Ride Em Cowgirls

As a rule, I normally have never gone for “the backwoods country, redneck” type of woman. “So what did I have against redneck women,” you may be asking? Well nothing really, I guess you could chalk it up to my upbringing.

Being from the big city had always fancied myself going after the “sophisticated” and educated “women of the world,” some one who had culture and class, and seeing that I was a successful business person myself, I wanted someone of whom I thought was of equal caliber with me.

However, if you were to ask me which one I would choose today, I would have to tell you that without a doubt or any hesitation that I would definitely choose a simple redneck woman, hands down. “So why the sudden turn around” you may be asking yourself, well once you have tasted “pure homegrown sugar cane,” no substitute will do.

I guess you could say it all began about a couple of years ago when I was asked by my company to oversee the development and bringing online of an engine manufacturing plant for an overseas car company in small southern town some where in what is known as the “old south.” What I thought would be 12-15 month commitment at the most turned out to be a life changing move but I have never regretted it

At first I must confess that being a big city fellow, I had my preconceptions of small southern towns you all know the well known stereotypes, well I had my share, but seeing that my I had to be the Plant Operations Manager and it was my responsibility to train the employees, I figured I best put aside my prejudices, at least while working.

I arrived in the early winter and found myself immediately a fish out of water. They spotted me and instantly had me pegged as the “city boy” and sometimes I even got kidded and called “City Slicker” or “danged Yankee.”

I managed to make friends with some of the locals and a couple of the guys I worked with decided that they were going to “make a southern boy out of me yet” and did there best to honestly and without deceit to “show me the ropes” as it were.

It would also be during these first few weeks that I would see “Raylene,” the southern woman who would rock my world but I would just see her around in the office seeing that she worked in bookkeeping and since I was so busy the first eight-nine months, I rarely had any time for anything but work eat and sleep.

Eventually, in the early fall(around October) everything slowed down and the plant became operational and production was moving along at a good pace and soon the plant was “managing itself” so to speak I was able to find good experienced people to help share the load so that I could focus on long range goals.

This was also when I was able to “catch my breath” and begin to enjoy myself and my buddies decided that it was high time they took me out to celebrate. I figured “what the hell” and we after work one Friday, we all piled in Charlie’s tan Ford Bronco and the three of us went out what was known as “The Dixie-Rebel Roadhouse.”

It was a fairly nice unseasonably warm night for a mid October when we arrived at the road hose and you could say it was the stereotypical southern redneck bar. It had pickup trucks galore outside along with all types of older model cars and a few motor bikes.

Inside, the music was pretty loud and it was of course country. It had old wooden floors, pool tables , a bar and even had a few tables and booths along the wall where you could actually sit down and eat. The menu was simple: burgers, steaks, chicken fingers and yes they even had grilled chicken and chicken wings.

On the back wall was a giant rebel flag panted on the wall and in black letters around it were the words “Dixie Rebel Roadhouse.” Charlie suggested we find us a booth and we order something and this would be when I would get my first taste of “southern charm and hospitality, redneck style”

Her name was Carrie-Anne and she came up to our table in the tightest and shortest cut off faded blue denim shorts I had ever seen and a red, grey and white checkered plaid shirt that was tied in a not just below her breasts.

Carrie Anne was the kind of girl that could make any guy cum in his pants just by looking at her. Standing about 5’8″ tall, weighing about 135-140 pounds and measuring 38D-27-37, she had long sensual legs that ran all the way to “heaven,” milky white skin, long shoulder length curly locks of flaming Auburn red hair and eyes of emerald green.

“Hey ya’ll,” she said with a sweet southern redneck twang. “What can I get ya’ll to drink” We all told her we would like a beer and after she brought us our drinks, I ordered a steak while Joe and Charlie ordered the burger basket and fries.

To much to my surprise as Carrie Anne was bringing us another beer she turned to Charlie and said “Who’s your friend, he’s cute. Don’t think I have ever seen him here before.” Charlie told her that my name was Brad and I was the Plant Operations Manager for the new engine plant.

“Hey sweetie,” Carrie-Anne, said as she came over to my side of the booth and sat down beside me and put her arm around me to hug me. “My name is Carrie-Anne and if there is anything I can git ya just holler,” she said and with that she added in a sexy seductive voice “and I do mean anything.”

With that, she put her hand on the inside of my thigh and moved her hand up along my crotch and felt of my growing and pulsating cock. “Mmmmm, not bad for a city fella,” she purred as she stroked my cock “Don’t let him git away, I may just hafta to give ’em a sample of what’s not on the menu, and with that she unbuttoned her shirt and quickly pulled my head into her chest.

I thought she was going to jump my bones right then and there and mind you I wouldn’t have minded it its just I had never figured I would be making out in a crowded room, but before Carrie Anne could go any further, another waitress came up and said she had a phone call.

“Don’t go away honey,” Carrie Anne said. “There’s more I wanna show ya, but if ya do, I know where I can find ya,” she added as she winked at George.

That would the last time Carrie Anne and I would get “up close and personal,” at least for that night. However, she routinely come around and flirt and smile and “drop hints” of what she would like to do with me.

That night would also be the first night I saw Raylene apart from the business and I almost didn’t recognize her from the way she dressed. While at the office she dressed conservatively and professional but tonight she was anything but.

I noticed her standing by the back wall smoking a cigarette and swigging down a beer and throwing back shooters. She was dressed in tight slender leg indigo colored denim jeans, brown cowboy boots, and a sleeveless white top that was sort of a vest but came down to just above her belt.

Her outfit showed off every sensual curve of her slender 5’8″ tall 115 pound, 34B-22-32 body and her hat covered most of her somewhat straight but moderately frizzy shoulder length chestnut brown hair which she had obviously let down and restyled for the night.

I noticed her go out on the dance floor and dance alone but she never had a guy with her. She would dance with some of her girlfriends but never with another man. “Great, a lesbo,” I thought to myself and let it go.

A while later(about 30 minutes) I noticed her dancing with Carrie-Anne. They were dancing very close and suggestively and it was the crowd “whooping and hollering” when Raylene came around in front of Carrie-Anne and put her hand on her waist and they danced bumping and grinding, almost like they were “dry humping.”

After the dance they hugged and even pecked each other on the lips and Carrie-Anne went on about her business I couldn’t help but notice, however, that Raylene had her eyes on me. Every time I looked up she would smile and even tipped her hat and put her beer bottle in the air to toast me.

Just then Charlie suggested that before the night was over he wanted me to try my hand at the mechanical bull they had. I told him that I wasn’t too sure about it but he assured me that it could be “tamed down” for city slickers like me. So, I agreed to try it

I went over to the corral that they had built that was known as the “Bull Pen” and Charlie told the man I wanted to ride but to be easy seeing that I was a “Big City Boy”. Much to my surprise, Raylene came over to where I was and got up close to watch.

I mounted the bull and the guy turned it on. It jolted a bit at first and I almost lost my balance but managed to get it back and rode it for a couple of minutes. “Faster,” Charlie asked with a grin and before I could respond, he had told the operator to turn up the speed.

I was now riding a wild bronco, at least in my opinion, but I did manage to hold on and about a minute later the operator noticed I had had enough and turned the bull off Charlie helped me off and for a second I had to sop and get my balance and then I walked out of the Bull Pen.

Just as I was closing the gate, Raylene sauntered up to where I was and with a big grin on her face said in a sweet and playful voice, “Not bad for a city fellar, but let me show ya how its done”

I walked back to the side wall and watched as she rode the mechanical bull long and slow and as she did she had a sultry look on her face like she was completely satisfied, almost the kind of look a woman would have if she was having satisfying sex.

After about 10 minutes of riding the bull, the operator turned it off and Raylene dismounted and came over to where I was standing. “You see sweetie the trick my momma always told me is to ride it long and slow,” she said with a sultry voice. “That goes for riding anything” she added as she gave me a naughty wink

“Maybe later tonight I can show ya how it’s done and give you a first hand demonstration,” Raylene said as she came up to me and put her finger in my belt loop.

I didn’t know what to say but I do know that Raylene had just made a major pass at me and I would have been a fool to pass that up so I responded by saying “Sure, sounds good.”

“Perfect,” Raylene responded in a husky, breathy, sultry voice as she leaned her tight little body into mine so it pressed firmly against mine. “Later, we can go back to my place and I will show ya how its done,” and with that she gave me a soft but deep sensual kiss on the lips.

I wanted to throw caution to the wind and take her right then and there but my common sense thought better of it, but I did respond to her kiss by putting my arms around her waist and pulling her close to me.

Raylene’s tongue did probe my mouth as her hands placed mine on her butt and she grinded her crotch up against mine and rubbed her pussy against the ever growing bulging pulsating cock that was throbbing in my jeans.

“Mmmmm,” Raylene purred with a sultry voice as she broke the kiss and put her hand on the back of my head and leaned into me and whispered into my ear. “Carrie-Anne was right, you are big. That’s going to make my ride that much better.”

With that, Raylene whispered and said “It’s later, hon” and taking me by the hand she led me across the room and out the front door. As we walked to the front door, I spotted Charlie and he shouted out “Have fun buddy,” and winked.

Just before we left, Carrie-Anne came running up to where we were and said to me “Now sugah, you treat my sweetie right. My dear cuz here is very special to me,” and with she gave Raylene a naughty grin and a wink.

We said our good-byes to Carrie-Anne and as we exited the door Carrie-Anne said “Ya’ll be good now ya hear,” to which Raylene responded proudly with a naughty wink “Well if we ain’t good, we’ll be good at it.”

With that we headed towards Raylene’s vehicle. When we got to her truck she gave me the keys and said “You drive baby, I’ve had one too many and I wanna get home in one piece.”

Her truck was a nice looking mid 1980’s two toned Chevy Custom Deluxe. The top of the truck was what you almost a burgundy color and the rest of the truck was a light tan or beige color.

The inside was well taken care of for almost a 20 year old truck. The seats look like they had been re-done and the dash was still in good shape. Raylene had put in a CD player which was playing redneck country of course and we headed on down the road towards her place.

While I was driving her truck, I complimented her on how well it ran and how good it looked. “Well, we have my Uncle Sonny to thank for that”, Raylene replied with a smile. He keeps all our cars running like a top”

Raylene lived about a mile and a half down the road on a gravel road that turned off of the old county highway. You went up a hill and her trailer sat at the top of the hill overlooking the road which we came in on which was about ¼ mile away.

“It looks like we have the place to ourselves Raylene said as we got out and walked hand in hand to the trailer. She took the keys, opened the door and led me through the kitchen door and into the living room.

Turning on just a floor lamp she said “Make yourself at home sweetie, while I go slip into something a little more comfy. I’ll be back in a flash,” she said blowing me kiss as turned to duck down the hall to her room.

However, before she did she tossed me a old green and blue plaid pair of lounging pants and said “Ya may find these a bit helpful sweetie and with that she winked and disappeared down the hall.

Now it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what she was hinting at so I figured she wanted me to get out of my jeans and shirt into the lounge pants so I stripped down to my undershirt and put on the lounge pants and sat back on the couch and waited for Raylene.

All the time, my mind was racing wondering what Raylene would be wearing, if anything when she came back in and within 5 minutes my question was answered.

Raylene came walking into the den wearing an old long sleeve white Oxford button down dress shirt which was opened in front and a pair of white lace panties.

I nearly creamed my pants right there looking at her sumptuous body and with that she came over to where I was sitting on the couch and without warning pushed me back on the couch and sat on my lap facing me.

“So sweetie, you ready for that demonstration,” Raylene purred as she pressed into me and pushed her breasts right into my face and all I could squeak out was a faint high pitch “uh-huh.”

“Sounds good baby,” Raylene replied putting her right nipple up to my mouth for me to suck on, “but before I can ride the big stallion, I hafta to make sure he is saddle ready and that will take some breaking in,” Raylene added as she slid off the couch and knelt down in front of me and pulled off her top.

Without saying a word, Raylene took my pants and had me strip out of them and then had me pull off my shirt so that I was in nothing but my socks. Raylene in turned stripped out of her panties revealing a nicely trimmed cunt with just a hint of short chestnut brown hair around the edges of her pink swollen clit.

Taking my cock into her soft capable hands, Raylene began to lick around the head of my cock and up and down the shaft. I wanted to blow my load right there and almost did but I did my best to hold back my hot cum.

Sensing my dilemma, Raylene skillfully but lovingly squeezed my cock just below the head, allowing just the pre-cum to ooze out, thereby releasing the excess pressure like you would if you were bleeding a steam pipe to avoid an explosion due to steam overload.

“Mmmmm, nectar of the gods,” Raylene crooned with delight as she drunk down the cum that shot its self forth(about ¼ my load) “but its not fair that I have all the pleasure,” she added. “I think you should be allowed to partake of my heavenly nectar.”

With that, she turned her body around so that we were in a 69 position with her head was hanging off the front of the couch between my legs in my lap and her body was so that her legs were draped over my shoulder hanging off the back of the couch and my mouth was at the backside of her cunt.

We took turns going at each other, me burying my head into her pussy and she sucking on my cock like a vacuum cleaner. Raylene was so hot that she came in my mouth at least twice in the 20 minute 69 session we had and it was all I could do to hold back and soon I quit fighting and spewed my load as Raylene drunk it all down not missing a drop.

I don’t know whether it was Raylene’s masterful skill of sucking on my cock or my extreme excitement and horniness but within 10 minutes my cock was rigid and ready to go again. “Now it is time for me to show you how to ride,” and with that she mounted my cock as she sat in my lap facing me.

“Raylene’s soft wet velvety pussy was even better than I had imagined it would have felt during those many lonely nights when I would wank myself silly fantasizing over her. It was so soft silky and velvety smooth and almost virgin tight, but I was certain she was far from being a virgin.

She rode me long and slow just like she said she would and as she did she allowed me to suck on her breasts. I pulled her close to me so that her tight little bod was pressed up next to mine and we writhed together in unison.

It wouldn’t be about 10 minutes before she would let go of her next orgasm and flooded my cock with her sweet creamy cum. That sent a signal to my brain which told my cock to spew forth my manhood deep inside of her and as I did she crooned with delight.

Standing up and taking me by the hand she helped me down onto the carpet in front of the fireplace and had me lay on my back and she continued to ride me cowgirl style. At first she rode me face towards my head and as she did she massaged my chest. After about 10 minutes of riding me this way she turned so that her back was facing me and continued to ride me for another 5 minutes.

She must have creamed at least two more times calling my name out loud saying “Oh god yes-s-s-s-s Brad, make me your naughty little trailer slut” I just lay back enjoying the ride and soon I closed my eyes and just as I came I opened my eyes but found a big surprise.

As I turned my head I had had my arms to my side on the rug and was moving them along the rug up over my head when my left arm hit what I thought was a foot. I didn’t know what to think and was very hesitant to open my eyes thinking we had been caught and I was right.

I slowly opened my eyes and had my head turned to my right and did see a foot and I knew right then and there we were busted. I turned my head back straight and was looking right up between two female legs into a nicely trimmed but slightly furry sandy blonde pussy.

“Ah Raylene, I think we gotta a problem,” I said in a hesitant voice. “What is it sugah,” she replied “Well I don’t think we are alone,” and with that Raylene turns around and much to my surprise is totally calm.

“Hi momma,” Raylene said with a calm matter of fact voice like not a thing in the world was wrong. “Hey sweetie,” the other lady replied and with that Raylene got up and went over to hug her and give her a kiss.

I would come to find out that Raylene and her mom were much closer than I could have ever imagined because the hug and kiss were not a normal motherly daughterly kiss and hug. Raylene planted a long deep tonsil swabbing tongue probing French kiss on her mom as their bodies pressed together and their cunts grinded against one another’s.

Raylene and her mom went at it for almost 2-3 minutes as their hands caressed each other’s bodies. I was dumb founded as all I could do was just watch. After a long sensual hello, they broke the kiss and Raylene proceeded to introduce me to her mom.

“Let me introduce you to my mom sweetie,” Raylene said beaming with pride. “This is Ruby Jean, ” Raylene said and mom and before Raylene could finish introducing me to her mom, Ruby Jean said with a big wicked grin, “Let me guess, this is Brad.”

“Oh shit” I thought to myself as I turned a nice shade of red. “She heard us.” Don’t fret none hun,” Ruby Jean said putting her hand on mine “We’re all adults here and besides Raylene and I have no secrets from one another.”

Now Ruby Jean was as tall as Raylene but she was built different and had a different shade of hair color. She was slightly overweight(say maybe 10-15 pounds) and weighed about 135-140 and had what you would call a little “pooch belly” but carried it well.

She also measured about 36D-27-37 had a nice big butt and slightly larger legs, but not fat. Her hair was short, maybe collar length and was what you would call a “dishwater blonde.” Looking at her you could tell her hair had been colored but it still looked good.

I would have never guessed in a million years that she was 44 years old. Ruby Jean had the looks and the body of a woman half her age. If I hadn’t known she was Raylene’s mother I would have sworn it was her sister.

“So mom, what’s ya doing here, I thought you were at work.” Raylene said lighting a cigarette. “Well sweetie,” Ruby Jean replied, “I just had to get up and pee and heard some one home so I thought I would see what was going on.

If you are here, who’s got your El-Camino, Raylene added handing the cigarette to her mom “Well sugar, your uncle Sonny took it hunting this weekend,” Ruby Jean replied. “Him and Johnny Ray took the 4-wheeler into the woods to do some hunting this weekend with the boys.”

“If you ask me,” Ruby Jean continued, “I just think it was an excuse to just to sit around the fire, tell nasty jokes, drink beer and see who can belch the loudest.”

“So what do you do sweetie,” Ruby Jean asked me and I told her that I was the plant manager of the new plant.

“Well, I have heard a lot about you sweetie,” Ruby said with a big grin, “but don’t worry sugar, it’s all been good.”

“Raylene has not been able to quit talking about you since she first met you,” Ruby Jean added, “and seeing you, I can see why she has been dying to fuck you.”

“Mom, you’re embarrassing me,” Raylene said turning a bright shade of red.

“Well its true sweetie,” Ruby Jean replied. “No need to be ashamed. Hell I would fuck him myself if I was in your place but I wouldn’t have waited so long to make my move.”

By now I was getting a little embarrassed but I managed to keep it pretty well hidden and just went with the flow. I must admit I was flattered to have Ruby Jean complimenting me on how well I looked. Hell, I had been thinking I would mind fucking her and even entertained the thought of a little mother daughter action, and much to my delightful surprise, it wouldn’t be any time until that wish would come true.

Without warning, Ruby Jean came over to the couch where I was now sitting and made her move. She sat on my lap cross ways and put her right arm around behind my neck and with her left hand she began to seductively caress her body.

“So sweetie, tell me the truth. Do you find me attractive,” Ruby Jean said stroking her sumptuous breasts. I didn’t know what to say. I was speechless but I did manage to get out an “Uh huh.”

“Now tell me this,” Ruby Jean said putting her left hand on my chest and rubbing it. “Do you wanna fuck me?”

I couldn’t hide the truth on that question. Even if I had said no, my rock hard pulsating 8 inch cock just inches away from her inviting pussy would have given my real intentions away, so I figured what the hell be bold and go for it all.

“I must confess that I do want to fuck you,” I replied. “However,” I added, “that’s not all. I want to do a three way with you and Raylene and then watch as you two go at it in a hot lesbo session.”

I kinda figured that my first two requests were acceptable without a problem but wasn’t sure about the last one where I watched them go at it. I was afraid I may have asked for too much and offended one or both of them. However much to my surprise it didn’t.

“I think that can be arranged, don’t you sweetie,” Ruby Jean seductively said as she went over to Raylene was.

“I think so,” Raylene replied giving her mom a sensual kiss. “After all, it was you who taught me everything that I knew and who else better is it to practice with than with you.”

By now, Ruby Jean and Raylene were standing in front of me, their bodies rubbing together. “So tell me Brad,” Ruby Jean said stroking Raylene’s hair. “Do ya wanna watch first or join us.”

“I wanna eat your pussy Ruby Jean while you and Raylene take turns sucking my cock until I spew my load all over your face,” I said in a lustful voice. “Then I want you to ride me long and hard while I eat out Raylene’s pussy.”

“After I fuck you that way, I wanna take you doggie style Ruby Jean while you eat Raylene’s pussy and then, I want do you missionary style while you continue to eat her pussy.”

“After I have finished fucking you, then I want you two to suck me one more time until I blow my jizz all over you. Then I want to watch as you two take turns licking it off and then you two can give me a hot lesbo show.”

“Sounds interesting,” Ruby Jean said. “Are ya game sweetie,” she asked Raylene. “I’m up for it if you are,” Raylene replied proudly. “Then let’s do it,” Ruby Jean said as she took me by the hand and laid me out on the rug in the middle of the floor.

Ruby Jean lowered her pussy on to my face and then got into the 69 position. Raylene came between my legs and soon both girls had their hot tongues on my cock.

I ate out Ruby Jean’s musky tasting pussy as she and Raylene took turns licking and then sucking on my cock. Raylene would play with my balls while Ruby Jean swallowed my cock whole and both ladies would take turns sucking on my cock like a lollipop.

Meanwhile, I was going at Ruby Jean’s pussy like a starving mad man. Her cunt was bucking against my face as I pulled her hips to my mouth and used my tongue like a little cock as well as inserted two fingers to bring her off.

It wasn’t long until Ruby Jean would climax, flooding my mouth with her sweet honeydew nectar. “OH god yes-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s Brad” she screamed. “No man has ever made me feel this way. Damn you’re good!!! Don’t stop,” she exclaimed

I continued to suck Ruby Jean as she continued to grind her cunt against my mouth, harder and faster now. It was no doubt she was in heat and I was quenching her fire.

Meanwhile I was about to spew my load. I let them know I was ready to cum and they both held their mouths over my cock and I shot my manhood over both of their faces and on their lips.

Raylene and Ruby Jean took turns licking it off of each other by kissing and then once they had got me hard again, It would be time for Ruby Jean to ride me.

Ruby Jean would ride me long and hard until we both came. I would send my hot manhood spewing forth into her carnivorous pussy and she would flood me with her sweet sticky cum.

Afterwards she and Raylene sucked off the mixture of our juices from my cock then I would fuck Ruby Jean doggie style as well as missionary style while she ate out Raylene’s pussy.

Her back arched as she grabbed the carpet and wave after wave of orgasm crashed through her body. Ruby Jean writhed in passion as she called out my name at the top of lungs just as her body tensed and she climaxed

For the last part, Raylene and Ruby Jean sucked me off or a good 15-20 minutes until I spent my load over both of them. They then proceeded to lick the cum off of each other’s bodies and for the next 20-30 minutes went at each other sucking and licking each other as well as pussy fucking until they both came in a heated frenzy of Sapphic passion.

After our long intense sex session we all three went upstairs where we showered off then slid into Ruby Jean’s warm king sized water bed. Ruby Jean and Raylene were on either side of me where they cuddled up next to me and I had my arm around each one of them. We slowly drifted off into a peaceful sleep just as the clock struck 4 a.m.

It wouldn’t be until noon the next day when either on of us stirred but we wouldn’t manage to get out of bed. We went at it for round 2 of a hot grueling sex session lasting well into the evening.

Later that night Carrie-Anne would drop by and all four of us would end up making it together for the rest of the weekend, but that is another story for another time.

Come Monday it would be time to go back to work but Raylene and I made no attempt to keep our relationship secret. Charlie figured what had happened and just grinned.

Needless to say when the time for my appointment was up and they asked me whether I wanted to stay or come back to corporate office.

To sweeten the pot(at least from their perspective) they offered me the position of Vice President of operations but I had already made up my mind to stay. Hell, I had it made and wasn’t about to give that up.

Who would have ever thought a seemingly boring excitement and a backwater town would ever turn out to be so fun. It goes to show you that you never know what fate has to offer you. After all opportunity only knocks once so grab it when you can.

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