Vanilla Cream Donut

Julie knocked on the door as if not wanting to break it. This was somewhat pointless as she was the only person left in the donut shop. She and the person on the other side of the door, that is.

“Come on in,” the person’s voice rang out.

Julie opened the door and walked in, closing it behind her. The click of the lock as she depressed it in the doorknob seemed deafening to her in the otherwise quiet office. Jim Thornton looked up from the paperwork on his desk.

He gazed at Julie, who was dressed in a buttoned white shirt and schoolgirl-like short plaid skirt, holding a donut bag. She was nineteen, with a faultless body and thick, layered brunette hair that didn’t quite make it to her shoulders.

“Hi, Julie,” Jim said. The thirty-year-old manager of the shop put down his pen and smiled.

“Hi. Sorry if I interrupted anything,” she said shyly.

“Of course not,” Jim assured her. “Have a seat.”

The manager’s small office consisted of a couch, two chairs, a desk and filing cabinets. Jim watched Julie walk towards him, her skirt shifting back and forth. She sat in the chair in front of Jim’s desk, crossing her long legs and letting the skirt ride far up her thighs. She placed the bag on the floor next to her.

“What’s up?” the manager asked her.

Julie hesitated, taking in a deep breath and slowly running the fingers of one hand over her top leg, from the bottom of her skirt to her knee.

“I’m thinking of moving out of the dorm into an apartment,” she said. She was a Junior at a local college, working her way through school with various jobs at places whose hours didn’t interfere with her classes.

“Great,” Jim said enthusiastically, then paused. “And you need more money.”

Julie looked at him sheepishly, before a serious look crept over her face.

“I can’t believe how much they want for rent. And the down payment is…,” she began to say.

“I know,” Jim interrupted.

He looked at her for a moment. She had worked for him for almost a year, asking one other time for a raise. In that instance, she had used her body to “influence” his decision. He had privately hoped for another request from her ever since.

Jim looked at the donut bag next to her.

“Are you taking home a snack?” he asked.

Julie’s eyes fell to the bag and back to her boss.

“No. It’s for you…us,” she replied.

Jim needed no explanation. She had brought a bag with her last time, also. This time he knew what to do. He stood and walked around the desk, moving behind Julie’s chair. She watched his athletic body until it disappeared behind her. A shiver went down her spine in anticipation.

“So, you brought me a donut,” Jim said softly. “And you’d like to share.”

Julie nodded silently.

Jim looked down at the young girl, her shirt unbuttoned at the top and her tanned legs extending from under her flared skirt. Her hands clung nervously to the ends of the arms on the chair.

Jim put his hand on the girl’s hair and grazed his fingers across it down to her neck. He felt the warm skin under her shirt collar, then moved his hand to the front of her neck before dropping it to the top button. In one agile move, the button was undone; followed by the next.

The top of her breasts came into view, enclosed in a thin black bra. His fingers slid across the smooth skin of her left breast, then returned to the next button. Using both hands, he reached around her neck and opened each button until he reached the top of her skirt. Jim pulled the shirt out of her skirt and opened the last button.

Julie’s shirt fell open enough for Jim to view most of each breast from above. He watched them rise and fall as she breathed.

A center hook in the front held her bra together. No coincidence, Jim thought to himself. He reached down and unhooked the bra, letting the two halves lay loosely on the ends of her breasts. Julie continued to sit motionless, looking at Jim’s hands or straight ahead. She knew things were about to change quickly.

Jim put his hands on the top of her breasts and let them drift down until his fingers pushed the bra off. He cupped the bare breasts in his hands, holding them gently for a moment. Eventually, he put Julie’s nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and tenderly pinched them.

The young girl sighed audibly. Jim felt his cock harden within the confines of his pants as he manipulated the nipples. They hardened under his touch and Julie felt a familiar twinge travel through her stomach to her pussy.

Jim wrapped his hands around her breasts, which more than filled his grasp. He lifted them and watched as they settled back down within his palms.

He walked around the chair and stood between the desk and Julie, gazing at her briefly.

“Stand up and take off your shirt,” he told her in a calm voice.

Julie uncrossed her legs and stood just inches in front of her boss. She lifted the shirt over her shoulders and let it fall onto the chair. Without pausing, she did the same with her bra.

Jim put his hands on the outside of Julie’s thighs and raised his hands until they disappeared under her little skirt. Julie felt the hands rise over the outside of her panties and onto her ass. Then Jim moved his hands back to her waist and grasped the waistband of the panties. Slowly, he pulled them down, kneeling as they passed her knees and over her feet. He placed the black panties on the chair and took off her shoes.

After standing back up, he looked at her skirt and said, “Take it off.”

Julie unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the ground, stepping out of it and kicking it aside. Jim admired her little waist, the full hips and thighs, the long legs and small feet. His eyes rose back up to her pussy, and the small, thin patch of dark hair above the clit.

Julie felt extraordinarily sexy at that moment, the wetness between her legs increasing by the second. He wanted the man in front of her naked and she knew it was inevitable.

“Take off my clothes,” he told her. She had to deliberately slow down her movements so as not to reveal her desire. Yet, Julie didn’t delay in pulling Jim’s shirt over his head, revealing a well built, if not overly muscular, upper body. She glanced down and unfastened his belt, with Jim’s eyes alternating between her breasts and hands. She unzipped his pants and pushed them down until they fell on their own to his calves.

Julie knelt down and pulled off his shoes and socks before tugging his pants over his feet and throwing them aside. She looked straight ahead at the ever-growing bulge in his boxers, then seized the waistband and pulled them down. Jim’s sizable cock was only semi-erect, but Julie felt a wave of excitement flow over her as she removed the shorts.

She stood back up and faced her boss. To Julie’s relief, he made the first move by putting his arms around her and pulling her into him. He kissed her passionately, pressing his cock against her body and moving his hands down to her ass. Jim squeezed her soft cheeks as their tongues met between their lips.

Julie felt herself grinding her pussy against his body, not sure if she was more intent on satisfying herself or Jim. Their kiss continued as she wrapped a hand around his cock, feeling it throb. The cock was beginning to point upwards now and the girl pumped her hand repeatedly up and down the shaft.

When the kiss ended, Jim looked at Julie and said, “I’m hungry.”

“Me too,” she smiled.

They moved toward the couch, Jim grabbing the donut bag along the way. He found time to watch Julie’s small, round ass bounce with her steps before she lay on the couch, her head on a small pillow at one end.

Jim reached inside the bag and pulled out a donut and a small plastic knife.

“Ah, vanilla cream. My favorite,” he said. “Would you like to share?”

“I’d love to,” Julie replied.

Jim knelt down and placed the chocolate covered donut on the girl’s flat stomach, carefully cutting it in half with the knife. Chills ran through Julie’s body as the knife barely grazed her skin. Jim watched her twitch as the knife blade reappeared from inside the thick donut, then he placed the knife and one half of the donut on top of the bag on the floor.

He lifted the donut from her belly and turned the cream filled center towards her. Methodically, he lowered it until the nipple of her right breast was directly under the cream. With a long, smooth stroke, he brushed a layer of the vanilla cream over the end of her breast.

Julie closed her eyes as the cool filling covered her nipple and surrounding skin, sending ripples through her body to her stomach and pussy. Jim moved the donut slightly to one side and repeated the process, adding a second ribbon of cream adjacent to the first. Finally, he turned the donut over and rubbed the chocolate covering over the very tip of her rigid nipple.

Jim placed the donut on the bag and looked up at Julie. She was watching intently, anticipating his next move and silently begging him to devour her.

Jim moved his head over her breast and flicked his tongue across her nipple, tasting the sweet chocolate. Julie nearly moaned out loud, but caught herself and watched as her boss’ tongue lengthened its path to include an inch above and below the nipple. He swallowed once before returning to the breast, this time opening his mouth wide and putting as much of the girl’s full, round breast into it as possible.

His tongue scraped around the nipple several times before his lips closed around the pink flesh and sucked. This time Julie couldn’t hold herself back.

“Oh, God,” she whispered.

Jim lifted his head and licked the cream off his lips. When his mouth once again landed on Julie’s breast, his hand was pushing the breast upward and he hungrily licked the remainder of the vanilla cream from her skin. Always, he returned to the nipple.

Julie arched her back, pushing the breast higher. She felt the wetness between her legs increase with each pass of his tongue over her nipple and she was sure he could make her cum if he kept it up.

He reached down for the donut again, this time spreading the white filling and chocolate over her left breast in greater quantity. The cream covered nearly two-thirds of the breast, leaving Jim with a nearly hollow half a donut in his hand. After putting the donut back on the bag, he leaned across Julie’s body and proceeded to meticulously expose her breast one lick at a time.

The girl moved her hand to the top of Jim’s head and pressed it harder against her breast. His hand, meanwhile, moved from her hip to between her legs, momentarily stroking the clit buried under a neatly cut patch of dark brown hair.

“Oh, Jesus,” she said softly. “That feels so good.”

With only a small amount of vanilla cream remaining on her breast, Jim climbed onto the couch, placing his legs between hers. His cock was fully erect now, pointing up at a sharp angle. He leaned forward and placed the cock on the cream covered breast, shifting it back and forth until it had a small coating of the white filling. Julie used her hand to direct the cock to areas with more cream. Soon, it was white from tip to base.

Julie watched as Jim slid forward and brought the cock to her lips. Eagerly, she opened her mouth and accepted the treat. The sugary taste of the cream almost made her forget the love she had for the flavor of a warm, hard cock. Her tongue worked all sides of the shaft while Jim slid it in and out of her mouth, causing him to moan with pleasure.

“Ummmm, Julie. Suck me. Lick me,” Jim said. “Yes, yessss. Like that.”

It took a few minutes for the girl to remove the last of the cream from the cock; sucking, licking and swallowing as fast as she could. When she was done, Jim was harder than he’d ever been and near climaxing.

“Fuck me, Jim,” Julie exclaimed loudly. “I want you in me. Please.”

As her boss moved down the couch, Julie spread her legs and lifted her knees. By the time he had his cock at the entrance to her pussy, her hand was in position ready to guide him into her. Even she was surprised at how ready she was for him. As soon as the head of the engorged cock found the opening, Jim was able to lower himself until their thighs met in a soft slap. “God, yes. Fuck me,” Julie said.

Jim took no time in complying with her demands. He lifted her by the ass and began sliding his cock in and out, feeling her constrict her vagina periodically. Julie raised her legs and gently wrapped them around Jim’s waist, allowing him to raise her even higher.

Julie’s breasts swayed up and down rhythmically. She pinched the nipples occasionally, sending what felt like electric currents straight to her pussy. Meanwhile, Jim repositioned himself so a free hand could massage her clit. He found the inflated nub easily and rubbed it.

The girl’s head began swinging back and forth and she mumbled, “Fuck. Fuck. Yes, there. There!”

Jim rubbed harder and he felt her body tense. Her legs squeezed him tight and she shouted, “Ahhhh. Oh, God. Now.”

Her orgasm began with another muffled groan and her hips jerked upward to meet his downward thrusts. For at least thirty seconds Jim penetrated her over and over again, while she groaned and called out for him to fuck her. Jim wanted the feel of her tight pussy around his cock and her writhing body below him to last forever. He hung on to her ass as she slowly began to settle back onto the couch.

Now able to concentrate on his own body, Jim felt the first rush of cum rise from his balls. Julie sensed the approaching orgasm and urged him on.

“That’s it. Come on. Cum in my cunt.”

Jim’s cock exploded in a flood of cum that Julie felt filling her insides. The warm fluid shot out in several spurts, each one accompanied by a loud groan. Jim grabbed Julie by the underside of the shoulders and pulled her body into his. When he was nearly finished and lay still with his cock deep inside her, Julie squeezed her pussy tightly together.

“Ahhh, fuck. Stop,” Jim muttered, nearly out of breath and half laughing.

He jerked one last time and fell out of her, limp and totally spent. He lay in her arms, his head on her breast and her legs still wrapped around his waist.

“All you had to do was ask,” Jim said softly, his finger tracing the outline of her nipple.

“I was hungry,” she said.

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