Subway Encounter

The clouds are dark and it was starting to rain, big drops. No taxi cabs, or busses in sight, dang. So I decided to take the subway, yeah, actually I had no other choice. It wasn’t like I was going to walk from Penn Station to 56th and Sixth without an umbrella. I put my hands into my black trench coat, fumbled for the Twenty spot that I kept there for emergencies such as this. I quickly sprinted for the token booth, as the rain picked up its pace. Several disgusting minutes later I was packed like a sardine heading uptown. Just my luck today, the train would have to be crowded. At each stop more people got on. Now we were pressed against each other, into the walls and doors, like a bunch of sardines. And I found myself standing eye to eye with a very handsome Asian man. He smiled. There was no place for me to look so I smiled back sheepishly. The train jolted to a stop at the next platform and he pressed himself firmly against me. I could feel his heart beat against my skin, or was it my heartbeat?

Naturally I tried to move back, but with each inch of territory I was able to cover he followed me. After several attempts at evasion I finally found myself trapped against the rear wall. His smile widened. It was a contagious smile, now feeling like an idiot I found myself smiling back. The trained jolted forward again forcing him even harder against me. I had looked him over closely; he wasn’t bad looking at all, hmmm about my age, certainly my height, someone I could look right into his eyes.

By the cut of his clothes I would say he was a businessman, wearing his power suit today. His feet were between mine now pushing them apart as his hands lightly caressed my thighs. As I came out of my daze, I felt my skirt inching upwards. And I wondered just how far he would go, and just how far I would let him take this.

I turned my head noticing other faces in the crowd, imagine that they all are oblivious to what was happening to me. I turned back to the man and looked deep into his brown eyes determined to stare him down. I like what I saw in those eyes, and I knew I was soaked with my juices. “If you don’t stop me, I’m going to make love to you.” He said in a husky voice. I… I… don’t think I want you to stop I thought to myself.

I liked what was going on, though I was a bit nervous. I moved my hands from my sides, and placed them into the straps overhead. Bad choice on my part, my legs were getting weak, I needed the support, or I would fall to the floor. Without hesitation he slid the silken fabric of my skirt up over my nylons. His eyes glistened as he touched the bare skin of my inner thigh.

He smiled again, then started rubbing my pussy lips through my lacy panties. My breathing quickened, and my nipples grew rock hard, as he moved his fingers beneath my panties to my skin. Tickling my hairless pussy lips as he went. Soon he was spreading my lips with his fingers and rubbing my clit with the rough edges of his nails. Shivers of pleasure ran up and down my spine. I bit my lip, tried to look mean, well that did not work much to my chagrin. Somehow I found myself involuntarily pushing my hips outward, wanting more of this delicious tease. He smiled again and wetted his lips. I found my courage and started to tell this handsome stranger No, to get the fuck out of my way or I’ll slug you.

Just my luck, he chose this moment to insert two fingers into my snatch. Quickly almost abrasively he fucked me with his fingers, cramming them hard into my sopping wet, waiting cunt. All I managed to get out of my mouth were small moans, barely audible over the noise of the train, as he strummed my pussy lips faster.

As I neared orgasm, abruptly the train stopped. It was my stop. He must have seen the look in my eyes, my hesitation. He pressed his lips to my ear and said. “Do you want me to make you come?” I gave him a very small smile, all thoughts of resistance now gone. I was going to be his and he knew it.

That little hint, that small acknowledgement was all he needed. He started kissing me. His hand moved to my breasts, and he ripped my blouse open. Silly me, today I chose not to wear a bra. I was as hot and worked up as I have ever been. He knew what to do with my breasts as well, biting licking and sucking my nipples till I came. Somehow he had removed my panties! His fingers were back inside me. Things were definitely out of control. If he had kept it up for just a few more moments, I would have come with just his hand; but what I craved was his cock in me.

He ran his hands up the side of my legs, then up to my shaking thighs. He slowly pulled himself in between my legs. He teased me by kissing my neck, then down the middle of my breasts, and down my stomach sending chills all over my body. He was good oh so very good.

Very slowly and gently his big cock went into my wet pussy. I giggled; not sure why, maybe it was I was feeling like such a slut, and getting just what I needed.. After about ten minutes of this, ha, like I could tell time at this point. I began to loose control. My body started to shake and I had never felt like that before. Harder and Faster he was going inside me. He drove into me harder and harder till I could feel his load shoot deep inside of me.

He slowly withdrew from my cum soaked pussy. I haven’t had a good fuck in weeks, until now that is. I hung there from the trains straps, exposed to anyone that cared to look at me. I felt him slap my pussy, then laugh as he placed an envelope into the breast pocket of my trench coat. He turned and walked away. I noticed that the crowd had thin out. I looked down at myself to see that my skirt and panties were missing.

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