Rachels Cocktail Party

Rachel sat at her dresser, putting the finishing touches to her make up and admiring herself in the mirror. Her husband, Edward had told her he was bringing three of his colleagues back from work for cocktails and snacks in the early evening and she was making sure she looked her best for this Cocktail Party.

She had put on a red party dress over matching red silk panties and a bra, the underwear she had chosen was brief, the panties little more than a thong, so it wouldn’t show though her dress. The dress showed off her slim figure well and emphasized her breasts she thought, and added a touch of elegance, it flared slightly in the skirt and the hem was just above her knees.

She carefully selected jewelry, diamond earrings and a full pearl necklace. She was especially impressed with the necklace; it was a present from Edward and consisted of a complete string of large pearls which reached around her elegant neck.

As it was warm outside, she decided to go bare legged and put on her black sandals with heels. Her black hair went well with the dress, she put in her diamond ear studs and a gold necklace and considered the effect in the mirror. “Hmm, not bad” she said. Finally she clipped her hair up in an elegant style.

She reflected on the past two years, she was twenty-four and since she met Edward, had settled down to a steady life with him. She had a bit of a past, but all of that was behind her now and Edward seemed happy for her to stay at home and keep house and occasionally organize drinks or supper parties for his many work colleagues and travel with him whenever he went abroad.

In the daytime when she was not with Edward, she worked out regularly at her gym or took their dog for walks. “Not a bad life” she decided. She went downstairs and busied herself preparing small snacks and arranging the drinks glasses and plates.

While she was busy she thought about Edward and his work colleagues, she had met one or two of them, mostly older than her, probably in their mid thirties or older she thought. She wondered exactly what they all did at work. She thought about her relationship with Edward. A strange but loving relationship she thought. Recently they had discussed their desires and fantasies in some detail.

Car tires scrunched on the gravel drive outside and she heard laughter and car doors banging, then the front door opened and the men arrived, Edward, as ever, leading the way. After kissing her, he introduced his colleagues. “These are three of my friends from work” he said “Tony, George and Andrew”.

They were all smartly dressed but in a casual style with open necked shirts and sports jackets. They seemed to get on very well together, as if they had known each other from years ago, perhaps thought Rachel they went to school together and played football or some similar game together.

She went to the bar in the corner of the room and offered to get them all a drink. She mixed up the cocktails while the men carried on talking, they were joking about something that had happed during the day.

They all relaxed into the leather chairs Edward had purchased from somewhere in Africa. Rachel loved the smell and soft comfort of the upholstery. The conversation continued, buoyed by the alcohol perhaps. Rachel felt as if she was drifting, only occasionally catching up with the conversation. The leather felt soft, supporting Rachel’s thighs, her legs moved slightly open.

She suddenly realized that they were talking about sex in a way that surprised her. Edward was telling the others about an act of sex that they had performed a few evenings ago in the intimacy of their bedroom. She had never expected that he would relate the event to others especially in her company, she was shocked. The others joined in the conversation with some intimate details about their partners. Despite her initial reaction, Rachel could not help getting very aroused by their lewd conversation.

Without warning Edward said “stand up Rachel, we’ve something we want you to do for us”. He got up to help her, and the others remained seated. Edward produced a thin silk scarf from his pocket, stood behind her and whispered in her ear “I think you will enjoy this, darling, though you are free to say stop if you don’t want this to continue”. She was intrigued by this, what did he mean?

She felt unable (or was it unwilling?) to resist and went along with his wishes. He proceeded, to her great surprise, to tie her hands behind her with the silk scarf. The position of her hands constrained her to stand upright with her breasts thrust outwards, she felt strangely vulnerable, but secure with Edward there to support her.

The other men looked at her with admiration. In a very sudden and unexpected move, Edward pushed her towards one of the low backed leather chairs and made her kneel on two low stools he had positioned close to the back of one of the leather chairs.

He then pushed her gently so that she bent forwards over the back of the chair. The chair back sloped gently forwards, supporting her upper body. Her face, turned sideways, and shoulders rested on the ample leather cushion of the chair. Because of the constraint of her hands in the silk scarf binding, the position arched her back so that her buttocks were offered to the men. She wondered what was to happen next. She suddenly realized that Edward was acting out one of the fantasies that she had described to him. Would he act it out completely as she had described?

Her red skirt dress had ridden up so that the tops of her thighs were exposed at the back. Edward slowly drew up the dress and folded it over her back. Her ass cheeks and the skimpy red silk panties were exposed for all the men to see.

Edward pushed the stools supporting her knees apart so that the thin strip of silk covering her intimate area was fully on view and stretched tight. The men drew closer in, to view. The outline of her sex could be seen faintly through the slight bulge of the material. Rachel thought about what was happening, she knew she could, if she wished have objected to her treatment and got up and walked out. However she felt strangely relaxed and intrigued as to what was to happen next.

The taught strip of red material stretched between her spread buttocks was all that hid her intimate area from the gaze of the men. Then she felt Edward’s hand on the waist elastic of her panties, surely he wasn’t going to….? With an abrupt move he snatched at the material, she felt a sharp pain from the over-stretched elastic, then it gave way, he released the scrap of material and what was left slid down her left leg to the knee.

The men’s breathing had become heavy as the took in the sight of the beautiful young woman with her buttocks spread wide open to their view. Edward caressed her outer vaginal lips gently, then his fingers became more insistent and penetrated her moistening vagina.

Rachel was surprised at herself as the probing fingers aroused her. The room was quiet apart form the men’s breathing and the faint slicking noise of Edward’s fingers in her cunt. She could see from the corner of her eye that the men had pulled their cocks out of their trousers, exposing their balls at the same time.

Edward was talking in very graphic and crude terms about her body, particularly the area that was on display to the other men. His fingers had opened her inner vaginal lips like a flower, exposing her cunt hole, which gaped slightly open, below which the faint brush of her pubic hair could be seen. The dark, puckered ring of her anus was on full display. “I think she’s ready for us” he said.

One of the other men, Tony, moved over and Edward stepped aside. Rachel felt the hotness of his erect knob probing her outer vagina, forcing its way, and with a swift thrust he had penetrated her, she groaned slightly with surprise. He adjusted his footing and thrust again, this time penetrating her hard and deep.

The other men applauded. Tony withdrew, almost fully, to thrust again. The men could see her inner lips being pulled in and out and stretched tight around the engorged cock. “Arrgh!” groaned Rachel, in surprise and with pleasure as the hard knob penetrated her deeply again and again.

Tony grunted and came in her after only a few thrusts, with his knob spurting its hot liquid deep into her. He withdrew his still erect penis, which glistened in the evening light. The men saw the semen slowly well up from Rachel’s still gaping vaginal crack and slowly drip down over her clitoris and leave a streak on the chair back. “Tony, well done!” said Edward.

George moved up between her buttocks and caressed her vagina with his fingers. She was aware that she was completely exposed and vulnerable. However she was impressed with his gentleness, but this was short-lived, as she felt him using the moisture on his fingers to open up her anus. He had scooped the wetness in her vagina with his fingers and was using it to lubricate her anus, massaging around the rim of the small opening and eventually lubricating it to such an extent that he was easily able to penetrate this narrow opening with two fingers.

He stepped back to admire his handiwork as her anal opening gaped slightly. Then, to Rachel’s absolute dismay she felt the hardness of his penis pushing against her anus. Edward had penetrated her in this way before, but only once. George could smell the odor of her fully aroused sex as it gaped open and oozed the semen spent by Tony deep into her crack. His cock stiffened against the resistance of her anus.

With a sudden thrust he was inside her. Her anal tube was stretching under the pressure from George’s over eager cock as lust overtook him, he grabbed fiercely at her buttocks as he pushed further into her. Her anal fissure involuntarily contracted on his penis causing intense sensation of pleasure in George, he shouted aloud, “fuck Rachel, I’m coming into your ass”. It was more than he could stand and with one more vicious thrust, his penis erupted into her bowel.

When his orgasmic spasms had subsided, he gently withdrew his wilting cock. Rachel tried to preserve a small amount of dignity but was shocked when she felt her anus let an involuntary soft fart as it reacted to the violent pumping it had received. The men laughed at this and she heard them again discuss he details of her intimate anatomy. Semen leaked out of both of her freshly penetrated holes, she knew that she was still gaping open for the men to see.

Edward pulled her roughly upright to a standing position. The red dress flowed down to cover her wet sex area. The scrap of the red panties slid down to her left ankle covering her shoe. Then Edward pushed her down to kneel on the floor. With her arms still tied behind her back he pushed his sex into her face so she was forced to take his crudely exposed penis into her mouth.

She would have loved to have had her hands freed so she could have caressed his balls, however she was not to be permitted this pleasure. He pushed his erect cock into her mouth and held the back of her head with the palm of his right hand as he proceeded to fuck her mouth. His friends gathered round to witness the scene as his huge veined cock rammed in and out of her mouth.

She tried to keep up with the pace, wherever possible licking the removed cock head, but it was nearly impossible as he eagerly continued to satisfy himself in her mouth. With one massive final thrust his seed exploded from the purple knob head, some thudding onto the back of her throat, but the pulsating cock was too much for her mouth to contain and it came free again, still spurting its load, onto her face and hair. Thick gobs of spunk clung to her face and hair and slowly descended leaving their traces in her hair and skin.

Edward pulled her up again and pushed her over to her original position on the stools and bent over the back of the leather chair. Edward had pulled her dress up again and she felt the wetness between her exposed thighs cool in the air.

Andrew had been watching the spectacle silently. His cock had grown to stiffness and its full length was nine inches and it had a huge girth, almost as much as a man’s wrist. The other men were admiring this huge penis, and not without some envy. He moved up and took his place between Rachel’s spread buttocks. He could see the area between her thighs was glistening wet where the other men’s spunk had mingled with her own wetness.

He bent forward over her back, rubbing the huge cock along the crevasse between her buttocks. He reached to the back of her neck and gently unfastened her pearl necklace and stood upright again. Rachel was trembling with anticipation; all she wanted now was the huge cock to force its way into her moist cunt. However Andrew kept her waiting.

He gently prized open her anus with his fingers and proceeded to insert the pearl necklace, one pearl at a time into her well lubricated opening until only the clasp at one end of the necklace protruded out of the little puckered ring.

Next he carefully laid open her cunt opening with his fingers and massaged her splayed buttocks. He was big and ready and gently pushed his mighty penis slowly into her cunt. Rachel grunted as she felt the massive penis force its way into her body. However she was quite unprepared for the next violent thrust from Andrew and she felt as if she would pass out from the shock as he completely filled her.

Andrew quickly warmed to the task and thrust repeatedly into the young woman’s welcoming cunt. Rachel felt the huge knob pressing down on her clitoris and she was moving towards an immense orgasm. “oh my gawwwd!” she shrieked, the other men were overawed by the spectacle of lust and had started to masturbate their exposed cocks. However Andrew was not finished and proceeded to pound her for all he could with massive thrust after thrust. His huge cock was making a loud slocking sound as it slid easily in and out of Rachel’s over lubricated cunt.

Rachel felt the orgasm building in her again. This time, just as she went over into a body-wracking climax, Andrew pulled the necklace slowly from her anus, one pearl at a time. The pleasure from the anal stimulation was so great that Rachel shrieked and then passed out completely. Andrew pulled his cock out of her gaping vagina and masturbated to ejaculate huge great fountains of stringy come over her buttocks and over her red dress. The other men contributed and came within seconds of each other; almost completely covering the unconscious Rachel’s back with fresh sticky come.

She came to with the men gently wiping her now naked body with warm towels. When they had cleaned her up, and they paid great attention to the areas that they had spayed their own fluid over, they wrapped her up in a silk gown and carried her to the bedroom. Rachel fell into a deep sleep, dreaming about the fantasy that Edward had described to her. How could she repay him?

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