Annie, I’m cumming,” I bellowed.

“Oh yeah, Jonny, cum between her big tits,” moaned Barbie, who had her top off, but still wore her bra. She also had her pants off. She pulled aside her panties and forced two fingers into her pink cunt. Looking at Barbie, I squeezed Annie’s jugs around my cock and thrust into her cleavage. My cock shot a jet of jizz into her soft tit flesh. As my thrust pushed the head of my cock out the top of her cleavage, another explosion sent a strand of steaming cum onto Annie’s neck, leaving a nice pearl necklace. I continued fucking her tits and depositing my load in her cleavage, neck, and face. After about ten bursts of cum, my cock was spent. I left it resting in Annie’s cleavage.

“Holy fuck, Jonny. That was one of the hottest things I’ve ever experienced,” moaned Annie. She removed my cock from her tit-flesh. My semen dripped from her tits, neck, and face. “Why don’t you come clean my tits,” said Annie, motioning Barbie. Barbie crawled to us and lapped at Annie’s dripping tits. She took my slippery cock into her mouth, cleaning it as well.

“I love the taste of fresh cum, especially off a nice set of freshly fucked tits,” grinned Barbie. “After watching you fuck her tits, I need it between mine too,” said Barbie.

“Oh don’t worry, I’ll definitely pound your tits; but let’s get my cock hard again. As I worked my cock, Annie and Barbie, still kneeling in front of me, began making out. Annie removed Barbie’s bra, letting her fleshy tits burst from their confinement. Annie’s hands worked Barbie’s tits like fresh dough. The show was exciting and my cock regained its composure. The girls saw my cock was semi-hard and focused their attention on my rod. As Annie sucked her tits, Barbie cocked her head to the side so she could take my prick into her mouth. She began by sucking my cockhead. She sucked so hard; I thought she would suck out my innards. She took more and more of my semi-hard prick into her throat. I placed my hands on Barbie’s head as she swallowed my sword. She played with her slutty cunt as she sucked my prick. Annie sucked her tits but positioned herself so she could take me into her mouth. In one stroke, my cock disappeared into her throat. Barbie slid the hand fingering her cunt into her mouth and sucked her juicy fingers. “I taste so good,” she said putting her fingers into her pussy again. She removed them and slid them into my mouth, letting me suck her cum-covered fingers.

“You do taste good you little slut,” I said. I fucked Annie’s mouth, as she fingered her cunt. “I bet your cunts are ready for some nice hard cock,” realizing I was completely hard. Barbie laid on her stomach, her big tits squishing into the floor. She raised her ass slightly, revealing her asshole and shaved snatch to Annie and me by moving her thong to one side. Annie drove her tongue into Barbie’s puffy pussy.

“Oh yeah, Annie, eat my dripping cunt. Get it nice and hot for Jonny’s hard cock,” cooed Barbie spreading her ass cheeks apart. “Kiss Jonny, let him taste my cunt,” commanded Barbie. Annie forced her tongue into my mouth, letting me taste Barbie’s cunt. Barbie’s juices covered her lips and she smeared them on my mouth as well.

“Eat her asshole. Taste her ass, Annie,” I ordered. Annie returned to Barbie’s spread cheeks and forced her tongue onto her puckered anus. The sight of Annie eating Barbie’s tight ass drove me mad. I still jerked my cock, keeping it nice and hard for the girls. I told Annie to move aside. She did and I positioned over Barbie’s ass, easing my prick into her waiting pussy.

“Fuck it. Fuck my tight little cunt. Fuck it nice and hard,” screamed Barbie as I pumped her whore-cunt. Annie had her face right in the action, watching my cock piston into the blonde’s cunt. Barbie enthusiastically bucked her ass as I thrust forward. Now on her hands and knees, she took my cock deep into her pussy. She spun around and looked at Annie and I. “I want to taste it,” and she swallowed my cock, getting the same taste that Annie had earlier. I grabbed Barbie’s head. She was on all fours facing me and I began fucking her face. She positioned her head so that my cock could easily slide down her throat with each thrust.

I moved to the couch and sat on the edge with my legs spread wide, my cock sticking straight into the air. “Come ride this prick,” I said to Annie. She came to me and turned away from me, lowering her cunt onto my cock. Using one hand, she spread her pussy lips, letting Barbie see my cock slip into her cunt. Her pussy felt so tight around my fat cock. She slowly eased down onto my cock and rode it. Both hands moved to her big tits and squeezed them together as she bounced on my cock.

“Ride his big cock. Slam your cunt down on his hard cock,” commanded Barbie who bobbed her head in rhythm to the action. She positioned under Annie and me, so she could lick my balls and Annie’s clit. Annie bounced on my cock, taking me deep into her pussy. My cock slipped from her cunt and Barbie took me into her mouth. She sucked my freshly fucked cock for a while before Annie begged for it in her cunt again. Barbie played with her pussy as she licked my cock while it slid in and out of the brunette’s pink pussy. “God, I love tasting your cock as it fucks Annie’s tight cunt. The smell of her cunt is intoxicating.” My cock slipped from Annie’s cunt again and Barbie stuck her tongue quickly into Annie’s gaping pussy, feeling it collapse around her tongue. My cock was soaked with the two girl’s cunt juice. Annie slid up my stomach a bit to make room for Barbie.

“Barbie, jerk him with your tits. Wrap your big soft boobs around his prick and jerk him. It’s so nice and wet with our cunt juice.” With that, Barbie, who knelt at the base of the couch, moved her tits to my waiting cock. She trapped it between her sweaty tits and moved her body up and down, causing my cock to fuck her cleavage. “I forgot how good your cock felt between my big meaty tits, Jonny.”

“Fuck yeah, Barbie, jerk my cock between your nice, big tits,” I moaned as she continued fucking me with her tits. Annie still straddled my stomach and played with her cunt as she watched her friend jerk me with her boobs. I moved my hand to Annie’s ass and played with her puckered asshole. “Fuck, your ass is looking good,” I said as I slowly worked a finger into it.

“God, Jonny, fingerfuck my ass. Get it ready for your cock. Remember how you fucked my ass so hard that night. You stretched my ass so wide. I felt opened for days and it reminded me what you did to me.” I had my entire index finger deep in Annie’s ass. I removed it and sucked it, making it nice and slippery with my saliva. I returned to her ass and continued fingering it.

Barbie bounced up and down, fucking me with her jugs. Her tits felt amazing wrapped around my boner. She released my cock from her tits and rubbed it on them. My cock leaked pre-cum and she coated her boobs with my lubricant. “Rub my head on your nipples,” I said. Barbie did as I said and rubbed the head of my cock over her hard nipples. Barbie tried to force one of her nipples into the opening of my cock. It felt so good.

Annie, whose ass was nice and loose, moved her head down to Barbie’s big jugs and sucked them. “Your tits smell like my cunt. The smell of cunt makes me so horny,” said Annie as I continued driving my finger into her ass. “I want you in my ass.”

Annie moved to the couch, her hands on the back and knees on the cushions with her ass facing the edge. She reached around and spread her ass cheeks, showing me her loosened asshole. My mouth went to her ass and lapped at her slightly gaping asshole. “I’m going to fuck your ass so good,” I moaned as I placed my cock at the opening of her backdoor. I slowly pushed my prick into her ass, giving her time to become accustomed to the anal assault. She pushed on my cock, helping me enter her bowels. “God your asshole is so tight.” Annie’s round ass looked amazing, pushed outward, with her back arched. I was able to force my entire length into her asshole. I let it sit for a moment and pulled out completely. Her asshole gaped and I licked her where I just had my dripping cock. I returned and drove my cock back into Annie’s ass. Barbie positioned herself with the back of her head against the front of the couch, between my legs, and directly under Annie’s cunt and ass. She had a great view of my cock driving deep. Annie bucked her ass back as I thrust forward, determined to get me as deep into her ass as possible.

“Pull it from her ass, Jonny. Show me how wide it can gape,” asked Barbie, whose hand played with her own cunt. I pulled my cock from Annie’s asshole. She used both of her hands to keep her ass spread, making sure it stayed wide open, letting Barbie and I see into her ass. It was definitely wide open. Her freshly fucked ass looked so good. I put my cock back into her ass, as deep as it would go.

“Taste his cock from my ass,” moaned Annie. I pulled my cock from her asshole and pointed it downward to Barbie’s waiting mouth. She moved her head slightly and took my prick into her mouth, directly from Annie’s little asshole. As she sucked my cock, I leaned towards Annie’s ass and made out with her gaping hole. I pulled my cock from Barbie’s hot mouth and put it back into Annie’s sloppy ass. Barbie tilted her head back so she could eat Annie’s cunt while I pounded her asshole. I pulled my cock from her asshole again and went straight into Barbie’s mouth for a few fucks. After giving her a taste of cock and ass, I returned to Annie’s backdoor and fucked it again. I continued this back and forth for a good ten minutes.

As I fucked Annie’s ass, Barbie’s big tits were in plain view. Her big sweaty tits looked terribly inviting and I knew I was close to blowing my load again. I pulled my cock from Annie’s ass and she quickly spun and took me into her mouth. She sucked my ass-cock as Barbie sat next to Annie on the couch with her legs spread. Barbie played with her puffy cunt as Annie continued working my cock into her throat. “Get my cock nice and wet, so I can screw Barbie’s big boobs.” I told Annie to sit on the floor between Barbie’s legs. Once she was in position, I stood so I my legs were on either side of Annie, and my cock bounced in front of Barbie’s sweaty tits.

“Come on, Jonny. Put that big hard prick right here,” said Barbie in a nice, slutty voice as she forced her big tits together. The tit-flesh squashed together, showing me where to put my cock. She released her tits and I put my cock into her waiting cleavage. She closed them around my boner and I immediately pumped my cock into her tit-meat. “Oh yeah, fuck my big, sweaty jugs.”

Annie played with her cunt as she sat right in the middle of this tit-fuck extravaganza. My ass often brushed the top of her head as I fucked Barbie’s tit-tunnel she created. I pulled my cock from Barbie’s tit-trap and pointed it downwards towards Annie’s head. She knew exactly what to do. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth. I lowered my cock into her mouth, and straight down into her throat. I fucked her mouth for a bit and pulled out. Annie worked my cock with her mouth, covering my Johnson with her saliva. She showed Barbie and me how she loved giving sloppy head. My cock dripped with her spit. “Now put it back between her tits and fuck them like you fucked mine,” moaned Annie. One hand went straight to her cunt and the other to Barbie’s cunt. My cock returned to Barbie’s cleavage.

The amount of spit that Annie had coated my boner with was amazing and a great lubricant for me to screw Barbie’s tits. Barbie had her fingers crossed as she held her breasts around my pumping cock. “Screw my tits. Force-feed your cock to my meaty tits. I pounded Barbie’s tits like a madman. My hips slapped the bottom of her tits and made a huge racket. “Oh God, Jonny, fuck them fast and hard. Pound me between my tits. Fuck them. Screw my huge tits. Pound my double-Ds with your hard boner.”

As I pounded her sweat and spit soaked tits, she erupted in a massive orgasm, causing her body to shake with pleasure. “That’s it, Baby. You little tit-fucking slut, you’re cumming by getting a nice hard cock between your big tits. That’s it; take my hard cock between your fleshy tits. I bet all the guys want to fuck your tits, don’t they.”

“Oh God, yeah.”

“And you let them don’t you. You let them slide their cocks between your tits.”

“Yes, Jonny, I’ll let anyone fuck my tits. I’m a cock slut who likes getting her tits screwed.”

I pulled my cock from her tits and Annie again took me into her mouth. She soaked me again with her spit. “Get back between her jugs cream hers like you creamed in mine, Baby.” Annie moved and sat next to Barbie for a good view of the finale. Barbie invited me back into her cleavage. My cock was a rod of nerves as I returned into her tit-tunnel. The blonde’s soft tits completely enveloped my cock. My balls dragged against her tummy as I thrust between her boobs. The smell of sex was overpowering, and the sounds of moans and tit fucking probably made the neighbors wonder what was happening. I looked at Annie who kneaded her tits as I fucked Barbie’s cleavage. “Come on, Jonny, shoot your thick load into her cleavage.” Both chicks looked at me with the most sinister looks. Between watching Annie touch herself and feeling my prick slide between Barbie’s giant knockers, my time was done.

“Here it comes,” I yelled as my prick erupted in yet another cum volcano. I blasted in Barbie’s cleavage. As my load splashed her tit flesh, she once again exploded in orgasm. I looked at Annie who shook in orgasm from mauling her own breasts. I continued pumping my cock between Barbie’s tits as I deposited my load into her cleavage. I pulled from her tit-tunnel and jerked my cock into her open mouth, letting the last few spurts land on her tongue.

“Those look tasty,” moaned Annie as her mouth sought the cum-covered tits of the blonde. She took one into her mouth as I took the other. We both cleaned her tits, sucking the cum I shot on her. Barbie watched us lap at her soaking tits, relishing the feeling of our mouths on her freshly fucked tits. I gathered a nice collection of jizz on my tongue; Barbie took my tongue into her mouth, eating the cum. Annie and I made out as well. Everyone relaxed, feeling each other and making out.

“Man guys, I’m glad you came to Toronto this week. Thanks for sharing your new tits with me, Annie. That was a great surprise.”

“We knew you would like it,” answered Barbie.

Annie looked at Barbie and me. “I’m glad to finally have my inaugural tit fuck. Now, all those guys who want to slide their pricks between my tits can have their chance,” said Annie.

“Hey, maybe we could all do it together,” I laughed. Just imagine a bunch of us guys taking turns screwing your tits. Fuck that would be hot,” I recommended.

Annie thought about it for a few seconds. “That does sound fun doesn’t it? Maybe we should organize a nice little tit-fuck gang-bang.” We laughed and made plans.

Kiss My Ass

It had been a good night. Although I generally dislike being the third wheel, I usually enjoy going out with my roommate Kyle and his girlfriend Shannon. We always have fun, even if we do tend to drink a little too much and this night was no exception.

“I’m telling you, she wanted you!” Shannon said, giving me a playful punch on the shoulder. “You should have talked to her!

“Whatever,” I answered, fumbling with my keys.

“Hurry up and open the damn door!” Kyle slurred impatiently. “I think I’m going to be sick again!”

Shannon stuck her bottom lip out in mock sympathy and patted her drunken boyfriend on the head.

“Awww, poor baby,” she purred. “Did you drink a little too much?”

We all knew the answer to that question, as Kyle had already puked twice since we left the bar. In fact, it looked like number three was on its way.

As soon as I opened the door, Kyle pushed past me, holding his hand over his mouth and charging straight for the bathroom. Me and Shannon exchanged amused looks as my roommate could be heard puking his guts out in our bathroom.

“Seriously,” she began. “You really should have talked to that girl.”

I just shook my head. Shannon was always trying to hook me up with girls on our little outings, but for the most part I end up talking to her. It was like she was just one of the guys. I could talk to her about anything, which is more than I could say for most females.

“Maybe you should have put in a good word for me,” I said slumping down on the couch.

“Maybe you should get your balls re-attached!” she countered with a smile.

Just then we heard the toilet flush as Kyle stumbled out of the bathroom, wiping his mouth.

“You okay baby?” Shannon asked as her boyfriend turned and made his way to his bedroom.

“Well, goodnight,” I said standing up from my comfy seat.

Shannon turned and looked at me with a confused expression.

“What do you mean “Goodnight”? She asked. “You and I are going to have another drink!”

“Aren’t’t you tired?” I asked, running my hands through my hair.

“The night is still young,” she countered. “Unless you’re not up to it.”

“Oh, I’m up to it!”

“Good. Then get me a drink!”

Shannon dropped onto the couch as I went to the fridge. As I was searching for something with alcohol in it, I heard Kyle’s door shut. I knew he was out for the night.

“Hey, you have scrabble!” Shannon exclaimed, noticing the game sitting on top of the TV.

“Yeah. So.”

“Let’s play.”


“Yes! Why, are you scared?”

I laughed.

“If you beat me at scrabble,” I said. “I’ll kiss your ass!”

“I’ll hold you to that,” Shannon said, taking the game off the TV. “Now where’s my drink?”

“Is wine okay?” I asked. “It’s all we have.”

“Red or White?”


“Sure, let’s have it.”

A few minutes later Shannon and I were sitting on the living room floor around a Scrabble board, each with a glass of wine. She had always been kind of a flirt, although she was being especially flirty that night, with plenty of sexual innuendos. I had always been attracted to Shannon, although I had never even thought about making a move on her. After all, she was my best friend’s girlfriend. However, I couldn’t’t deny the fact that she turned me on. With her light brown hair and glowing green eyes, she could enchant any man. Her perfect facial features were complimented by a firm, athletic but petite body that I was beginning to fantasize about having pressed up against me. Her figure was exemplified by her choice of clothing that night. As if to torture me, and any other heterosexual male that laid eyes on her, she was wearing a pair of those tight black yoga pants that all the young women seem to have these days. The pants were sitting low enough on her hips to allow a few glimpses of T-bar and a bit of tanned midsection. The pants were complimented by a matching top that showcased her modest, but firm breasts.

About three glasses of wine later, Shannon was severely kicking my ass. I looked down at her as she lay on her side with her head in her hand, studying her game pieces, looking cuter every minute.

“There,” she said triumphantly, putting two tiles down on the board to form the word “rim”.
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Are You A Virgin

“BRIAN! Can you give me a ride to work? I’m going to be late,” Carmen asked while she raced to get dressed.

“My car is dead, I don’t know what’s up with it,” Brian said.

“Fuck! I’ll never make it if I walk. I can’t be late again, John will fucking fire me for sure this time.”

“No he won’t, just suck his dick or something.”

“I have been sucking his dick but some other bitch has been spending a lot of time in his office and I think he’s getting it from her now. Although I don’t think she is over eighteen and I can threaten to tell the cops or some shit,” Carmen thought out-loud.

“I guess,” Brian shrugged.

Carmen finished getting dressed and ran out the door. Carmen had the kind of perfectly thick and curvy body that made your dick jump when she walked by. She is 23, has 32 DD tits, long dark hair, thick hips and a fat bouncy ass. After about 15 minutes Carmen arrived at the movie theater and went straight to John’s office.

“John, sorry I’m late, do you want to fuck me up the ass again? Pull your dick out. OH! I’m sorry I was looking for John,” Carmen said shocked to see an older blonde woman sitting at John’s desk.

“You must be Carmen, we had to let John go this morning and I’m afraid that we are going to have to let you go as well sweetie. I’m really sorry and since I do not have a dick I think we are done here,” the new theater manager explained. Carmen turned around, without saying another word, and walked out to the parking lot.

“Fuck, I can’t believe this shit, now what the hell?” Carmen mumbled to herself.


Carmen turned to look at who was calling out to her and saw Roberto. Carmen had recently met Roberto at a party and ended up in a threesome with him and one of his friends.

“Hey Roberto, how you been?”

“I’m doing good but you don’t look so happy.”

“I just got fired from my shitty job.”

“You should come hang out at my pad and get your mind off this shit.”

“Alright that sounds chill.” Carmen followed Roberto to his car. He was driving an old beat up Nova. Roberto’s friend Johnny was sitting in the passenger seat texting on his phone. The back seat was full of laundry and boxes.

“You’re going to have to ride up front with Johnny Carmen,” Roberto said.

“It’s cool but your friend looks like he’s fifteen, are you sure he can handle me on his lap?” Carmen said as she eyed Johnny up.

“He just looks really young but the fucker turned eighteen a few months ago.”

“Don’t be scared girl, come sit that fine ass on my lap, Johnny said while he motioned Carmen to have a seat. Carmen sat down on Johnny’s lap and leaned back. Johnny placed his right hand on Carmen’s leg and his left on her hip. The road to Roberto’s apartment was short but Johnny had gotten a boner and Carmen could feel it poking her ass. They got out of the car and made their way up the stairs and went into the apartment. Roberto grabbed some beers and the three of them sat on the couch.

“So why did you get fired?” Johnny asked.

“I was late too many times.”

“Why didn’t you suck his dick?” Roberto asked half joking.

“I was going to but he was fired too and some lady was there in his place.”

“You would have sucked his dick!” Johnny asked with eyes wide open.

“To keep my job I would, plus I love to suck dick anyway.”

“Damn, must be nice to be your boss,” Johnny said as he felt his dick start to get hard.

“You know Carmen, Johnny’s a virgin,” Roberto chimed in.

“WHAT! You are?” Carmen smiled.


“Why don’t you go and show him how good you can suck a dick?” Roberto suggested.

“You want me to suck your dick little boy?”

“Um Uh you will? Uh…I mean hell yeah I do,” Johnny mumbled nervously. Carmen crawled over to Johnny’s lap and unzipped his pants. She pulled his cock out and started to stroke it.

“Oh fuck yes,” Johnny moaned.
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