Stripper Makes Her a Stripper

“Do you really have to go out now, Den?” said Janet, her lips forming into a sullen pout, “can’t you stay home just this once? I could make it worth your while!” She playfully lifted her short skirt, giving her husband a quick glimpse of her black lace panties and creamy white thighs.

“Oh, Janet!, you know I always go out for a quick beer on a Sunday lunchtime. It’s like a religion! It’s one of the few times all the guys can get together these days.”

Dennis had to admit, the sight of his wife’s panty covered crotch rarely failed to get his blood pumping. But he had to be strong. He could see that Janet was feeling sexy, and in this mood, if she got her way, he wouldn’t see the inside of his local pub until next week.

“I’ll be back before you know it baby!” he said as he slipped his jacket on and made a movement towards the front door. His wife, though, was not about to give up so easily.

“Fine! I’ll come with you then!”

In a near panic, Den searched his mind for an excuse for her not to join him, but he was a blank.

“You won’t enjoy it much, it’s just a bunch us guy’s talking and drinking”, he said somewhat lamely. But his wife seemed to have made up her mind and was already searching for her coat. He briefly thought about agreeing with her initial demand and dragging her back up to the bedroom for a good session of sex, but he thought that would be too obvious. There really was nothing he could do to stop her now!

Janet had not bothered to change out of her short skirt and thin halter top, and as they entered the dark pub, a few heads turned to look at her. Den could hardly blame them. At thirty four, his wife was still a great looker. Her blonde hair framed a heart shaped face and tumbled over her shoulders in wispy curls. Her legs were long and slender, an extra two inches added to her height with the heeled sandals that she wore and the halter top did little to conceal the ample charms of her breasts. He felt proud when other men looked at her.

Dennis ordered drinks for them both and then led her to a table where a bunch of other men were already sitting and drinking.

“What’s this, Den?” said one of the men as they both sat, “brought wifey along today have you?” A ripple of laughter floated around the table as Dennis mumbled something about having little choice in the matter.

“You all know Janet, I think? – Janet these are the guys!” Brief hello’s were spoken as the conversation continued as it had done before Den and Janet had arrived.

Dennis bristled with pride as each of the men around the table tried to sneak quick glances at Janet’s boobs through the low cut top that she wore. Perhaps this wouldn’t be too bad, he thought, it was kind of fun watching as his friends surreptitiously ogled his wife. He placed a hand gently on her knee underneath the table and squeezed it playfully, but when Janet opened her legs slightly to allow him further access, he realised that she was still in a horny mood!

Although this action came as a bit of a shock to him, Dennis was quite relieved. The lunchtime entertainment was about to start, and he still wasn’t really sure how his wife would react to it. Janet was no prude, that much he knew for certain, but he wondered what her reaction would be when she saw the lunchtime stripper begin her act.

The lights in the main body of the pub suddenly dimmed and an eerie silence fell. A spotlight illuminated the small dingy stage and Janet could see wispy cigarette smoke as it snaked its way up through the beam.

“What’s happening?” she whispered to her husband.

“Shhh….just wait, you’ll see!”

A low rock beat could suddenly be heard through the wall speakers. It was loud and the bass turned way up. Janet thought that she recognised the music, but with the volume as high as it was, she couldn’t be sure. The guitars and drums gradually increased in tempo and as the music reached a frenzied crescendo, a tall, scantily dressed woman danced onto the stage amid cheers and whistles from the audience.

“A stripper!” Janet now had to shout in Den’s ear to be heard. “You didn’t tell me you came to watch strippers!”

“It’s a Sunday ritual,” Dennis shouted his reply, “We can go if you want?”

God! No way! This I want to see for myself.”

The whistling and cheering lulled to a dull roar as the dancer began her routine. Janet looked around her. The pub wasn’t at all busy and she could see that, apart from the woman on the stage, she was the only other female in the room. The few men that were there, all had their eyes firmly fixed on the stage, and Janet now also returned her eyes to that focal point. The shock of what was happening had now disappeared and she settled herself back in her chair to watch the show. Janet smile to herself as she watched the girl perform. She looked a bit bored and, although she might once have been an adequate dancer, her movements now seemed stunted and contrived.

“She’s not all that great, is she?” Janet shouted at her husband.

“Let’s be fair honey, these guys aren’t really here to critique her dancing!” he replied

The stripper continued her routine, exposing her body bit by bit. To Den’s slight annoyance, Janet continued to shout her opinions regarding the shortcomings of the girl’s set. He knew that her words were meant for him alone, but he also knew how sound travelled in this pub and was a little concerned to notice that every now and then the girl on stage seemed to hear what Janet was saying. The more Janet shouted her opinions, the more the stripper was staring daggers at her. Suddenly, the woman on stage, now topless and wearing only very brief thong panties and high heeled shoes, stopped her routine and, stomping to the side of the stage switched the music off.

For a second, the silence was deafening, followed quickly by shouts of discontent from the audience. The stripper returned to the centre of the stage and, with hands on hips, looked directly at Janet.

“Listen, honey” she shouted, “Just give me a break will you? If you think you can do any better, be my guest!” The room fell silent. All eyes were now on Janet, waiting to hear her response – or even if she had one.

Dennis groaned inwardly. This was not the first time that his wife’s opinions had got them into trouble. He knew that the best way to deal with this situation was to let Janet speak for herself. His wife was never short of words, and she would definitely not thank him for answering on her behalf. Dennis wondered how she was going to bluff her way out of this one! He looked over at his wife and was surprised to see her smiling.

Janet remained silent for a few more seconds. The room was still quiet, the hushed tension could be cut with a knife.

“Okay,” she suddenly shouted, “move over and let me get up there!”

The room erupted in applause and cheers as Janet rose from her seat.

“Wait, You can’t do -” Dennis started to speak, but as his wife shot him a serious look he knew that her mind was made up.

Without a further word, Den watched his sexy wife make her way up to the stage. He knew that she had done a lot of dancing in her younger years and still kept her hand in whenever they went out on the town. If he was honest with himself, he quite liked the thought of her flashing her body at all these strangers.

Janet was now on stage and a brief conversation between her and the stripper took place. The music was turned back on, and as both women began to gyrate their bodies in time to the music, it became evident that they were going to put on a “double act”. Dennis could see the look of lust in his wife’s eyes as she leapt around the stage and wrapped her legs around the single chrome pole that ran from floor to ceiling. She was obviously still in the same horny mood that she had been earlier, and he knew that anything could happen now.

Janet had some catching up to do, and while the other woman swayed in time to the music, she quickly lost the halter top and her short skirt. When her full breasts were finally exposed, the audience went wild; cheering and shouting for more. The song came to an end and was quickly replaced by an equally loud but much slower number. The two women on stage were standing opposite each other. In their shoes they were much the same height and as they neared each other their nipples touched causing both women to sigh almost simultaneously.

Janet made the first move, and reaching into the strippers hair, she pulled her head towards her and planted a firm, wet kiss on her lips. Dennis could see that they responded well to each other; their tongues twisting and slithering wetly in and out of each others mouths. He was a little surprised by his wife’s actions. He had known that she was bisexual, but, to his knowledge she had never been with another woman since they had married.

The deep kiss continued, both Janet and the stripper now running their hands over each others breasts. Dennis was fascinated by the way his wife’s nipples seemed to grow and throb under the other woman’s touch and briefly wondered how far they would go. All thoughts of the strip-tease seemed to have been forgotten as they were both lost in their feverish caresses. The kiss was broken The stripper dropped to her knees in front of Janet and, hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her brief panties, she quickly tugged them down to the floor. Another roar from the audience as Janet’s trimmed mound became visible and she wickedly parted her slender legs.

Dennis watched the strippers reaction as Janet’s legs open. Her eyes bulged and she moistened her painted lips before swiping her long pink tongue over Janet’s labia. As soon as Janet felt the gentle touch on her clit, she grasped the other woman’s head in her fingers and pulled her forcefully into her pussy. Janet’s head went back as she closed her eyes and climaxed right there on the stage.

The stripper seemed a little surprised by his wife’s rapid orgasm, Den thought, but she kept her tongue probing at Janet’s clit all the way through the shuddering climax. The strip-tease had now turned into a full blown lesbian sex show, as the stripper eagerly removed her own thong panties and allowed Janet to return the favour. This time, Janet eased the other woman down onto the floor of the stage. She gently spread her thighs and allowed her head to drop into contact with the stripper’s pussy. The stripper took longer to cum than Janet but within a few minutes of Janet feasting on her puffy labia and swollen clit, she too, climaxed with a deep groan.

From his sitting position, still at the table, Dennis wondered if the show was now over. Both women seemed a little tired from their exertions. His question was quickly answered though, when the stripper jumped, rather shakily, from the stage and selected a guy from a nearby table. The man was led, a little reluctantly at first – but cheered on by his friends, up onto the stage. No words were spoken as the women quickly began to undo his jeans and tug them down to the floor. When he was naked from the waist down, Den could see that, despite his earlier reluctance, he now sported a large erection that slapped against his belly.

The two girls lost no time in going to work on him. Encouraging him to lie on his back with his cock sticking up high in the air, the stripper straddled him and lowered her hot, wet pussy down over his throbbing erection. Den watched his wife in awed fascination as she did likewise over the guy’s head and lowered her dripping snatch onto his face. The poor guy looked like he was going to suffocate as Janet ground her cunt over his nose and mouth, while her new found friend rode his cock like a bitch in heat. For a full ten minutes the girls used their stooge. They were facing each other, pulling and squeezing each others nipples as they bounced their way to another inevitable orgasm.

When Janet, with trembling legs, disengaged herself from the guy’s face, his sharp intake of breath was almost lost in the cheers that Janet received from her audience. She helped the stripper up from her kneeling position astride the man’s thighs and everyone could see his cock throb and twitch as it slipped out of the warm pussy that had been riding it so hard. Seeing that he was about to cum, the two women knelt either side of him. The stripper massaged his heavy balls while Janet jerked his shaft for all she was worth. Within a few short seconds, both girls were rewarded with a long stream of cum that shot from the end of his slippery dick and flew into the air.

Dennis and the rest of the audience had been cheering and clapping almost constantly and now that the lucky volunteer had shot his load, he could see that a queue was forming at the front of the stage; a line of hopeful men with bulging crotches. But Janet had clearly had enough. Amid the roars of congratulations, she picked up her clothes and with a final kiss for the stripper, she jumped down from the stage and returned to her husband’s side.

On her way back to the table Dennis watched her naked body being touched and caressed by every man that she passed. Hands were on her breasts, her pussy and her buttocks as she smiled warmly at each man that touched her. Den held out his arms as she neared him and helped her into the chair next to him. All his friends at the same table watched as she replaced the clothes that she had earlier stripped off for their amusement, and again, Dennis reveled in the pride that he felt.

“Take me home now please darling!” she whispered into his ear, “all this has made me so horny! I really need to feel a big cock in me as soon as I can!”

As he led his wife towards the exit, Dennis thought how wonderful it was to have a bar room slut for a wife!

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